How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating? TOP-8 Signs Of Cheating Women

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How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating? TOP-8 Signs Of Cheating Women
How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating? TOP-8 Signs Of Cheating Women

Video: How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating? TOP-8 Signs Of Cheating Women

Video: How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating? TOP-8 Signs Of Cheating Women
Video: 9 Signs She’s Cheating - How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating - Cheating Girlfriend Signs 2023, March
stigma in the cannon
stigma in the cannon

It turns out - that's the news! - cheating on your partner is not a purely male sin. The beautiful half of humanity sometimes performs completely unpleasant deeds.

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What are you "firing" on, girls? Let's tell you right now.


To be deceived by a loved one is still disgusting. How else?

Do not think that only girls experience cheating as melodramatically as the heroines of their favorite films. Guys are also very sensitive personalities (although some skillfully hide it).

Few people, having learned that his girlfriend is somersault with a neighbor, best friend or some other handsome man, will be able to accept this fact in cold blood.

And it is much easier to come to terms with deception when it did not become a thunderbolt for you out of the blue, but only proved to be a confirmation of your guesses. It hurts, it hurts, but not surprising. You do not feel like a complete idiot, but only a half idiot (but the glass in the bar is still filled to the brim as well).

Praise to science and the ubiquitous psychologists - thanks to their tips and instructions, you can bring a liar (in this case, a liar) to clean water before your dog gets used to a new family member.

We present to your attention eight signs that a girl will not be able to remain faithful to her faithful.

The Hateful Eight: Signs of Cheating2

A girl in her thirties

We agree, the argument is so-so, and we do not at all undertake to assert that all the beauties who have crossed the thirty-year line are asleep and see how they could cheat on their boyfriend.

When girls cheat
When girls cheat

But while thirty-year-olds are preparing to come at us with torches, we will throw you a scientifically proven fact in order to save our writer's asses and not look unfounded.

A recent study showed that the average age of a woman plunged into a vicious world of cheating is 36.6 years.


Her age ends at 9

Another study on the topic of cheating revealed a very interesting fact - people are most prone to cheating when they have to cross the age line (29,39,49).

What is the reason for such a surge of adventurism? With the fact that they are on the verge of a new decade, and want to take everything from the previous one.

A midlife crisis is also possible, of course. But this theory is sadder, we don't like it, forget it. Let's dwell on the surge of adventurism (and libido).

The relationship has been going on for seven years

Perhaps everyone has heard about the crisis of seven years in a relationship. Science is backing that up, and we see confirmation with our own eyes - by reading news about celebrities or comforting our friends who are going through a difficult breakup. After seven years of romance and harmony, a split can easily break out, and the girl will simply get tired of her lover. Those features that seemed cute will start to freak out wildly, and she will already begin to look closely at other representatives of the stronger sex.

The moral of this fable is this: if a woman is dear to you, do not infuriate her. Especially if you have amicably pissed off each other for 7+ years.

Girls cheat
Girls cheat

She fakes an orgasm

This time we do not have official statistics, and we undertake unfounded assertion that nine out of ten women have simulated an orgasm at least once in their lives. For one reason or another. Saving a fragile male self-esteem, wanting to stop a boring act, or just so as not to be branded as a cold and insensitive person.

Bare accusation, yes. We can afford it.

Between us, the official figures would be as close as possible to those invented by us.

And to all lovers of specifics, we present the following fact: a group of researchers found out that most often it is those who cheat left and right who imitate an orgasm.

What a cruel people! Not only does she simulate an orgasm, but she also cheats!

Men, keep in mind: if your girlfriend is faking an orgasm, then you are in the ass anyway. Either you are not as good at sex as you would like, or you will soon start banging your horns on the ceiling in the car.



While the dog lovers run in the park, the cat ladies run to the left.

Why do girls cheat
Why do girls cheat

Of course, this point (as well as all the previous ones) should be approached judiciously.

We will only give statistics: among the cheaters of cat ladies there are two and a half times more than lovers of huskies and pugs.

Rock and Roll Girl

The resource brought disappointing news: among lovers of rock music there are much more unfaithful persons than among fans of pop or hip-hop. What is the reason for this, you ask?

And the devil only knows, we say! Perhaps with a special drive inherent in this genre and all its lovers.

Broker, banker, stewardess

This time the study involved 5,658 women who were not distinguished by their loyalty. 65% of these bad girls admitted to cheating at work.

And the brokers, bank workers and flight attendants turned out to be the most liberated. What this is connected with is not known for certain. Apparently, they take their job responsibilities very seriously and are willing to do anything for good customer relationships.

Blondes prefer gentlemen

First, lovers of rock music, now also blondes.

Cheating girl
Cheating girl

All these statistics have one frustration.

A site dedicated to our topic, namely Cheaterville, is in a hurry to share an interesting observation: 42% of the users of this resource have light hair color.

But! Nobody checked their curls for authenticity. Therefore, it cannot be argued that dark intentions sit in every bright head.

In second place were the red-haired furies, followed by the owners of the chocolate shock of hair, and at the end brunettes modestly trailed.

What is the bottom line? 3

As we said, these "signals" should be treated with a healthy dose of humor. If a woman intends to change, she will do it at any age, being in any acceptable profession and having three dogs at home.

And if a woman intends to spend her life with the chosen guy, then she will remain faithful to him, smoothing her blonde curls with one hand, and holding her beloved cat with the other (on the way to a rock festival).

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