How To Win A Girl? 15 Qualities And Strategies You Need

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How To Win A Girl? 15 Qualities And Strategies You Need
How To Win A Girl? 15 Qualities And Strategies You Need

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Nature created men as conquerors, courageous pioneers who are not afraid of fire or cold and are ready to go to the ends of the world just to fulfill their mission. But when it comes to meeting a girl you like, where does all the courage and masculinity go.

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  • 1 How to prepare for the conquest
  • 2 Qualities that will conquer any
  • 3 Strategy and tactics: 9 super tips
  • 4 Anti-advice or how to behave not worth it

The nervous tension, the awkwardness of the situation makes us feverishly look for an answer to the question: how to win a girl and create a strong relationship with her. What qualities will help to win any lady of the heart, how to behave and what to categorically avoid in communicating about this in the article in more detail.

How to prepare for the conquest

When a fateful, non-accidental meeting with a potential girl is about to take place or the first fleeting moment of acquaintance has passed and the first date comes, then the questions of how to win a girl and earn her affection become more relevant than ever.

For every girl, whether it's a gray mouse or a club party girl, the appearance of a guy is important. You can read many stories about how she met a good guy in rags, fell in love, and he turned out to be a rich man and believe in it. And you can immediately look stylish and attract the girl's attention. Then there will be one more answer to the question of how to win the girl of your dreams.

There are three whales on which the first impression of communicating with a guy is built:

  1. appearance,
  2. conversation,
  3. compliment.


The first impression is formed within 10 seconds and remains unchanged throughout the entire acquaintance with a person. Not everyone is endowed with the perfect appearance, but there is always a chance to fix everything and make a lasting impression. If the image of a rapper or a shocking star of show business with extravagant outfits, chains, stones, in gold immediately appears in your head, then this is a very bad association! In such an outfit, the impression will be powerful, but the chance that the lady of the heart will turn around and hide around the nearest corner is 100%. If you are unlucky with a sense of proportion and innate taste, you can call for help from friends whose style of clothing you like.

There are no classic rules for dressing. It all depends on the time, meeting place, season and occasion. On a date jeans or pants, a shirt, stylish shoes are considered classics. According to statistics, 56% of girls adore stylish and fashionable shoes. It is not necessary to take out a loan to buy an outfit in a branded boutique. The main thing is that the whole set is clean, ironed and fits perfectly, emphasizing the figure favorably. Don't forget about accessories! A plastic lighter or a cheap watch from the nearest market and vice versa will spoil the perfect image and classic suit.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling


All people are selfish by nature and adore when they show interest in their person. You should not sprinkle with questions about the girl, not giving her a break. There must be a dialogue. A girl will never be conquered by an orator who is ready to talk for hours and at the same time who does not know how to listen to a minute of revelation and experience. A competently built dialogue based on common questions will be able to reveal the inner qualities, the level of interest in a particular topic, and reveal the interlocutor better.

It is important to remember that praising yourself and portraying yourself as a hero who saved the world is fraught with consequences. In an emergency, you will have to show yourself, and if all feats are only part of the myth, then what will remain of the hero?

There are always topics, conversations about which can spark a heated debate or an awkward situation when everyone will furiously defend their point of view, but they will be opposite to each other. These topics are:

the man
the man
  1. the political situation in the hot spots of the planet;
  2. sports events, competitions and conflicts around them;
  3. computer games, tournaments and so on may be simply not interesting to her;
  4. specific topics related to the peculiarities of work or business;
  5. relationship between parents and children.


The most subtle and anxious moment of communication, sometimes more intimate than sex. Not everyone will be able to present a companion with exquisite comparisons and compliments that make their head spin. Women at any age take criticism painfully, and sometimes an awkward compliment from a man sounds offensive and annoying. Even if her Greek nose attracts attention and the guy goes crazy with this feature, the girl can consider this a flaw and save up for an operation with a plastic surgeon.

Needless to say, how bad a date would be to praise her flaws? Absolutely every girl knows what is beautiful for her, and what flaw needs to be hidden. It's enough for a guy to be observant, and if this is not the case, then here are some good topics for praise:

couple on a date
couple on a date
  • good sense of humour;
  • hairstyle, makeup, manicure;
  • color of dress, shoes, handbags, accessories;
  • personal achievements, witty observation;
  • smile, eyes, hair.

It's important to remember that praise can be overdone too. Every day, listening to how beautiful everything in her is, and how she is perfectly harmonized, makes great jokes and so on - it's tiring, and over time it will start to annoy and bring to white heat.

Qualities that will conquer any2

There is no universal key to conquering women. Just as there can not be something in character or appearance that will appeal equally to all girls on earth. There is always a special trait in a guy's character, a zest that catches the most and from this develops a great sympathy or love.

The age of technology leaves its mark on both the manner of communication and the relationship between the sexes. Conventions and strict norms of behavior have long been out of fashion, but there are not aging character traits that attract people to themselves, help to establish strong friendships, close relationships with the opposite sex. You should not forget about them if the main goal is to win the girl's heart.

conquer the girl
conquer the girl
  1. Charisma. There are opinions that this quality is given only by nature and it is impossible to stimulate its development. In most cases, this is true, but there are also positive examples when businessmen and orators grow out of downtrodden nerds who tell others the secrets of success. And people believe and listen to them! Why not try to take a few lessons in public speaking, put your voice right, try to become more confident. What if this is the key to success and the girls themselves then begin to walk in a crowd and listen to every word?
  2. Sense of humor. With all the shortcomings, you can measure up with time and learn to accept a guy for who he is, but without a sense of humor and jokes, it will not be possible to defuse the situation in time and improve the mood of your girlfriend. You should not change tastes and adapt to her preferences, but if funny pictures with cats or children cause a smile, then why not take advantage of this.
  3. Respect for a woman. Guys brought up in an atmosphere of respect for their mother and sister are guaranteed to enjoy success among the fairer sex. The absence of dirty jokes, chauvinistic patterns in speech, statements about the fact that a woman's place in the kitchen can alienate anyone. To be established at the expense of women is unworthy of the behavior of the real hero of the novel.
couple in the elevator
couple in the elevator
  1. Demeanor. Whoever says anything about the behavior of guys and the emancipation of girls, everyone dreams of having a knight next to her. Shaking hands, opening the door, the ability to hold a knife and a fork in your hand will not take long to master, but the effect will be amazing. A guy with good manners will be appreciated by all girls and the one whose dreams do not allow you to sleep at night.
  2. Non-verbal communication. Girls will never admit this, but they will certainly pay attention to the look, half-hints, interest in the eyes and interest in her. If the two are comfortable without words, then this will be interpreted to her as the first signal for rapprochement. Do not go on his heels and gaze into the eyes like a typical serial killer. The girl will notice long glances sliding over her figure, lips. During a conversation, you must always look into the eyes, not be embarrassed, but look directly, openly, friendly. This is the simplest advice that guys forget about, will help to interest the interlocutor and subconsciously set her up for a trusting relationship.
conquer the girl
conquer the girl

Striving to develop. Self-development, improvement of body and soul is now popular. Trainings, courses, seminars, exhibitions, thematic clubs will help develop new hobbies or improve skills. Girls love to see an enthusiastic guy talking about a topic that genuinely touches him. This is intriguing, focuses on internal growth and development, there will be another reason to proudly tell her friends what an interesting person she met. And the guy may have new useful acquaintances, broaden his horizons, and possibly change his field of activity. It's never too late to learn

Strategy and tactics: 9 super tips__9

Choosing the key to the answer to the question of how to win a girl, you need, first of all, to study that special one whose attention you want to win. Social networks and mutual friends, if any, will help you find out as much information as possible. It's great when there is a common area of ​​interest, where you can calmly evaluate a girl from the outside and draw primary conclusions. The seduction process can last for several days or months, develop rapidly, violently, or go gradually and smoothly. Regardless of the first results - the main thing is not to give up and systematically follow all the tips.

couple in restaurant
couple in restaurant


The boldness of the city takes, as you know. It doesn't always work with girls. Easy perseverance and proactive behavior will conquer everyone, cute gifts and unexpected surprises will not only cheer you up, but also pleasantly surprise you. Starting from banal bouquets of flowers to original actions on the verge of madness. There are no restrictions, it all depends on imagination. You don't have to make expensive gifts to get attention. Sometimes originality and a personalized gift that matches your hobbies is the best way to draw attention.

Creative number

If the question of how to win a girl torments, but there is still no answer, then why not show exceptional skill and talents? The fantastic effect of the performance, which is performed for one special audience, will be the best way to draw attention and earn sympathy. A dance, song, verse, drawing, confession, invitation, or any innocent madness that has witnesses will benefit from the effect of surprise and there will be more chances for a date.

Generous with gifts

Girls love little surprises. Relationship development is impossible without them! It is not necessary to fill up with large bouquets or jewelry delights. A cute, small toy and a modest bouquet of beautiful flowers with the right presentation will have a better effect than a lush bouquet of hundreds of roses and a ring. It's just important to do the pleasant little things constantly and preferably without repetitions.

the man
the man

Keep your word

There is no more romantic thing that commands respect among girls than the ability to keep your word and keep your promises. No matter how the circumstances develop, if the word was given to come, come, then it must certainly be fulfilled. Among hundreds of guys who like to talk a lot, and do only a tenth of what is said, the one who always fulfills his promises will be remembered for a long time and will favorably differ against their background.

Honest relationship

If the girls were asked what the ideal guy should be, then most of them would answer honestly with them. Lying will never be a good basis for a couple's relationship. Guys who think of themselves as great seducers are dating several girls at the same time are not worthy to wear the proud title of men! Lies, one way or another, will be revealed, and distrust will destroy the fragile beginnings of love.

Reliable support

There is no girl who would not have heard the phrase that you need to be behind a man like behind a wall. This creates a stereotype over time that a guy should be able to solve issues. And that's not bad! An insecure young man who, at the first problem, mumbles uncertainly and does not know what to do next, is doomed to loneliness. Or until he finds himself a strong woman who fulfills his needs for protection.

the man
the man

Own opinion

Here you need to know the measure and not show at the first opportunity that every word of it has its own thought and position. Cute clever people with a lot of knowledge are considered sexy, but the one who does not allow a couple of words to be said without objection quickly gets bored and begins to enrage. An interesting point of view on general issues or her vision of the political situation will allow the girl to reveal the young man as a person, to understand the train of thought, and sincerely become interested in him, first of all, as a person.

Submissive henpecked

An exemplary guy who constantly asks for advice and consults on every occasion does not cause cute emotions, rather the opposite. You should not indulge in courtship all the whims and stupid whims. Persistent character, firm position, principles and in some ways steadfastness will conquer any girl. At first, there will be collisions and grinding of characters, the process is natural and you need to be able to survive it. But those who stay together will have something to respect each other.

Slave of passions

If, first of all, you need to find an answer to the question: how to conquer a girl, then one day the relationship will move into an intimate plane and you will have to move to a new stage of development. On the first date, you do not need to immediately start discussing the details of intimate life with her, so that the girl does not think that she has met another pervert. The development of relationships will certainly come to intimacy, and if you have only a minimum of knowledge in this area, then a long-term romance will not work. Subject literature, advice in articles, general advice will help bring the girl to the peak of pleasure, and the guy will be remembered by her as the best lover.


Anti-advice or how to behave not worth 3

The beautiful half of humanity has doubts if a partner behaves strangely and unusual for the idea of ​​an ideal man. If a guy is wondering how to conquer a girl, then you definitely need to pay attention to how you should not behave.

  1. Talk about love quickly. The most romantic person with a subtle mental organization will not believe someone who says on the second day that she truly loves. Deliberate emphasis on feelings will cause, if not panic, then confusion.
  2. Obedience and humility from a man in some situations is very nice, but if a guy constantly strives to support, does not express his opinion, agrees with every stupidity, then he cannot deserve sincere affection.
  3. Spends a lot of time on gadgets. Constant monitoring of each new alert will alert any one and suggest a rival. A girl with normal self-esteem will not tolerate this, but will simply wish good luck and leave.
  4. A persistent lover, who assures that there can be no happy future without another sex. Anyone who does not know how to wait and insists on intimacy for any reason cannot evoke positive emotions.
girl in a red dress and a guy
girl in a red dress and a guy
  1. An expert in relationships. A common category of young guys who love to please the generally accepted norms of behavior while not asking if their passion likes it.
  2. SMS Pervert: There is a fine line between vulgar SMS flirting and the constant desire to know when there will be a new nude photo. An unhealthy craving for electronic erotica makes girls think badly of a partner.
  3. Controlling every step, new SMS, purchases and other household items, being in the status of a young man, will alienate every sane girl. To connect life with someone who obsessively monitors every movement would be a huge folly.

How to win a girl? There is no universal advice. All girls are different, with their own ideas about the ideal partner and his spiritual and moral qualities. Preliminary exploration and collection of at least minimal information from social networks will help find the key to the heart of the most inaccessible and secretive beauty.

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