What To Give For Valentine's Day: Gifts And Holiday Script

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What To Give For Valentine's Day: Gifts And Holiday Script
What To Give For Valentine's Day: Gifts And Holiday Script

Video: What To Give For Valentine's Day: Gifts And Holiday Script

Video: What To Give For Valentine's Day: Gifts And Holiday Script
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The society is rich in various holidays. Valentine's Day takes a special place. What a pity that it falls in February. After all, I really want to celebrate it to its fullest, and the winter weather does not dispose to long walks. Therefore, the holiday should be celebrated in interesting but warm places. And it would be nice to think over a small scenario for this romantic day.

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  • 2 Pleasant with useful
  • 3 Day Finals
  • 4 Remembrance of the date
  • 5 Gifts
  • 6 An example scenario of an active holiday

In a pair, there is always someone more active and incendiary. This is especially the shilopopom and needs to think through the whole day. It doesn't matter who becomes the screenwriter and organizer. You can even share responsibilities: the girl writes the script, the guy is in charge of dinner, like a gentleman. Or maybe someone alone will arrange a surprise.

Festive programi

  • Since the holiday is winter, it is not a fact that the weather will allow you to walk for a long time. Therefore, you can, of course, go to the park and go ice skating, but this is boring and not very bright. Still, Valentine's Day is no ordinary day off.
  • Nowadays, various quests are gaining popularity. All the action takes place in the warmth. The scenarios are eerily funny, and the video you can record as you progress through the quest will leave wonderful memories.
  • If the girl is an avid theatergoer, then going to the theater is inevitable. We'll have to be patient. The same condition applies to a girl if she is preparing a holiday. Entertainment should be to the taste of the partner, and not according to the wishes of the organizer.

A romantic photo shoot would be a great idea. You can carry it out anywhere. As attributes, you can select the same items of clothing: mittens, hats, scarves

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a "lazy day". Especially, this idea will appeal to residents of million-plus cities. If possible, you can spend the whole day under the covers, occasionally getting up to open the door to the pizza delivery man

  • Fans of outdoor activities should definitely go to various bases where you can go skiing, ice skating or tubing.
  • Dinner must be included in the program. After running around the basements or listening to the opera, you can get quite hungry. Anyway, dinner in a cafe or restaurant is already a classic of a romantic evening.

Business with pleasure 2

Leadership is firmly held by intimate gatherings in the nearest cafe. This is perhaps the most secure option. But it is worth excluding pizzerias and cheburek ones. Although, they can be ideal places for the marginalized or poor students.

Valentine's Dayt
Valentine's Dayt

When choosing a cafe, it is worth worrying about booking in advance. On this day, all lovers experience hellish hunger, and therefore there may not be places.

It would be nice to drop by the selected location and inquire about prices and menus. If finances do not really allow you to roam, then the administrator will help you create a ready-made table. That is, to think over the dishes in advance. Then it will be possible to exclude lobsters in a creamy sauce from the brutal appetite of a partner and restrict yourself to royal cod. Therefore, there will definitely not be any unpleasant surprises in the check.

You should take care of the entertainment program. As a rule, all cafes offer holiday scenarios on such days. But if your partner loves the saxophone, then you shouldn't drag it to a karaoke or rock club.

The atmosphere of intimacy will be useful. Nowadays, many cafes have separate tables behind screens, on which buttons to call the waiter are installed. Some have gone even further and allocated whole rooms. By the way, they are booked the fastest.

How to give at for Valentine's Day
How to give at for Valentine's Day

The status of the cafe is absolutely irrelevant. The place should be cozy, romantic and very versatile in terms of dress code. Especially if dinner is supposed to be after an adventure day, and not a visit to the conservatory.

Finale of the day3

If the girl is not from a strict family, and spending the night outside the house is not a crime, then intimacy is assumed a priori. It’s absurd to end the day in our native land. Especially if the lovers do not live together yet. Moms and dads will not add romance behind the wall. Renting an apartment for daily rent is more than banal and vulgar. Better to book a hotel room. Anyway, many hotels offer breakfast before check-out. Anyway, it is more beautiful and more comfortable there than in a hostel. In addition, you can agree on the decoration of the room.

If the couple lives together, then the problem disappears by itself. It is only important to provide yourself with sweets.

Commemoration of the date4

Valentine's Day is a gorgeous occasion to coincide with a significant event. It is best if on this day a declaration of themselves as a couple or an engagement is made. Moreover, the proposal does not oblige the presence of all relatives. The ring offering can be played as you like: it can be served in a cafe during the take-out of dessert, or you can find it by completing a quest. The main thing is that it should be colorful and unusual.

Valentine's Dayts
Valentine's Dayts

But you can be especially lucky in the year when 2/14 falls on Friday or Saturday. That is when you can celebrate this day symbolically and festively. It's about a wedding. After all, that's why it is Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day is a symbolic holiday. He does not oblige to give expensive gifts. You can limit yourself to a banal valentine and a modest but elegant bouquet. The only exception is the ring. But this is provided that a symbolic date, such as a proposal, is tied to the holiday.

The main thing on this day is its atmosphere and events that should decorate it and make it unforgettable.

An example scenario of an active holiday6

The holiday should start in the morning. If this day falls on a working day, then at 6:00 everything should be saturated with romanticism. Up to the fact that the fried eggs are fried in tins, and the sausage is cut into hearts. In the middle of the working day, you can and should send a bouquet, if there is a possibility of delivery. The girl will burst with pride in front of her colleagues.

Valentine's Day surprise
Valentine's Day surprise

But towards the end of the day, you can come up with a whole adventure. For example, send an SMS to a girl with an action. Well, and then, either entrust the quest to professionals, or act yourself.

The end of the holiday can be a surprise. Which one is up to the person who came up with the scenario of the holiday. And then you can go to dinner.

The main thing that must be observed on such a day is a positive attitude.

But how to make a surprise for a girl, read our article at the link.

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