How To Draw The Girl's Attention To Yourself? Women Love The Confident

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How To Draw The Girl's Attention To Yourself? Women Love The Confident
How To Draw The Girl's Attention To Yourself? Women Love The Confident

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Many guys are thinking about how to find a girlfriend. You don't have to search for a long time, because there are so many of them around that it's hard to even imagine. The problem boils down to something else - how to interest Madame, if it is not so difficult to find, then this moment is key and fundamental. Difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex aggravate this situation, here and shyness, and modesty, and elementary stupidity.

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  • 2 What's wrong with me?
  • 3 Body like Arnie
  • 4 "You are so funny …"
  • 5 She needs, even if she is looking
  • 6 "Senseless dating"
  • 7 Prisoner of the friend zone
  • 8 Man is the very smith of his own happiness

A positive answer is influenced by many factors, the slightest mistake can permanently close the way to the heart of a sweet girl. Real walking in a minefield or, if you like, on a thin thread. In fact, this topic is acutely relevant to this day, there are many single young people in society, for this there are reasons.

Main idea i

What is the most important thing to have when communicating with a girl? Money, status, huge biceps? Not! Self-confidence is the head. A confident person knows what he wants, all his actions are deliberate and weighed, therefore, he always moves towards the goal. And, if a girl is such a goal, then her conquest will be more intense and interesting.

Who the girl will be more pleasant to communicate with - a confident person or a quiet person who only occasionally says something? Obviously confident. Hence the jokes and the kind, positive atmosphere around such a man. A self-confident guy will always be able to master the situation and be the center of attention, girls like it, so they are subconsciously drawn to such.

But, as always, there is a downside to the coin. There must be a line, sometimes a guy behaves too impudently, not feeling the situation, this is something that will not please everyone. Therefore, you need to be able to feel the situation and not overdo it with confidence, otherwise you may get a bad reputation, or the young lady will lose her desire to communicate.

What's wrong with me? 2

Okay, they refused once, twice … three. Here thoughts are already brewing that there is some reason for eternal refusals. What is the point, why good guys, according to their mothers, are rejected. It can be about absolutely any thing that led to this. Too much allows, a stupid hairstyle, strange laughter, lack of ability to communicate with girls, communication in "hey, you" - all this is a small part of the female arguments that can be heard in this matter.

In fact, you can close your eyes to some minor flaws, but there are things that are very angry and disgusting. Here, of course, it's the guys themselves. Often, many do not watch themselves, their speech and manners. When a person does not think that he is talking and always rushes into the dialogue out of place, then absolutely nothing good will come of it. Therefore, control of your mouth is mandatory, absolutely, as well as clothes, hairstyles, personal hygiene and manners. After meeting at least half of the requirements, a person already becomes better than the majority.

How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention

Body like Arnie 3

The ability to speak beautifully and behave correctly does not yet make a knight out of a man, at least in our world, physical form is also an important aspect. Who doesn't like athletic guys and girls? It is logical that all girls are pleased to look at the abs cubes, and not at the hanging belly of beer. No, there are exceptions. But that's a different story.

In general, no one requires a body like that of top bodybuilders, but at least sometimes it is necessary to exercise. Firstly, it is useful for oneself, and only then, and secondly, it attracts the opposite sex. It is also not necessary to distort this point, to put on a tracksuit and flaunt around the area, telling everyone, they say, "I am an athlete, look at me" will only scare away. Although the local gop-companies will consider such an individual as their own and will accept him into the pack. Then there will be no time to think about girls.

"You are so funny …" 4

Not everyone can make a joke in a convenient situation, brightening up the situation and defusing it. Girls love such men and pay attention to them. Because humor is often used to express a person's position in relation to life's difficulties. She may think that the joking guy is never discouraged and always looks at things positively.

Yes, and with this it will not be boring for sure, so you can give him a chance - the girls think. Again, the game is on the edge, you need to joke in moderation and be able to do it correctly. Wrong joke, or too many of them - that's it, finish. The guy flies by. Women's perception of jokes and their humor in general differ from men's, if the latter can safely joke on topics of beauty, excess weight or other shortcomings of the human body, then for most women these topics are forbidden and joking on them is life-threatening.

How to get her attention
How to get her attention

She needs, even if she is looking for 5

Shouting loudly about how everyone can miss a girl, but to lift his butt off the chair and start taking some action seems to be a difficult task. Sitting at home in one place will not be crowned with success, waiting for the weather by the sea and until the girl gets caught in the net will take a very long time, almost an eternity. And all why?

Because in our society it is so accepted that the initiative is mainly shown by the stronger sex, trying to conquer a woman. Therefore, sitting exactly on the spot will be reduced to eternal sitting. Sometimes this is caused by the fear of being sent, but it is better to try your luck than then torment yourself with thoughts of a potential wonderful family with the only one that is not destined to form in the end.

"Senseless acquaintances" 6

Many guys are of the opinion that dating girls is kind of weird. Sounds kind of silly, right? There is such a thing, it is important to understand that it is normal and natural to talk about your sympathy and intentions. Then why do such thoughts arise?

What to do to grab her attention
What to do to grab her attention

The answer is simple, a social stereotype that when a man begins to think about how and where to get to know that one, he assumes the status of a loser. Logics? Goodbye! Apparently, it should be so that a man, like a true male, takes and has everything he wants. Without even asking anyone. But many women will definitely not like this concept.

Prisoner of the Friendzone7

Eh, lovely ladies. So shy and shy at first glance. But in a still whirlpool, as they say. When communicating with a man, they are unlikely to take the first step and invite him to a movie or cafe. This is the prerogative of the stronger sex, so the weaker sex will wait quietly and confidently. But here's the bad luck, given the above, we can assume that an insecure guy is unlikely to take a step and is unlikely to show any sympathy.

A number of problems arise - the inability to take the first step and, in general, to somehow speak about their intentions. It turns out that the guys drive themselves into the friend zone, because they are afraid to turn on the man and act accordingly. There is a solution - to be a man, to be confident in your words and be responsible for them, to show initiative and not be afraid of responsibility. It sounds complicated, but sooner or later you will have to resort to it.

How to interest a girl
How to interest a girl

Man is the very smith of his own happiness _8212

So, getting involved with girls is normal and natural, but sometimes getting their attention is quite difficult. There are reasons for this, which are both physical and mental. Waiting for love to overtake itself is not a good idea, because girls do not tend to take the first steps. But with the right approach and minimal effort, you can significantly increase your chances of acquaintance and further development of relationships.

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