My Phone Does Not Ring, Why Is He Still Silent? Should I Wait?

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My Phone Does Not Ring, Why Is He Still Silent? Should I Wait?
My Phone Does Not Ring, Why Is He Still Silent? Should I Wait?

Video: My Phone Does Not Ring, Why Is He Still Silent? Should I Wait?

Video: My Phone Does Not Ring, Why Is He Still Silent? Should I Wait?
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the man does not call
the man does not call

Even yesterday, everything was wonderful: they smiled, looking into each other's eyes, talked sweetly, radiated pleasure from communication, and promises of mutual calls. The man was actively begging for a phone number, and the woman coquettishly flirted and finally dictated the long-awaited numbers.

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  • 1 Women's thoughts
  • 2 Deeds come first
  • 3 Mismatching expectations
  • 4 The unloved is waiting for a call from me …
  • 5 Understand yourself
  • 6 The girl goes on the attack

Ah, today there have been dramatic changes. The mobile phone is silent, the woman is nervous. He did not call in the morning, did not call at lunchtime and in the evening. What to do? Any individual of the fair sex from such events will panic, especially if she managed to fall head over heels in love with a new boyfriend. Whatever the girl does, does not say, her thoughts revolve around a small black object, which terribly angers her with her silence. No calls, no news, as if there was no yesterday evening … Why does the man not call? We will answer this question and others in our article at the link.

Women's thoughtsi

A very popular situation is when a guy takes a phone number and does not call the girl back. An offensive moment. If the young lady provided the gentleman with her own number, then she expects news from him and the continuation of the nascent romance. But the man does not call, and the female mind feverishly puts forward a lot of negative reasons that guide his ignorance:

  • she is not interesting to him;
  • I took the number out of courtesy, not wanting to continue our acquaintance;
  • he is married and has many children;
  • I did not save the number, lost it, accidentally deleted it;
  • keeps the number just in case and is in no hurry to call;
  • decided to laugh at the poor naive girl;
  • as the saying goes, "he let it go and threw it" …;
  • their meeting was a bitter mistake!

You should not immediately despair if the young man is in no hurry to use the woman's number. Perhaps he has good enough reasons for some absence.

Business Comes First2

It is not for a woman to understand the fact that work and study are good reasons for male silence. They blow their lips offended: "Who wants, he will find time for a phone call!" Absolutely true, but not quite. Men are completely different creatures than women. They focus on one thing, while women have the ability to think about several things at the same time.

Performing important tasks, or solving a blockage at work, a guy can think about a woman, recall with delight the time spent, dream, wanting to call, but not have such an opportunity. First, he will settle current affairs, and then he will allow himself to relax. As the song says: "First of all, the planes, well, the girls then!"

why doesn't he call
why doesn't he call

Mismatch of expectations3

The second reason why the guy is in no hurry to dial a new acquaintance may be the problematic nature of another plan. He suddenly went bankrupt, broke his leg, went bald, or finally, on the first date, he wove something to the girl that is not even mentioned.

Reflecting that he is not really who she believes him to be, the man doubts whether it is worth disturbing the female peace. Better to let her consider him disgusting than pathetic. Being a cruel girl's heartbreaker is much more pleasant than being a poor fellow for whom you will feel pity and disappointment. So a man is worried, no less a woman. And he doesn't call.

The unloved is waiting for a call from me … 4

It is worth recognizing the fact that the guy really can not call back because of his own indifference. He may be married or not free. The evening spent with the lovely lady gave him pleasant impressions, but he has no further opportunity or desire to continue communicating with her. I took the phone number out of politeness, or giving in to a momentary impulse. A new day has come, and the man realizes that a certain "Marina" in contacts is ranked among those subscribers whom he will never dial. Or, someday. Boredom.

the phone did not ring
the phone did not ring

Understand yourself5

In some cases, a man is in no hurry to make a phone call to sort out his own feelings. Perhaps he strove for light flirting, and the woman made a huge impression on his darling and touched the most tender feelings. The man had never experienced such emotions before. He wants to dial the number, hear her voice, but does not know what to do with the surging feelings of love. Trying to understand himself, the subject in love hesitates with a phone call.

The girl goes on the attack6

What's a poor, anxious girl waiting for a phone call day and night to do? First of all, calm down and surrender to the will of Fate. The silence of a man does not always mean his indifference. He may be busy, frustrated, unsettled, and generally gripped by huge problems. It is necessary to give him time, and for each guy it is individual: day, week, month, and even half a year …

did not call
did not call

Should a woman take the first step and call first? A controversial issue. Perhaps the guy lost the young lady's number and got lost in search of some kind of contacts of a beautiful stranger. In this case, her call will be very helpful. In modern times, active women have not surprised anyone for a long time, but still it is worth knowing. One phone call from a girl will help to continue communicating with a guy or to dot the i's. But in no case should you pursue a man:

  • call several times a day;
  • overwhelm with questions like: "Why didn't you call?"
  • look for meetings, guard near work and home;
  • send intrusive sms.

A friendly call from a woman with an unobtrusive and neat desire to communicate is quite acceptable. But if at the other end of the line they do not want to continue dating, the girl needs to politely say goodbye and remove the contact.

If a man needs a woman, sooner or later he will find a reason, a reason and an opportunity to contact her.

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