Several Ways To Successfully Meet A Girl On The Internet

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Several Ways To Successfully Meet A Girl On The Internet
Several Ways To Successfully Meet A Girl On The Internet

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How to meet girls online
How to meet girls online

How to meet girls online? Where can you find both one night stand (from the English "one night") acquaintance, and the love of your life, which will meet you after work with a hot dinner and cold beer?

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  • 1 So many questions, so few answers … Calm down!
  • 2 With whom?
  • 3 How?
  • 4 Why?

So many questions, so few answers … Calm down! I

First of all, you need to decide on a specific goal - a short acquaintance, friendly communication (sometimes this happens), or a serious relationship.

The place of search, and the girl we will be looking for, and the strategy of behavior depend on this.

The most popular meeting place for lovers of "free love" is various dating apps. A minimum of information in a profile, a photo, a minimum of effort - "like", scrolled, "swiped" and so on. Of course, many people also use these wonderful inventions of humanity to search for "love for life."

Therefore, before you write to the girl you like with an offer “to tie her up and chain her to the battery,” talk and carefully find out what the girl expects from her love quest. It is also important to know what to write to a girl when meeting on the Internet.

Now let's move on to specifics - how to meet girls on the Internet, or rather where?

  • Tinder is an application used by the whole world. The convenience of this hi-tech matchmaker (and all similar apps) is that it shows you all the attractive (and not so) people nearby.
  • If two people like each other, they will be able to indulge in all the joys of life in just a quarter of an hour. When logging into the application through Facebook, there is a danger of exposing your personal data and photos. So before you go hunting, check your account carefully.


An indisputable plus of Tinder is that millions of people use it everywhere - you can find a relaxed adventure lover both in your native latitudes and while on vacation abroad.

Yep! - for those who do not like to rant and prefer to get down to business immediately. The application asks you a simple question "What do you want to do now?" and provides several options to choose from. "Drink", "eat", "coffee", "activities", "walk", "sports". Having chosen the most attractive way to pass the time, you see the nice people in the area who also speak openly about their intentions, throw an application and voila

find a girl via smartphone
find a girl via smartphone

The application is valid for an hour, the local chat stores messages for a limited time - this application literally screams that you need to live here and now. Yep! allows you to find yourself not only a couple, but also just a pleasant company and new interesting acquaintances

Important: at the moment, the application does not provide the ability to remove photos from the profile. And therefore, do not deal with registration of an account while intoxicated and do not give your phone in the hands of friends who like to joke.

  • Pure, although translated from English as "pure", but its users are by no means all Turgenev young ladies who dream of great and pure love. The "download" button is clicked by both lovers of sex for one night and individuals with serious intentions. In other words, dating there for every taste. All you have to do is indicate your gender, the gender of the person you are looking for, upload a photo and drop a few words about yourself.
  • After that, the dating app will start searching for a couple nearby. Your application for acquaintance is valid for an hour. You can ask the young lady you like to look at additional photographs (how frank it already depends on the girl you have chosen). If the fairy of reciprocity lowers a magic wand on your heads, you can continue to chat in a private chat (where, when, why and how).
calculate a decent girl on the internet
calculate a decent girl on the internet


Unlike most apps, Pure does not require you to have a social media account. I downloaded it, I saw it, I won.

The more successes you have on the personal front, the higher your rating.

The user's location is indicated on the map. But in addition to comfort, the application also takes care of the safety of its lonely souls - the radius of your location is very large, and therefore you have a chance to escape from a persistent, but not attractive lady.

Lovetime is perfect for meticulous guys looking for the Perfect Woman. A huge number of search filters help you find a girl with the appearance of Angelina Jolie, the skills of Sasha Gray and the culinary ability of a Michelin-starred restaurant chef

Okay, we went too far, but you get the point - with the help of the app's good search capabilities, you can find all the girls nearby who are as close to your ideal as possible. Some people enjoy the very process of lining up the Dream Woman. The functionality, like all similar applications, is uncomplicated - hearts, crosses, sympathies, etc.

about online dating with girls
about online dating with girls


In information about themselves, users can indicate their parameters, sexual orientation, attitude to alcohol, smoking, etc.

A significant disadvantage: the developers believe that you have to pay for everything in this world - if you are not ready to invest real money in an application, it is better to turn to other analogs.

  • Badoo is an app used by over four hundred million people. For clarity, you can go to the official website - on the main page you are greeted by a counter showing the number of users.
  • An already impressive number increases in real time and speaks better than any advertisement about how much the resource is in demand among people of our generation. Many people who have installed the application for fun admit that their fun turned into a serious relationship and a happy marriage.

Dating on Instagram is also gaining popularity, read more about this in the article at the link.

With whom? 2

If you have already chosen the purpose of dating and the most comfortable application, it's time to go directly to the search for the desired girl.

meet girls online
meet girls online
  • Don't forget that we are living in the twenty-first century. If the application has a function "indicate sexual orientation", carefully check this item in the profile of the girl you like. You may be sexy like Vincent Cassel, but if your interlocutor likes Monica Bellucci, your chances, as you understand, are zero.
  • The presence of candid photos is not at all a guarantee that a girl is looking for sex for one night. At least read the scanty information on the profile and exchange a couple of messages before inviting the sex bomb to come to your house.
  • If you are interested in a serious relationship, and you come across completely freedom-loving Amazons, turn your attention not to sex dating apps, but to social networks, interest groups (the community of visitors to your fitness club, cafe, etc.). You can also write to your favorite Instagram girl. Remember that girls are born spies, and therefore, your account must contain at least a couple of decent photos.
  • The more information about herself in the profile and less photos of breasts and buttocks, the more likely the girl is serious.
how to successfully meet a girl
how to successfully meet a girl

How? 3

  • Try several sites and applications, understand the functionality and choose the most comfortable resource for you. You can also use video communication with a girl. This is common on many sites. Understand the interface before accidentally sending a dozen sympathies to persons with whom you would not want to have acquaintances under any circumstances.
  • Choose the best of your photos. If you have not accumulated those by your age, do this at your leisure. If, on a personal acquaintance, you can make a good first impression with your manners and intellectual conversations, then in the digital space there is a risk of missing the woman of your dreams just because she did not see your fine mental organization behind a photo in a horse costume.
  • Even if you are looking for one night stand, work on your communication skills. Contact the girls you know who are not afraid to offend with the bitter truth and let them honestly answer you if you know how to communicate with the fair sex.
  • Some guys are sure that it is worth kicking the lady you like, and she will immediately run to fill him up with messages and invite him to her home for coffee. No friend, it doesn't work that way. If you have the courage to express your sympathy, see it through. Undoubtedly, some especially courageous girls are ready to show reciprocal sympathy - to like your wonderful photos, send a friend request and even write a message.
attractive photo for the profile
attractive photo for the profile
  • But such ambitious young ladies are extremely rare. And the more beautiful a girl is (read: the more self-confident she is), the more male attention she receives every day and is not used to taking the first step. Why climb a tree and scratch your knees when the apples themselves fall into your hands?
  • For more information on how to meet on the Internet, read our article further on the link.
  • The first message is walking in a minefield. Put off especially risky jokes and vulgar proposals until better times. Throw an elegant compliment, ask a question about her interests (if any) and wait for a response.
  • If the acquaintance takes place on a social network, just click through a couple of photos and a couple of posts. There is no need to turn into a stalker and comment on every second photo of her in an album of 327 photos.
  • You should not send an application at the same time to all the girls you like from the photo. It sounds like Despair with a capital letter.
how to successfully meet online
how to successfully meet online

Why? 4

If earlier people were very skeptical about Internet dating, recently the general mood has changed for the better. This is evidenced by the wildly popular use of trainings, articles and blogs on the topic “How to meet a girl on the Internet”.

The statistics inspire singles - millions of people around the world find a match for themselves using applications and social networks.

The omnipotent Internet can help you find a woman you like no worse than special services - if you know the name and surname of a girl, or her favorite fitness club, Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks are at your service.

Girls are the Sherlock Holmes of the digital space. Give your good friend the name of the girl you like, the name of her best friend or the nickname of the cat, and by evening you will have a complete dossier for the person you need.

which girl to meet
which girl to meet

If you are the king of the friend zone and have a bunch of female friends, take advantage of this gift of fate - ask your friends to honestly talk about your shortcomings, what your jokes and habits annoy girls. By the way, many guys use online dating just for these purposes - they do not hope to conquer the first pretty lady and build a relationship with her.

Modest people invite their interlocutor to a cafe, talk to her. In short, they learn basic communication skills with women. Many modern young people see girls only on the Internet (porn actresses, heroines of anime and computer games), and therefore such attempts at communication and acquaintances (albeit not always successful) are their first and very useful experience.

For more tips on how to meet a girl in real life, read the article.

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