How To Please A Successful Man And Four Places To Meet

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How To Please A Successful Man And Four Places To Meet
How To Please A Successful Man And Four Places To Meet

Video: How To Please A Successful Man And Four Places To Meet

Video: How To Please A Successful Man And Four Places To Meet
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How to meet a rich man
How to meet a rich man

The capital of Russia is a city of great ambitions and opportunities. Many girls dream of finding their happiness and meeting a rich man in Moscow. Someone declares this openly, someone secretly cherishes hope. Some beautiful ladies already have a plan to conquer some businessman, but they don't even know how to approach the fulfillment of their cherished desire. At the same time, women's goals may be different.

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The beautiful half of humanity is not always looking for a successful man for a couple to keep her. There are well-to-do ladies who are not particularly interested in the issue of money. They want to have a man with a suitable status next to them, because they may simply be uninteresting with another. In any case, a few proven tips will not be superfluous.

First, you need to decide what you generally need to meet a man in Moscow. First, of course, to know in what places it can be found. Secondly, take care of your appearance. Men, whether they are rich or not, evaluate a woman first of all with their eyes and only then decide whether to get close to her or not. Thirdly, to understand how to behave with him. It's one thing to just meet a successful man, which in itself is not that easy. And to win his attention and heart is an even more difficult task, requiring time and effort.

Where to meet a rich man in Moscowi

There are several places in which the chance of meeting the man of your dreams with money is quite high.

Elite establishments in Moscow

It can be: restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, shops. It is clear that a respectable man who really earns a lot does not go out to dinner at some cafe, and even more so fast food. Of course, everyone has their weaknesses, but nevertheless, it is not always possible to notice a wealthy person among the visitors of such places. But when you come to an expensive restaurant in the very center of Moscow, where one small salad can cost a thousand rubles, it is very easy to identify a rich man. They are all there with money.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Shot from the film "Mistress Maid"

Such establishments include, for example, the White Rabbit restaurant with a stunning view of the city and a glass roof. It is quite popular among the Moscow elite, as is Turandot, possibly one of the most beautiful places in Moscow. Or restaurants "Ginza Project", of which there are more than a dozen in the city.

The same applies to clubs that can only be entered by VIP invitations. And to five-star hotels, where foreign businessmen stay. These are Ritz Carlton Moscow, Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, Lotte Hotel, Marriott Royal Aurora and others.

Another option is luxury boutiques and shops, including grocery stores. A poor person is unlikely to buy in "Azbuka Vkusa" or "Globus Gourmet". This also includes car dealerships that sell business and luxury class cars, sports cars.

Another thing is that a girl who wants to meet a rich man in an expensive restaurant will have to spend money, at least for a cocktail, a cup of coffee or a light salad, but it will not be cheap at all. And in order to be able to get to a private party of a secular one, you have to work hard, make acquaintances, try to become a member of the VIP-club. So you need to assess your strength and budget before going to such an institution.

Fitness centers, sporting events

Wealthy men like to keep themselves in good physical shape. And just visit the gym to relieve stress after a hard day at work. Of course, the center must have a certain reputation and contingent. Russian businessmen are happy to adopt the hobbies of the Western rich, such as golf, equestrian sports, tennis, sailing and other elite entertainment. A pumped-up and rich man is not a woman's dream?

Meet a rich man in Moscow
Meet a rich man in Moscow

Internet and special dating sites

Dating sites with rich men are now very popular, where you can meet not only for romantic relationships. At special sites, girls are looking for a sponsor for themselves, and wealthy men are looking for a kept woman. Such places are good because both sides immediately understand what they want and expect from them. It can even be registered in the questionnaire. Finding a partner on such resources usually does not imply a long and strong relationship. But this does not mean at all that during the time spent together, a man and a woman will not be able to like each other so much that they will not want to part.

You can also meet a rich man in Moscow on a regular dating site. However, in this case, considerable work will have to be done to select the nuggets.

And in any case, it is impossible to know exactly who is hiding on the other side of the screen. You can only notice the details. For example, a wealthy man is likely to write without mistakes, intelligently, even beautifully. Businessmen should have a hanging tongue.

One more point: you can hardly meet an oligarch on the Internet, but a man with money is quite.

Large companies, organizations, business centers

This is not about just showing up at the Gazprom office or something like that (all the more, outsiders will not be allowed there just like that), but about working for the company. It is very difficult to get a place in such an office, you need to have the appropriate knowledge, skills and education. Perhaps even dating. But this will provide an opportunity to communicate with people who definitely have money.

Where to meet a rich man in Moscow
Where to meet a rich man in Moscow

It is important to remember the pitfalls here. For example, if an affair ends unsuccessfully, then there is a high probability that you will have to resign from a good job.

By the way, as an option, you can get a job in the same expensive clothing or footwear boutique, a car salon or a luxury beauty salon, a fashionable restaurant, a hotel, and so on. The main thing is to be able not only to start a conversation, but also to interest a man so that he wants to continue communication.

Charity evenings, concerts, auctions

Another tradition that migrated to Russia and Moscow from the West. Fundraising events are now becoming more and more popular, and businessmen, rich and successful people do not shy away from attending them.

How to please a rich man2

The search was crowned with success, here he is - the man of dreams. Now you need to get acquainted, and in the future also try to keep the man. What should a girl possess to hook a rich chosen one?

Appearance is important and there is nothing you can do about it. But do not think that only a girl of model appearance with long legs and outstanding breasts can get to know a rich man. Not at all. It all depends on how the woman presents herself. Often, large-bodied women can look much more attractive than a thin person. Attention should be paid to the choice of clothing.

How to meet a rich man in Moscow
How to meet a rich man in Moscow

An overly open, deliberately sexy outfit will not say at all what a woman wants. It will attract not at all the attention that she expects. Especially if the acquaintance takes place in some elite restaurant. The appearance of a woman who wants to strike up a relationship with a rich man should be distinguished by elegance and sophistication.

In addition, character, charisma, behavior, speech are no less important. Yes, any man will first of all pay attention to his appearance, but he is unlikely to want to continue communicating with someone with whom there is nothing to talk about. Therefore, do not forget about smart and spiritual self-development.

Despite the possible difficulties, it is quite possible to meet a rich man in Moscow. You need to know the places where you can meet him, but the main thing is to be able to interest him. A girl who dreams of a prince in a white Mercedes must be able to make her dream come true. You need to set a goal and go to it, be confident and persistent.

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