How To Become Rich Kept Women Or A Beautiful Life Without Problems

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How To Become Rich Kept Women Or A Beautiful Life Without Problems
How To Become Rich Kept Women Or A Beautiful Life Without Problems
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a rich man and two girls
a rich man and two girls

The 21st century is about progress, innovative technologies and sexual freedom. Today smart girls graduate from schools, universities, find work, get married and give birth to children - this life program has been inherent in them since childhood. However, such a monotonous life is not to the taste of all the fair sex.

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  • 1 The kept woman is a mistress or just a beautiful toy
  • 2 Finding a rich man
  • 3 Acquaintance in real life
  • 4 Internet - search assistant
  • 5 Rules for communicating with a millionaire
  • 6 First date: an opportunity to show yourself
  • 7 The photo in the questionnaire is not true
  • 8 The material side of the issue
  • 9 Sex on the first date
  • 10 Naturalness in behavior
  • 11 Stage of Permanent Relationship

“Beautiful” or “smart and beautiful” are increasingly choosing a different path, which allows some of the beauties to achieve something in life. Many of this category of ladies become kept women. Yesterday's schoolgirls with attractive looks ask themselves the question: how do they become kept women of the rich and where to pick up a generous sponsor? And how does the kept woman live?

The kept woman is a mistress or just a beautiful toy

Seeing a beautiful girl with a perfect figure on an expensive foreign car, people think that this is the mistress or wife of a rich man. But, most likely, this is a kept woman. Mistresses are going out of fashion among modern daddies. Many "official" mistresses dream of taking the place of their wife, throwing tantrums and scandals. A man who is constantly tired at work prefers communication and sex with a beautiful well-groomed girl who does not require a stamp in her passport.

How do rich gentlemen become kept women? Usually everything happens according to the same scenario. He is a wealthy, self-confident owner of factories and ships. She is young, beautiful and ambitious. Both understand what exactly they need from each other. The kept woman gives a man warmth, affection, her youth and beauty. He assumes all the material costs of the girl, providing her with an apartment, a car, expensive gifts and money. Such a relationship can last quite a long time if the kept woman behaves correctly and becomes ideal for the sponsor.

Being a kept woman is hard work. Daily efforts to maintain mental and physical health, maintaining the face and body in perfect condition (beauty salons and fitness at His expense), self-development (you need to communicate with a man about something). The older the beauty becomes, the more difficult it is to keep yourself in shape and be interesting. Naturally, the kept woman receives a lot of material benefits for herself.

How the rich become kept women
How the rich become kept women

Some not only beautiful, but also smart manage to get higher education or open a small business at the expense of "sugar daddy".

Finding a rich man2

A meeting of a wealthy gentleman and a beautiful stranger in the line for bread or at the market is possible only in the cinema. In real life, meeting a rich and generous man will have to make every effort. The kept woman turns into a "hunter" and tries to do everything to hook a large fish.

Acquaintance in real life3

The habitats of the wealthy and powerful of our time are vastly different from the favorite places of the average manager. A girl who decides to become a kept woman will have to often visit events and places where millionaires spend their time. You can meet the rich Buratino:

  • In elite fitness clubs and sports centers (wealthy men visit gyms not only to keep fit, but also to contemplate the slender figures and fit body of girls);
  • In expensive restaurants and bars (a lonely beauty with a slightly sad look will definitely attract attention);
  • In golf clubs or closed men's establishments (here is a real paradise for a kept woman, but the main problem is getting inside);
  • At major international fairs or economic conferences (usually there are many businessmen and free admission at such events);
How the rich become kept women
How the rich become kept women

Participation in beauty contests and fashion shows (in the hall or in the jury there are always rich gentlemen who will gladly take on the content of a "Miss" or a model)

Internet search assistant4

In the age of newfangled gadgets, rich men have become lazy and are not always ready to meet in real life. Dating with kept women in the global network is gaining more and more popularity. On the Internet, you can easily find specialized platforms for communication between kept women and wealthy gentlemen. On these sites, men and women know what they want from each other, and there is no need to waste time on unnecessary conversations.

Tip: when registering, you should not get carried away with filters and Photoshop to correct photos and bring your body parts closer to the ideal in the profile. When a man meets, he will still see the "original".

Rules for communicating with a millionaire5

Getting to know a wealthy man is the easiest task. At the next meetings, you need to attract Him with your beauty (perhaps with your mind), constantly stir up interest in yourself and achieve your goal. A potential kept woman needs to adhere to a certain line of behavior in order not to miss out on a rich gentleman.

First Date: An Opportunity to Show Yourself6

So, the long-awaited acquaintance took place and the first date was appointed. It is at this meeting that the girl must show herself from the advantageous side and charm the man. Unfortunately, ladies make mistakes and the rich man loses interest in them. There are a few common mistakes you make on a first date.

How the rich become kept women
How the rich become kept women

The photo in the profile is not true7

Most of the girls, uploading photos, change their appearance using photoshop. This cannot be done. A smart man will immediately notice the differences and draw appropriate conclusions.

The material side of the issue8

A potential kept woman should not start talking about the price of future "relations" herself. Starting communication with such questions, the girl will look like a prostitute in His eyes. After spending time with the beauty, the man himself will talk about the financial side.

Sex on the first date9

It is unlikely that He wants to continue the first date in bed. Usually, when meeting a rich guy, he looks at the lady, looks at her behavior and whether he is comfortable talking to her. Perhaps a man wants a relationship with a kept woman not at all for intimacy, so a girl should not be the first to hint at sex.

Naturalness in behavior10

You should not try to shock him and be different from others. Rudeness, straightforwardness and outrageousness are absolutely useless in a conversation with a millionaire. The best option is maximum naturalness.

How the rich become kept women
How the rich become kept women

Permanent relationship stage 11

If after the first date there was a second, a third and a warm relationship began, in no case should you relax. The kept woman must remember that she is not an official spouse. With the wrong behavior, a beautiful girl can easily lose many privileges and material assistance.

For a long-term relationship with a rich guy, a girl should adhere to several rules:

  • Under no circumstances should you meet with someone else for money, otherwise there is a risk of becoming a former kept woman;
  • Carefully monitor your face and body;
  • Do not make scandals and do not sort things out;
  • Constantly be ready for sex;
  • Don't be curious;
  • Give him warmth and affection.

The kept woman should know exactly what a man expects from her. Most often, rich guys are looking for a kept woman for quiet communication (he has enough scandals at home) and great sex with a beautiful lady. If a girl has good mental abilities and is able to maintain a conversation, this will only raise her in the eyes of a wealthy gentleman.

How the rich become kept women
How the rich become kept women

The kept woman needs to become a holiday girl, next to whom it is always fun and joyful. In this case, the relationship between the kept woman and the rich sponsor can last for a long time.

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