How To Find A Girl On The Internet If It Didn't Work Out In Reality?

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How To Find A Girl On The Internet If It Didn't Work Out In Reality?
How To Find A Girl On The Internet If It Didn't Work Out In Reality?

Video: How To Find A Girl On The Internet If It Didn't Work Out In Reality?

Video: How To Find A Girl On The Internet If It Didn't Work Out In Reality?
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It happens that it just doesn't work out, it didn't work out, it didn't roll. You have done everything, but nothing comes out. There is no loving and caring housewife, no candidates either.

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  • 1 Online hello
  • 2 Games, forums and casinos
  • 3 Rules are not for fools
  • 4 Right question
  • 5 Special compliment
  • 6 Time to eat

You are beautiful and smart and erudite, but for some unknown reason, you simply have no luck. Well, thanks to the technologies of this century, there is more than one new opportunity to fulfill your dream. There are specialized sites, good tricks and tips, in a word, everything helps to find out how to find a girl for a relationship on the Internet.

Online helloi

This is very commonplace, but for some reason not everyone agrees to this step. Dating sites are really where to go first. In fact, it is very convenient. You can first communicate with a person online, understand his train of thought, find common interests, and only then go for a cup of coffee.

This perfectly eliminates the awkward silence and lowing while waiting for the waiter. By the way, among other things, the probability of getting a refusal really decreases. 99% of users are looking for relationships, and the remaining 1% are simply tracking down their boyfriends or girls. Well, there are difficulties people have, what to do.

To really agree to meet with you, keep in mind simple rules of etiquette (for example, do not send pictures of your naked personal belongings instead of the usual "hello"). Indicate real information about yourself in your biography, because you are looking for a partner for yourself, not a fictional character.

Also, don't be too picky. If a person has several character traits or hobbies that do not coincide with yours, do not give up on him. In the process of correspondence, he can open up from a new side, which will hook.

Games, forums and casinos2

The three words at the top have something in common: all sites associated with them have online chats. By the way, this is a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: have a good time and find yourself a soul mate with whom there will already be something to talk about. Many people, advising how to find a girl on the Internet, do not pay attention to this option, but this is in vain. Do not underestimate Dota and Warcraft, because in fact they are the same as a hobby group.

How to find a girl on the Internet
How to find a girl on the Internet

You just don't have to register in the games to get a pair. You should be interested in passing levels, learn how to understand multi-moves, and so on. Engage others with your knowledge, and then move on to more personal topics.

Rules are not for fools3

If you are knocked on your private messages with good intentions, then this is already half the success. Follow a couple of simple points to keep the dialogue going as long as possible.

Beginning with a ton of information about yourself in the first couple of minutes is hardly a good idea. The culture of people in the CIS countries is closed, therefore, revelations and complete trust will be perceived as some kind of deception or excessive harassment. Writing essays and autobiography in all details is also stupid, because not everyone likes to read long posts (especially after a hard day).

Better practice listening and listening skills. Ask the interlocutor about her food preferences, favorite films (but stay out of the vein, it's too early). The person is quite proud, so give him a chance to talk about himself. You will leave a pleasant impression and they will write to you again.

How to meet a girl on the Internet
How to meet a girl on the Internet

Right question4

The banal "how are you?" or "what are you doing?" You won't do yourself well. Everyone is so tired of such phrases that after this you will be assigned to a part of the usual boring crowd. Based on the information provided in the girl's profile, come up with interesting lines to which you will have to give a long detailed answer. You will learn more about the person you are chatting with, and at the same time keep your interest in messaging.

Good advice: don't send the same thing to everyone. Add variety so you don't look like a desperate ladies' man.

Special compliment5

No, no, here we are not talking about “such beautiful eyes” / “I have never seen such big natural tits anywhere. Can I have a photo? " Be more sophisticated. Say pleasant things, pointing out aspects such as a sense of humor, a passion for cooking. In general, touch the inner world, not the shell. It just so happens that words that touch our minds have a more pleasant effect. You can use this not only in chats, but also in life.

Time to eat6

After some time, you can offer to dine together. Go outside the site only when you are confident. Get to know each other as best you can so as not to create hiccups and awkwardness. Don't rush things, be flexible.

K / f
K / f

In fact, everything is elementary. Many puzzled how to find a girl on the Internet think that you need to know some intricate tricks and something like that, but no. All ingenious is simple, and it is not taken out of thin air. Above your nose and forward to new acquaintances.

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