Ideal Female Body: Ideas About Female Beauty In Different Countries Of The World

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Ideal Female Body: Ideas About Female Beauty In Different Countries Of The World
Ideal Female Body: Ideas About Female Beauty In Different Countries Of The World

Video: Ideal Female Body: Ideas About Female Beauty In Different Countries Of The World

Video: Ideal Female Body: Ideas About Female Beauty In Different Countries Of The World
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Beautiful female body
Beautiful female body

It should not be thought that a woman who would be considered beautiful by the average American or European is perceived as beautiful elsewhere in the world. The canons of beauty in different cultures will be completely different. If Western countries perceive a beautiful female body in approximately the same way, then the representations of other cultures may shock them. The media also influence the formation of the ideal.

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They persistently try to convince people that the top models who appear on the catwalk of the best designers are the owners of the most beautiful bodies. But on this issue there is also a second, no, even a third front.

Popular culture productsi

The Kardashian sisters are a beautifully designed pop culture “product”. Today they are considered the owners of ideal figures. On the contrary, their managers created objects of desire from seemingly few attractive bodies. Which has its good and bad sides.

On the positive side, of course, should be attributed to the great tolerance of women of large sizes. Girls are becoming a little kinder towards themselves, in an effort to reach sizes 40 or 42, they are no longer starving as 10 years ago to catch up with models.

And the bad moments include the fact that the Kardashian bodies are very much improved by the hands of surgeons and doctors of aesthetic medicine, so for an ordinary girl it is practically impossible to copy their appearance. And one more thing. People go crazy concentrating on the shape of the buttocks, breasts, hips, as if the whole world and success in life depend only on them.

Fitness body2

And the third front is fitness bloggers, athletes whose lives you can follow on Instagram or Facebook. The situation with them is quite similar to the case with the Kardashians. Because work on the body is their main activity, idea and way of life. Their world revolves around improving their body appearance. For some, such a person can be attractive and worthy of imitation, for others - empty and rather limited.

Because if the most important activity during the day is to do “ten sets of squats” and eat several dietary meals selected to increase muscle mass, these are not very educational and creative activities. There is nothing wrong with sports, but if the whole world of personality revolves around sports activities and how many centimeters she lost in the hip area and how the muscles in her abdomen manifested, this is probably cause for concern.

But there are women who, in pursuit of a beautiful female body, treat training as a completely integral ritual. There is no strength and no reason why they should skip strength training or Pilates. The morning starts with jogging, the evenings are spent on the carpet or doing spinning. This becomes their meaning in life and bears fruit. Sport affects both character and appearance. And there is nothing better than a combination of external and internal beauty.

Beautiful female body
Beautiful female body

What do ideals depend on? 3

Studies of beauty canons in different countries have shown that one general rule can be derived. In poor societies, where most people are thin, it is fat that is valued as a desirable silhouette, while in the cultures of the rich, slim silhouettes are valued more. Different cultures value different body parts - legs in China and Japan, neck in Burma, chest and buttocks in the West.

The contrast to the Western beauty ideal is Asian women. They are very short and pretty. In Asians, the shorter and thinner the woman, the more interesting she is for the men there. A large bust is not a very desirable attribute for them. The ideal is to have a neat chest in proportion to the rest of the body.

Japanese 4

In Japan, the ideal of beauty is "kawai". In Russian translation, it will mean "cute", "charming". This is the modern ideal of a woman who, regardless of her age, will remain an immature teenage girl. She should be dressed in a very short plaid skirt, white leggings, and a white shirt with a tie - similar to a school uniform.

There can also be a costume imitating children's clothes in light bright colors with fabulous animals, as a rule, all that can be categorized as “cute”. The ideal should speak in a thin voice and giggle in an infantile manner, shyly covering his mouth with his palm. It should be a combination of childish shyness with highly veiled sexual connotations.



In the countries of Muslim culture, the Koran had a great influence on the formation of the ideal of woman's beauty, which recognizes and even emphasizes the passionate, sexual nature of man, but at the same time tries to curb it. It is noteworthy that the Koran did not initially say anything about the need for a woman to wrap herself up in a burqa. And there are no such lines in it. This rule was introduced much later and was originally due to practical benefits. The burqa protected unmarried women.

At the moment, in many Muslim countries, it is forbidden for a woman to appear outside the house with an open, beautiful female face. Most of the female body is covered with clothes - it is called "al-alra". The "al-alra" area, depending on the country, sometimes includes the whole body, often people refuse this severity, open their hands and face, sometimes the whole head, shoulders, arms, legs and even calves.

However, today in southern countries you can find women who hide their faces so that only one eye remains. Any hint of the sexuality of a beautiful female body is prohibited. Even movements are regulated: lascivious movement is prohibited.

The ideal woman should be of the age that is best for having children, so that she can potentially give birth to as many as possible. And in the book "Eroticism in the religions of the world" is given the following ideal of female beauty among Muslims: "gazelle eyes, sweet lips, full chest, round belly and thighs, crowning all these splendors."


In the Sahara6

The Muslim peoples of the Sahara have a rather interesting ideal of the beauty of the female body. A woman who wants to be recognized as attractive must have a bright complexion. The reason for this fact is the socially higher position of a pale woman in comparison with a tanned woman. Light skin means it doesn't work under the sun.

The ideal woman should have a slender and long neck, very narrow black eyebrows, black eyes, neither thick nor thin lips, teeth white and shiny. She should be of medium height, long legs and arms with slender elongated fingers and well-groomed hair.

Her skin should be soft and smooth like silk. A woman should take care of her appearance continuously so as not to give any man a reason to doubt that she is beautiful, healthy and well-groomed.

Beautiful smile7

An interesting example of African beauties is the pygmy ideal. Unlike women in the west, a pygmy woman should be small, stocky, and strong. A beautiful woman should turn her teeth into sharp triangles and make incisions in the upper lip so large that the gums can be seen.

The belly should be richly decorated with notches and tattoos, which are clearly visible, because these people wear only bandages on the hips. Patterns and paintings on the body are, first of all, harmonious, unusual and emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

Accessory decorations are necklaces, bracelets, earrings and both simple and complex hairstyles. Pygmy female representatives create short symmetrical or asymmetric mosaics on their heads.

Beautiful female body
Beautiful female body

Smoothness of skin8

Kafra women wear numerous earrings, bracelets on their arms and legs under the knees. Wide rusty hoops are placed around the necks. At the end of the 19th century, sympathy for glass pearls and beads appeared here. Among the tribes north of the Limpopo River, women who want to be like the ideal perform certain rituals to "induce a marafet" before they get married.

The area of the chest and abdomen is covered with hundreds of incisions in 30 parallel lines, in addition to other incisions in various places on the body. The suffering is increased by rubbing the wounds with charcoal until raised scars are produced. If the resulting incisions do not satisfy the aesthetic feelings of the family or the groom does not like, the girl must undergo the operation again, which sometimes even lasts several days.

Perfect hair and neck9

The concept of a beautiful female body in the regions of Central Africa is also interesting. There, a girl, in order to be attractive, must "cheat", first of all, with her hair. It is not easy to tidy up the curled hair of African women and style it in the intricate hairstyle required by the fashion and traditions of some cultures.

Some tribes roll their hair into thin strands, grease their braids. Their efforts are rewarded with admiration and respect on the part of the male part of the population, which sees signs of the ideal of female beauty in creativity and artistic work.

Boloko women striving for the ideal wear very heavy, even too heavy, copper hoops around their necks. When the beauty dies, the heirs, in order to be able to remove the precious treasure, chop off her head.


Ladies Bacheille decorate the skin with molten rubber, applying it on either side of their face below the temples. As a result, their faces are adorned with two artificial warts, which is considered to be an incredibly enhancing body appeal.

Deliberate bodily mutilation is common in these regions: piercing the ears, noses and lips to put various wood objects or earrings in the holes, pulling out two of the front teeth or making them into triangles, and enlarging the incisors of the front teeth are all practiced in individual tribes constantly.

For women from the Bororo tribe, for beauty, they make several holes in their ears and change their shape so that the auricles hang down almost to the shoulders.

If you follow the trends of American or European fashion, you might think that in few places in the world a bald head is considered a symbol of the ideal of femininity. It is, however, an essential attribute of female attractiveness in the Tutsi tribe. First of all, the fair sex here shaves their heads, and to add elegance to themselves, they wear a lot of jewelry, creating a rich mosaic on the neck and chest.

Large decorative earrings are typical for them. Garments in bold and contrasting colors are embellished with beads to enhance the curves of the body. Women who are not yet mothers wear men's hairstyles and have slightly longer hair, which diminishes their physical attractiveness and demonstrates their privileges and status.

Slim legs10

What constitutes the complete opposite of a beautiful female body in the rest of the world is the belief that an attractive girl should have her legs "wheel". However, there is a place on Earth where local beauties walk with a very wide stride and strive to make their legs a "wheel" because in this pastoral culture, livestock is an indicator of well-being, respect and prestige, the beauty of these animals is valued more than the beauty of the typically female.

Tutsi women perceive the mastering of locomotion techniques, similar to the way of moving cows, as one of the most important signs of charm.


Genital organs11

When describing the African ideals of a beautiful female body, it is also worth mentioning the genitals. Complete excision of the external genital organs, despite the modern objections of Western countries and even the authorities of these states, national institutions and non-governmental organizations, is common in many regions of Africa, because it is a condition for a girl's future marriage. And the girls of these tribes were the least fortunate: because of this fashion, they are deprived of the opportunity to experience the pleasure of sexual experience for life.

And girls in Africa (southern part), at a young age, have their genitals enlarged, which is a detail that testifies to female attractiveness. A number of tribes have a superstition that more elastic breasts do not contribute to fertility, so young girls try to artificially make them hang. This is done with ropes and weights.

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