How A Girl Can Conquer A Man And Make Him Hers. What Is Needed For This?

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How A Girl Can Conquer A Man And Make Him Hers. What Is Needed For This?
How A Girl Can Conquer A Man And Make Him Hers. What Is Needed For This?

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How to conquer a man? At least once in her life, any girl "googled" this question, frantically looked for an answer in women's magazines or elicited it from experienced friends. This article contains all the known scientific and non-scientific methods - choose any, depending on your courage and desperation.

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  • 1 Male gaze
  • 2 Bad advice
  • 3 Astrology
  • 4 How to win a man, knowing his zodiac sign?
  • 5 Tips from psychologists and sexologists

Male gaze

Let's start right away with the heroes of the occasion. While one part of the male population anxiously keeps secret the methods of conquering their courageous hearts, the other, more accommodating, half managed to participate in various kinds of polls.

Most gentlemen say the main thing is to be yourself. Even if a great actress has disappeared in you and you perfectly reproduce the image of the Woman of His Dreams (meticulously built thanks to chatty friends or a whole spy work on compiling a dossier on the tastes, interests and preferences of the subject), the fake will become more noticeable every day. Everything can end up with the fact that you yourself will not notice that the boundaries between skillful acting and the real you have faded, but not in your favor. You will forget who you are and who you were, but the new image will make you sore. Instead of a flirtatious seductress, we get an irritated hysteria entangled in oneself. Do we need it? Not. Be yourself, develop YOUR best qualities

Well-groomed. Studies have shown long ago that guys pay attention to a lady's nails, and how! By the way, it is not necessary to additionally draw attention to yourself with meter-long eyelashes (like a dead caterpillar went to the forefathers, nesting in front of your eyes) or frightening acid-colored nails. Men love with their eyes. But they love not because your hair is dyed using the balayage technique or perfectly executed contouring on your face (not everyone even knows these terms), but because this hair is shiny and soft to the touch (and not filled with styling products), but the skin is soft and has a healthy color

  • Self-confidence. It's hard to be sexy with a lot of complexes. Tightness, stiffness and silence do not touch everyone. Most males prefer cheerful, sociable girls who can get out of any awkward situation with dignity and turn everything in their favor.
  • Learn to listen. Some girls (out of excitement or because of natural talkativeness) forget that their chosen ones also want to share funny and not very stories from their lives, but do not have the opportunity to insert a word into your seething speech stream. And besides, know how to choose a topic for conversation - if a man patiently listens to your enthusiastic hour-long monologue about discounts on palettes at Rive Gauche, this does not mean that he is really interested in it. Perhaps he has already gone into the astral plane of his thoughts and wants to teleport away from you.

Compliments. Men need compliments so much! It is not customary in society to give compliments to the male sex for no reason. This has been happening since childhood - while Liza is praised for her curls, dress, bow and pink cheeks, Seryozha will wait for a compliment except for an intricate Lego design. Praise your loved one, but do not forget about sincerity - as we remember, falsehood is not welcome at any stage of the relationship

How to win a man
How to win a man
  • Sense of humor. If the fair sex is crazy about humorists, why shouldn't the stronger sex demand a life partner with a good sense of humor? A little spy work will not hurt here - some men will be delighted with black humor and fall in love with you this very second, while others, more prim personalities, will be shocked and, intelligently protruding their little finger, will forever block your number.
  • Intelligence. Again, this is very individual. Mind is sex. But not every man likes to feel dumber than his partner. Not everyone. Let's not forget this, ladies.
  • Cheerfulness. No matter how gloomy a person may be, everyone wants, after communicating with the other half, the soul becomes warmer and life begins to play with bright colors. Radiate positive, good mood, but do not take it to the point of absurdity.
  • Similar interests. This is especially true for gentlemen who have some kind of non-standard hobby. Dig in the Internet, read magazines and blogs on the topic - awareness and confident mastery of the topic will undoubtedly impress a man. Do not forget to write the desired topic into the dialogue as accurately and naturally as possible.
  • Sexuality. Of course, without this point, nowhere. How to conquer a man? Be a woman. Each representative of the strong half of humanity has his own view of sex and his own preferences. But all survey participants unanimously affirm that the beloved should be dragged away from herself, her partner and what they do in bed. Enjoy - relationships and life in general.

Bad advice2

Remember how everyone read Bad Advices as a child? Well, you know, a book with humorous advice that you can't follow. The children grew up, but the bad advice remained. Sometimes girls get them from "sworn" or just inexperienced friends, sometimes they invent them for themselves, and then they themselves follow. Certain things need to be completely eradicated from your appearance, behavior and lifestyle if you are truly committed to winning someone's heart.

How to win a man
How to win a man

Deception. We have already raised this topic, but if you missed that point, read at least this one. You can pretend to be a sex bomb for an infinitely long time, but if in fact it turns out that in bed you are numb with embarrassment and seem to fall into suspended animation - even not the most smart guy can guess that he was fooled somewhere. In the same way, a party lover can fail - if on the first date you said that you do not accept alcohol, and then suddenly he sees in your wallet ten cards of a frequent visitor to a chain of alcoholic stores - how will you make excuses?

  • Multi-layered makeup that completely covers facial features. In modern English there is a very good term "cakey" - it means this "cake" on the face, which some girls construct on their long-suffering skin. Highlight strengths and cover weaknesses. On the downside, some men find freckles adorable. Maybe you should put the five-kilogram cosmetic bag away?
  • Vulgarity. Sexuality is either there or not. When a girl tries to disguise her dislike for herself, her complexes and fears of relationships behind flashy makeup and ultra-sexy clothes, we end up with a surrogate for sexuality. It's funny, silly and vulgar. Cultivate your inner sexuality, if it is not yet awake, and do not reinvent the wheel.

Obsession. Yes, this article is for girls who have decided to get active. But the object of the hunt does not need to know this. He must think that the conqueror is here - that he and no one else. Undoubtedly, some individuals will be very flattered by the increased attention to their person. You may even be gifted with attention. But don't count on serious feelings. Ultimately, any article on the topic "How to win a man?" comes down to how to make a man want to win you over

How to win a man
How to win a man

Mysteriousness. No, we were not wrong. The fact is that some girls overdo it with mystery and, instead of a charming stranger, turn themselves into a Rubik's Cube. If you drop your eyes and flap your eyelashes to any question and dodge answers, at best, the guy will think that you do not want to open your soul because you are not interested in him. At worst, because life has shaken you a lot, and you have something to hide

Do not strive to become him and a parent, and a friend, and a lover at once. Particularly dangerous is the strategy of “getting on the board”. Even if he really likes to drink beer with friends and watch football - he has friends for this. The ability to open a bottle of beer with his teeth will undoubtedly make an indelible impression, but the subject's heart will beat faster from shock than from tender feelings


If you didn't start spitting from just this word, you are either a very purposeful woman, or completely desperate, or just a reasonable lady, devoid of prejudices and stereotypes (and we already like you).

How to win a man by knowing his zodiac sign? 4

  • To conquer Aries, be as energetic and sociable as he is. No passivity and homebody. And protect the man from contemplating the process of bringing beauty. Let him see you already "at the parade."
  • Share Taurus' interests and create the impression that he can talk to you about anything. Spiritual unity is his main fetish.
  • Gemini are aesthetes, for their conquest, a woman must be bright and attractive. And - curiously - to constantly keep the male brain in good shape. If there is nothing to discuss with you, except for the series, you are at the wrong place.
  • But Cancers can quite submit themselves to housewives. Coziness, thrift and kindness - and he is already tied by the claws of the arms and legs.
  • Lions love with their ears. A sexy voice, gentle whispers and flowing, content-rich speech are your main weapons.
weird picture of man and woman
weird picture of man and woman
  • Now who shouldn't guess that he has become prey is Virgo. No predators - quiet and modest girl. And don't talk about your past relationships. You are like a maiden here.
  • Libra like no one with their eyes. They will notice everything - from hair to manicure. Needless to say, with such observation, it is taboo to show up for a date in the maternity hospital that a girl was born, but now everyone began to doubt it?
  • Relaxedness and fiery sexuality - without this you will hardly be able to conquer Scorpio. The sexiest sign of the horoscope is looking for a companion to match.
  • Sagittarius need the same easy-going, cheerful and cheerful people that they themselves are. Leave pessimism and gloom at home.
  • To be able to adapt to the mood of the chosen one and imperceptibly disappear at the right moment, allowing him to enjoy loneliness - if Capricorn wrote a letter to Santa Claus, there would be just such a description of an ideal woman.
  • Aquarius is unlikely to appreciate an absolutely independent and strong Amazon. Let him be in charge. Be gentle and vulnerable - and it will melt.
  • But romantic and soft Pisces, oddly enough, love strong and purposeful women. But love for romance will not be superfluous. Add feminine beauty to this and it's yours.

Advice from psychologists and sexologists5

Now let's move on to methods of attracting men that have been proven by science and time tested.

weird picture of man and woman
weird picture of man and woman

Kindness. While women around the world are learning to walk in heels and draw perfect arrows, at the University of Texas, researchers have found that kindness is what both boys and girls are looking for in their other half

  • Youth. Moreover, not according to the passport. We all have a friend or acquaintance who, in their incomplete thirty, with their grumbling and whining, bring everyone to white heat. An open view of the world and people in it, the desire for development, the desire to try new things and take everything from life - this is what we mean by the word "youth". Inspire and energize your partner.
  • Know your worth. Are you turned on by the rag you use to wash the floors? Not. So why did you decide that the stronger sex has lower standards?
  • Rounded shapes. Of course, everyone has different tastes. Who prefers boyish figures and ultra-short haircuts. But by nature, males are laid to lose heart from feminine forms and roundness. Nature, evolution, instincts - if you don't believe in horoscopes, believe at least this.
  • Interest. If you get too carried away with playing the Snow Queen, your Kai will find himself a livelier and warmer girl and will run away from your Kingdom.
  • Energy. There are women who can seem to conquer anyone. They do not ask themselves the question "How to win a man?" They do it easily and naturally - a couple of jokes here, a sincere smile and an easy compliment there - and now the man himself is looking for a meeting with her. What's their secret? They love themselves, enjoy life and see good in any person, in any life situation.
weird picture of man and woman
weird picture of man and woman

What is the ideal recipe for winning a man you like? Take care of your appearance, your life (put both in order), show sincere interest in the chosen one, but do not give him the impression that he is the only thing that is worthwhile in your life. Read the advice of psychologists, astrologers, study what he likes and what does not accept. And from all this, choose what suits you best. By the way, studies show that in the first seconds of acquaintance, a man looks at a woman's face, namely lips. Pick a lipstick in a beautiful color, go to the mirror and smile. Catch that positive wave and ride it on your dream date.

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