What Scent Attracts Women The Most To A Man?

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What Scent Attracts Women The Most To A Man?
What Scent Attracts Women The Most To A Man?
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Male body odor
Male body odor

Our first impression of a person is formed on the basis of appearance, and smells are an integral part of the image. People cannot be aware of and regulate their attitude to fragrances, everything is regulated exclusively at the level of instincts, therefore sympathies at the level of smells will be the most sincere and based solely on a physiological predisposition to a person.

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  • 1 Why We Like Different Smells
  • 2 What does the body smell from?
  • 3 What factors affect the smell
  • 4 What men smell like
  • 5 Our friends are pheromones and crazy hormones

It's no secret that the natural smell of a man's body can both excite a girl and repulse. As a rule, with intimacy, the smell of leather further inflames the passion between two lovers. Where does the smell come from and what role it plays in the relationship between a man and a woman, we will analyze in this article.

Why We Like Different Smells

Absolutely every creature on the planet has its own unique smell, and humans are no exception. This scent is impossible to repeat. Smells are difficult to convey in words, it is only possible to make an association. Interestingly, there are no neutral smells - either like it or not, there is no other option.

Natural body odor in modern society is strongly rejected and hidden, because it is something primitive and unacceptable, nevertheless we attach great importance to smells - taking a shower several times a day, deodorants, various aromas. The ominous power of smells is superbly demonstrated in the well-known novel "Perfumer" by Patrick Suskind.

Modern "urban" man in every possible way avoids what is quite natural for animals with their instincts. Natural body odor is what makes you reach for a person, or, conversely, not want to approach. The real smell is quite difficult to interrupt with a perfume, since even a perfume, mixing with a "natural" human scent, can reveal itself with both pleasant notes and completely nauseous ones.

What does the body smell from? 2

Our skin and mucous membranes have their own microflora, which is home to a large number of bacteria. When the secretions of the skin and glands decompose, numerous substances are formed, on which the smell depends. As a result, our own scent is regulated by the state of the microflora of the body.

The smell of a man is different
The smell of a man is different

Probably, many have heard about Napoleon's love for his Josephine, namely, an incredible passion for her smell, his message to her: “Tomorrow I am arriving in Paris. Don't wash yourself! " Ideally, a woman should also “blow the roof off” from a man's natural body odor, unless, of course, this “native” smell is spoiled by other nuances.

What factors influence odor3


A pleasant human smell is, first of all, a health parameter. There are diseases that can radically affect body odor and change it, making a person smell, to put it mildly, not very pleasant.

The diet

Products that are consumed on a daily basis play an important role in odors. Drinking alcohol and high amounts of carbohydrates or spices can make your sweat smell worse, making it more unpleasant and harsh.

The smell of the male body is positively influenced by the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, with the exception of fruits with a high sulfur content (onions, garlic, kohlrabi, broccoli).

Fresh fruit is positive for men
Fresh fruit is positive for men

Hormonal status and emotional state

Stress contributes to increased sweating.

Gender and age

Everyone noticed that old people smell unpleasant, even if they regularly take care of themselves. This difference between a young body and an old one is caused by a slowdown in metabolic processes, which leads to an increase in stagnant processes in the body and insufficient removal of toxins and decomposition products.

What men smell like4

The smell of a man's body and a woman's will be significantly different. What does the male body smell like?

No one will deny that a more masculine scent is associated with something heavy and persistent. Of course, "heavy" smells do not mean the smell of tobacco, gasoline or onions, these smells, rather, discourage any attraction. We are talking about another smell, namely about musk. Men's perfumery often contains such notes.

It is this tart and rather heavy aroma that is associated with the image of a "real man", a brutal alpha male and a conqueror of ladies' hearts. For the concentration of such sexual odors in the body of a man, hormones are responsible for producing the well-known pheromones, which so attract the opposite sex.

The scent of a man is always special
The scent of a man is always special

Our friends are pheromones and crazy hormones5

When hormones and pheromones come into play, the scent of the male body drives you crazy, cloudes your mind and makes you do crazy things.

The main and most "smelling" sex hormone is testosterone. It is he who thinns sexy musk. Thanks to him, a man looks more attractive in women's eyes, makes the owner more masculine.

True body odors can be very different. They are able to attract and charm, others - to repel and cause a desire to move away from the source. On the basis of smells, a relationship with a person develops, which is completely unconscious and beyond the control of the person himself.

Even if in all respects a man is ideal, and the smell does not attract him, it is more likely that the relationship will not work out. There is also a downside to the process - if the smell enchants and attracts, then the woman will be interested in the man's closeness next to her. This feeling of attraction will only increase over time, and the man will become more desirable.

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