How To Ask A Man For Money. Practical Guide For Women

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How To Ask A Man For Money. Practical Guide For Women
How To Ask A Man For Money. Practical Guide For Women
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how to ask a man for money
how to ask a man for money

In our age, when the ideology of feminism has become stronger and widespread, very often girls are brought up in the key that they should be completely independent and independent from men, including financially. Of course, on the one hand, this is a very modern and progressive view of gender relations. On the other hand, nature has decreed that the overwhelming majority of women need care, help and support from men, the notorious "strong man's shoulder." And one of the components of this very care and assistance is financial support. At the same time, not all girls know how to ask for money from a man, do not feel smart in this situation, or, conversely, show excessive persistence and categoricalness.

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  • 1 A little about the psychology of men
  • 2 How to ask a man for money? Men are different …
  • 3 How to correctly voice a request
  • 4 How to ask a man for money and react correctly

A little about the psychology of men

If a woman, by virtue of her natural essence, wants to be cared for and cared for, then the opposite is true for men. A representative of a strong half of humanity seeks to surround his chosen one with attention and support, if his feelings are sincere, then any help for his beloved will not turn into a duty for him, but will be desirable and pleasant. A man seeks to be needed and give gifts (of course, in the case when he has at least some opportunity for this). Do not forget that for a man the woman who invests more energy, effort, and, of course, finances is more valuable than the one who takes care of herself completely or gives herself to a young (or not so) person without asking for anything instead.

The second important aspect that any girl should know about is that men are much more rational in their behavior, and, in most cases, are guided by logic and common sense, rather than impulses and emotions. For the beautiful half of humanity (most often), the opposite is true. Therefore, men very often do not understand transparent hints (transparent, in the opinion of women, of course), and even if they do, they can perceive them precisely as an emotional impulse or a woman's whim. Then how to ask a man for money? The conclusion from this is simple: if a girl wants to ask a man for money, then it is better to talk about it directly, avoiding spatial reasoning about what beautiful shoes she saw yesterday in the store and how they fascinated her. This does not mean that you need to approach your beloved with a categorical phrase: “Give money for shoes!"This approach is also wrong, but this will be discussed below.

How to ask a man for money? Men are different … 2

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are completely different. Different characters, life experience, social status and financial situation. Of course, all this must be taken into account in order to understand how to ask for money from a man.

How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money

For some, it is enough just to voice their request and get what they want, others need to justify it. And the matter may not be at all in the stinginess of the gentleman, but in his rationalism. He may sincerely not understand why his chosen one needs another dress, when the whole closet is already filled with them. Those. in this case, you need to prepare a convincing argument to justify your purchase.

Of course, you need to take into account the financial situation of a man. You shouldn't ask to buy the latest iPhone when you are fully confident that the cost of the gadget is several times higher than its monthly income.

An important point is the degree of seriousness of the relationship. If there are deep feelings, and close relationships continue for quite a long time, then the man will definitely try to fulfill the request of his beloved for a sum of money, even if it will be very burdensome for his wallet. The feelings and joyful eyes of the beloved are more important. At the initial stage of the relationship, or in the case when the relationship is limited to infrequent intimate meetings, it is extremely risky to ask for significant amounts. Most likely, a man may decide that they are dating him for selfish motives.

Character traits are something that must be borne in mind. If, for example, a man is immersed in his affairs and a little forgetful, then you can not hesitate and repeat your request after a while, if the first time there was no reaction. If he is humorous and a little reckless, it is also better to voice your request in a half-joking and light manner.

How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money

How to make a request correctly 3

  • First of all, you need to choose the right time for this. Obviously, if a man is in a bad mood after a bad day at work or the loss of his favorite football team, then asking for money can only cause irritation. The same applies to a situation when he is very busy with something or passionate about what he loves. Well, there are often situations when this conversation is simply inappropriate, for example, there is no need to voice a request for money in front of other (even if close) people. This can put your chosen one in an extremely awkward position.
  • The request should be specific, but without pressure and categoricality. If the request sounds like a demand, then, most likely, it will only cause rejection. No ultimatums, like, if you don’t give money, you will sleep alone on the couch! Such a formulation of the question, in most cases, will only lead to serious conflicts!
  • A businesslike and even tone is also not always appropriate. It is best to have a soft, calm, or even gentle voice. An offended tone with shades of reproach (“I've been wearing the same boots for the third winter, I'm already tired”) is also unacceptable
  • It is advisable to give convincing arguments that would interest a loved one and indicate his benefits in the upcoming parting with money. For example, how beautiful his chosen one will look after visiting a salon or purchasing expensive cosmetics.
How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money
  • It is worth avoiding manipulations such as “you don’t want to give me money because you don’t love”. Few people will be pleased with the thought that his love is equivalent to a certain amount of money.
  • If right here and now the man refused the request, there is no need to be angry and offended, because, firstly, the opinion on this issue can change (the mood will improve, he will think and understand how this amount and the subsequent purchase are really important for the girl, etc.) etc.), and, secondly, there may be quite objective reasons for refusal. For example, the announced amount may simply not be affordable for him, but he does not want to talk about it directly.

How to ask a man for money and respond correctly4

If the request is granted, then it is imperative to thank your man. And to do it sincerely and emotionally, a simple "thank you" is not enough. A man must understand how grateful the girl is to him, he must emphasize his significance and importance for her.

You don't need to take this behavior of a man for granted, because he is not obliged to fully support the woman and pay all her expenses, especially if the relationship is at an early stage. It is better to take this as a manifestation of care, attention and sincerity of feelings.

How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money

It is necessary to learn not only how to ask for money from a man, but also to remember that you always need to give something in return. At the same time, one should not reduce all relations to the commodity-money principle. If a man is surrounded by affection, feels benevolence, sincerity, comfort and coziness, then, soon, no additional requests for money will be needed, since the representative of the stronger half will always be ready to please his chosen one and make her a little happier.

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