Where To Meet A Foreigner For A Serious Relationship: The Best Dating Sites

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Where To Meet A Foreigner For A Serious Relationship: The Best Dating Sites
Where To Meet A Foreigner For A Serious Relationship: The Best Dating Sites

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Dating sites with foreigners
Dating sites with foreigners

The dream "to get married and go abroad" has not left some Russian ladies for a very long time. However, contacting some scammer is not the best way to move, therefore, you need to get acquainted only on trusted sites, on social networks, carefully checking all the information received.

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  • 1 What do men around the world appreciate in women?
  • 2 In which countries to look for a man?
  • 3 Why do women in different countries love men from Russia?
  • 4 Best Dating Sites for Dating Foreigners
  • 5 What should not be done in correspondence and communication with a foreigner?
  • 6 How to attract a foreigner?
  • 7 What to wear for a date with a foreigner and what not to wear?

What do men around the world appreciate in women? I

Dating sites with foreigners are not very common. Most often, Russian girls find potential candidates on popular services and social networks. They do this in order to get the opportunity to travel, to live in the place of their dreams.

It is interesting that many foreign men dream of marrying a Russian girl no less strongly, because there are many good rumors about Russian women.

Men in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, China and Germany believe that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine. It is femininity that attracts foreigners in the first place. In second place is grooming, the ability to dress beautifully, to take care of hair, manicure.

acquaintance with a foreigner
acquaintance with a foreigner

Also, Russian women are considered sensual, sexy, intelligent and resourceful. Foreigners are especially sensitive to blondes.

An important factor that is paid attention to when meeting is the willingness of the girl to move to the country of her husband.

In which countries to look for a man? 2

When studying foreign dating sites with foreigners, you should give preference to certain countries - Spain and Italy, USA, Germany, Canada. You can look for a potential husband on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The main thing before that is to take care of the quality of your page - foreigners carefully study the profiles of girls, carefully examine the photos and study personal data - the place of work, study, hobby.

In addition to sites, you can look for a groom while relaxing at the resort, going on "weekend tours", as well as traveling through marriage agencies and volunteer organizations. As statistics show, among the volunteers there are often good men and husbands for Russian ladies.

However, in search of "adventure", one should not forget that European men are completely different in nature, they are practical. About 90 percent of Europeans earn their living honestly and want the same from their wife.

where to find a foreigner
where to find a foreigner

In addition, such men do not throw money at unfamiliar girls, and Russians may find a potential groom greedy if he does not buy flowers and take them to a restaurant on their first date. You shouldn't wait for jewelry either. In addition, a European man may be very surprised by the fact that he has to pay the girl a ticket in order for her to come to visit him.

All this causes negative emotions in Russian brides, however, one should only accept this fact and understand that Europeans have a different mentality. When a girl becomes a wife, then a man is ready to put the whole world at her feet, but not before. The wife gets both branded clothes and diamonds.

Getting acquainted with a German, you need to understand that this is most likely a sociable, but straightforward person, in whose life there are no semitones. Germans are real workaholics, but they work not so much to move up the career ladder as to improve the social status of their family.

On weekends, Germans travel with their families for rest, including to neighboring countries. In Germany, most often there are couples where the husband and wife are of different nationalities, and the marriage of a German man with a Russian girl will not surprise anyone.

rules for dating a foreigner
rules for dating a foreigner

If a woman needs solidity, an Austrian man can be preferred. In fact, the Austrians are the same Germans, only living separately, on their territory. Austrian men are very soft and simple, easy to talk to. On the weekend, such a man will most likely offer to go to a ski resort.

If a Russian girl feels like a dominant person and loves to command, then an Italian should be chosen as her husband. However, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the national character - Italians are very simple and lively in communication, but at the same time they often exaggerate their achievements and life in general.

For a girl who loves beautiful and well-groomed men, an Italian will be a real find. However, men in Italy get married very late, only after they are 100% convinced that they have met “the one”. Moreover, the percentage of divorces in the country is much lower than in Russia.

If the relationship with a foreigner goes far, they can be legalized without any problems both in Russia and in the homeland of the groom. The hardest part to get married in Germany is the difference in legislation.

life with a foreigner
life with a foreigner

Why do women in different countries love men from Russia? 3

Before filling out a questionnaire on a dating site with foreigners, girls ask themselves the question: "What do foreigners like about Russian girls and how to lure them." However, another question, which is also important - why do European girls need husbands from Russia, because men also do not abandon their attempts to find a better wife in Europe.

Foreign women most often choose Russian men because of their beauty, sharp mind, ability to earn money and provide for a family. An important selection criterion is a man's ability to interest and beautifully look after. Many foreign women do not have enough dates with flowers and sweets, because European men are very conservative, and Russians are accustomed from childhood that "girls need to be given flowers."

Thrift and the ability to nail a shelf in the house is also an important quality for European women. "Handness" is important for Finnish women, but Japanese women estimate potential suitors by size. Most foreign women are crazy about Russian men only because they are sincere and real.

foreign women and Russian men
foreign women and Russian men

French women believe that a Russian man is always ready to throw the world at her feet, and this is what attracts them most of all. In addition, French women love the straightforwardness of some Russian men, who will always tell you if the dress actually does not fit very well, or if the girl has gained a couple of extra pounds.

The best dating sites for dating foreigners4

Dating sites with foreigners are not very common, therefore, preference should be given to popular modern messengers:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Tinder;
  • Viber.

At first, you can submit a large number of applications, analyze the responses of men and delete strange and inappropriate options. Ideally, the profile is in English so that the man can evaluate the information in the questionnaire and become interested in the woman.

What should not be done in correspondence and communication with a foreigner? 5

Since today is the age of information technology and the Internet, there are a lot of scammers sitting with potential grooms on dating sites, for whom Russian "brides" are ideal prey. To ensure your own safety, you never need to write card details, exact home address, information about yourself, as well as about family and friends in messages.

dating sites for foreigners
dating sites for foreigners

Even when dealing with a decent man who is ready to marry a girl, you need to dose information. In correspondence on dating sites, you should not write too often about bad mood and personal problems, this can greatly alienate self-sufficient foreigners who are used to solving everything on their own.

You should not ask to send money a few days after they met, because "your beloved dog died", or "that coat is so cool, and the sale is the last day." This style of communication can work with a Russian man, but not with a European, who will simply delete the extortionist's profile and put it in a block.

When communicating with a foreigner, you should not elicit from him all the personal information about previous marriages, personal life, the amount of money in your wallet, place of residence. Many Europeans perceive such issues as serious interference with their privacy and can become very frightened.

How to attract a foreigner? 6

European men love Russian girls for those qualities that everyone has heard - beauty, neatness, thriftiness, sexuality. It is from this position that one should demonstrate oneself, however, it is very important not to overplay, so that "severe disappointment" does not arise at the meeting. Naturalness is very important and should prevail.

how to attract a foreigner
how to attract a foreigner

Attracting the groom begins in the social network profile, therefore, you need to take care of filling the page. First of all, it is recommended to take high quality professional photos. Blurry and dark portraits will not make you want to meet a girl, even if she is a model of a glossy magazine. Taking photos, you can slightly exaggerate the reality - order the services of a hairdresser and make-up artist.

The second step is to fill out the questionnaire correctly. A woman should think about what kind of man she wants to find, and what kind of girl is able to attract such a gentleman. Only important information is entered into the questionnaire, there should be nothing superfluous, sugary.

Interestingly, despite rumors about the domesticity of Russian ladies, the European does not want to see a cook and a cleaning lady in his kitchen - he hires service personnel to cook and clean the house. A wife, however, must be, first of all, an interesting person, so it is important to pay due attention to filling out the section in the “hobby” questionnaire.

how to behave with a foreigner
how to behave with a foreigner

It's good if a girl clearly knows what she wants and is not afraid to talk about it. If the purpose of acquaintance is marriage, you should immediately indicate this in the questionnaire. Not to mention the low salary. If the income is not large, it is also not necessary to write about the "great passion for travel", since a man, wanting to please a girl, will most likely offer a joint vacation in a third country, and will not pay for it, since the girl does not know her yet.

When the correspondence begins, one should not deceive a man, because it can be extremely unpleasant if a lie, even a small one, is revealed upon meeting.

What to wear for a date with a foreigner and what not to wear?

In order not to find yourself in an extremely awkward situation, you need to thoroughly prepare for the first date with a foreigner. First of all, choose clothes suitable for the occasion. You should immediately check with the man where he intends to meet. They don't wear a tracksuit in a cafe, and a ball gown for a party by the sea.

The best option is to dress modestly but tastefully. It is better to put “brands” from the market in the closet, and choose something from a good, but inexpensive store. It's also important to take care of your shoes. If a girl does not want to become a mistress instead of his wife, then one should not choose too frank, sexy outfit, because many foreigners perceive such an image as a direct call to action.

what foreigners like
what foreigners like

Europeans paint very little, and men are used to it, so you should not play as a beauty blogger and put on your face everything that is in a cosmetic bag. Just a light layer of foundation, mascara and pencil is enough.

When dressing, you need to take care not to give an unwanted signal even with a modest appearance. A protruding strap, red panties under white pants, a bra peeking out from under the top can become such a signal.

After analyzing photos of a man on social networks, you can understand how he dress and choose the right wardrobe in order to immediately "show" the match in style. However, you should not forget about your own personality and put on something that would never be worn on a date with a Russian man.

Before the meeting, you should also think about how to entertain the foreign guest. A man will appreciate if a girl compiles a list of interesting places, book tickets in advance for those excursions that cannot be reached in passing and take care of a rich program. In addition, this is a great opportunity to take a day and save a European from the thought of light sex and the option “should we go to a hotel”.

how to seduce a foreigner
how to seduce a foreigner

It is strongly discouraged: to invite a man to your place, to acquaint him with his mother, grandmother and a dog, as well as to talk about his previous unsuccessful novels. However, if there are children from a previous marriage, they should definitely be mentioned at the stage of correspondence so that the man does not rush to the airport with a yell, buy tickets for the return flight.

In order to find a foreign husband, it is important to know about international dating sites. About this and not only, in our article, follow the link!

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