TOP 5 Answers To The Question Of What Girls Really Want From Guys

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TOP 5 Answers To The Question Of What Girls Really Want From Guys
TOP 5 Answers To The Question Of What Girls Really Want From Guys
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What men do women dream about
What men do women dream about

Oh, those women! What do they want? What do they dream about? Sooner or later, these kinds of questions arise in the head of any man. Indeed, the logic of the beautiful half of society in all ages has been, is and remains a mystery for us. Every woman is different. Which, unfortunately, cannot be said about her needs.

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  • 1 Help her around the house
  • 2 Respect her opinion
  • 3 Admire her achievements
  • 4 Give courtesies
  • 5 Experiment in bed

It's no secret that all the fairer sex (yes, in principle, the strong one too) most of all in life want to be desirable and in demand. Any woman wants to be happy in her own way. But the concept of happiness is different for each of them. Someone is important material wealth, and someone - family well-being. One dreams of a house in the village, the other dreams of a private mansion.

However, there are many other important points that we, men, most often do not pay attention to. Women want to see in their chosen one not only a protector, but also a comrade. In general, they "bleed from the nose" need a companion. Become that way - you won't get a price. How to become like that? What do women dream about first of all? We answer.

Help her around the house

No, this does not mean that now you have to clean up, wash, cook and look after the children all the time. This from time immemorial has been, is and will be women's work. But! Gain strength and from this moment become a hero in her eyes! Try to do one of the following at least once. Prepare, for example, breakfast in bed or set the table when she suddenly has to stay late at work.

Do everything spontaneously, and do not make a solemn event out of this. Be calm and considerate. "Turn on the hostess" only when your help is really needed. Do you see that she is running around like crazy with children from morning till night? Then do not be too lazy to tear yourself away from the TV and wash the dishes or vacuum the floors. Not by concept, you say?

And in a manly way to watch your significant other fall off their feet, trying to please you in everything and always? Imagine if she suddenly stopped doing household chores? At home, at best, chaos will begin, at worst - a cold war. Do not wait for someone to ask you for help, offer this help yourself! And her eyes of gratitude will speak for themselves!

Ideal man
Ideal man

Respect her opinion2

Even if she's talking complete nonsense. Nobody forces you to accept her point of view or start thinking like her. Just listen to her - let her speak. You should never convince her otherwise and try to prove yours. Be above it all.

Each person should have their own opinion. Try instead of expressions like: “you’re wrong, it’s necessary like this”, “what are you talking about”, “how did this come to your mind”, “what nonsense” and so on, use the following: “pretty good, but how you have another option "," why not, but what do you think, it won't be better this way. " In general, you understand something like that.

Let her know that her opinion is taken into account. If your passion is not stupid, then it will come to her from the first time (well, from the second or third, for sure) that in any situation, she, like you, needs to take into account the opinion of her partner. Thus, she herself, without noticing it, will begin to accept your point of view. And you will not only win, but you will remain calm and unshakable!

Admire her achievements3

Yes, man, without it it is like without water. It doesn't matter what it will be. Did she learn to sit down in half-splits (even when the floor is 30 centimeters short) or baked a new cake (albeit burnt). Admire your woman's achievements, even the smallest ones. She did something around the house - be sure to praise. Let her understand that you see her achievements.

Yes, friend, women love to be praised (probably exactly the same as we all do). Therefore, do not skimp on compliments, and very soon you will see that the cake turned out to be delicious, and there are literally a couple of centimeters left by the half-step.

Dream guy
Dream guy

Give attention signs4

No, this does not mean at all that you need to strew your woman with flowers and diamonds. Don't take everything so literally, friend. All women want attention. And if you know that your passion is with you not only for the sake of money and sex, and you are really sure that she loves you, then from time to time try to give her attentions.

For example, discreetly put a chocolate bar in her bag before going to work, or finally give her a kitten, whom she has been begging for from you for years. You can also try to open the doors before entering any room and let her enter first. Or, in general, make all her friends envious - help your girlfriend get out of the car when she is dressed in a chic long dress or shod with invisible heels. The main thing is to do everything from the heart. And don't overdo it. It is not for nothing that the people say: "do it rarely, but accurately."

Experiment in bed5

No, you shouldn't call a third party or drag her to a swinger party (although, in principle, you can ask your friend about this if you really want to). Just try something new.

Are you used to making love in three standard positions? Suggest to try the fourth one. If you want to change everything cool - run to the bookstore and buy the Kamasutra. If you go for a ride, you will light it, if you do not ride it, you will laugh. You can give her super sheer underwear, or buy decorative handcuffs from the sex shop. Don't be afraid to experiment. Make sure that even in her thoughts she does not have the question that somewhere some other man can do better.

What kind of guy do girls dream about
What kind of guy do girls dream about

Remember the main thing - two people should always be good in bed. Do not forget to ask her after sex about whether she liked it or not. And finally, keep in mind: no matter how old you are, do not try to treat intimacy as an ordinary marital duty (setting, for example, a single-handed schedule - once a month). Always take into account the opinions and wishes of your partner, this is what women want from men with whom they are close. In general, keep your brand and always remain the alpha male. And your woman will always love and want you.

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