Why Beautiful Girls Are Lonely: A Few Obvious Reasons

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Why Beautiful Girls Are Lonely: A Few Obvious Reasons
Why Beautiful Girls Are Lonely: A Few Obvious Reasons

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beautiful girl
beautiful girl

Why do unremarkable ugly women attract the attention of men and start relationships, while written beauties are left alone? Doesn't their beauty really help to arrange a personal life? This situation seems paradoxical. Today we'll talk about the reasons for this.

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  • 1 A cocktail of loneliness and beauty: TOP reasons
  • 2 Beautiful but very lonely? The fault is emotional stinginess
  • 3 Blues, blues, leave me … Become beautiful and happy
  • 4 Inadequately low self-esteem: the fuel of loneliness

A cocktail of loneliness and beauty: TOP reasons

The most common ingredients for a bleak combination of loneliness and attractiveness include:

  • The presence of too high requirements for the chosen one. “He earns less than 100 thousand, why do I need this beggar?”, “He lives on the outskirts, I am not interested in this option…”, “I will never like a man in this idiotic sweater…”. The girl does not take into account less status admirers. Which, however, would make a great match for her.
  • Lack of vivid emotions. In relationships with some men, the beauty literally falls into love madness; however, passions usually do not last long. With others, there is the possibility of a longer relationship. But the trouble is that a person from this category only causes boredom. As a result, the girl is left alone. The antidote is to abandon seething passions and learn to be content with reliable, measured relationships.
  • Lack of personal interests, hobbies. This is one of the most common problems of loneliness - or rather, short-term relationships. A man starts an affair with a seductive beauty, but after a while he feels bored in her company. When he comes on a date or home, he hears nothing interesting except "Today Masha put on a mini for work" or "Look at my new manicure!"

All this takes away the charm and attractiveness. No matter how enchanting sex may be, it is impossible to build a relationship only on its basis; and the lack of interesting topics for conversation makes it impossible to fully communicate.

It is also believed that beautiful girls can suffer from loneliness due to the scarcity of emotional life and due to problems with self-esteem.

Why are pretty girls lonely
Why are pretty girls lonely

Beautiful but very lonely? The fault is emotional stinginess 2

Depression, the scarcity of a girl's emotional life is ruining her personal life. The problem is that it is difficult for her to be happy, and men unconsciously feel it. A young girl may have a stunning appearance, but not the best character. She goes to beauty salons, gossips with colleagues, goes to parties … But all this does not help her to cope with the feeling of intolerable boredom and loneliness. She is always unhappy with life. There are few reasons for joy: either someone stepped on their feet in the tram, or all sizes of the dress they liked sold out in the boutique.

These experiences all the time "glow" in her manner of communication, intonations of conversation. A disgruntled beauty alienates potential fans. At the same time, a laughing ugly woman can attract the attention of the stronger sex much more than a beauty.

Blues, blues, leave me … Become beautiful and happy3

Blame and reproach yourself in such a situation is not worth it. You need to figure out where the legs grow from painful experiences. Sometimes, the causes can be harmless and include mild affective or anxiety disorders. On the other hand, in some cases we can talk about the psychological trauma received in childhood and influenced the formation of character.

The reasons for the loneliness of beautiful girls
The reasons for the loneliness of beautiful girls

What to do in this situation? Deal with the things that lead to depression. The best option is to work with a psychologist. But you can do something yourself:

  • Learn to look for joyful moments in life that are not related to men and their attention. Generate positive emotions on your own: watch funny movies, spend time with positive people, take care of yourself. A good book will also be a great help.
  • Take time to practice meditation. Modern techniques help to clear the mind of anxiety, become calmer and more benevolent to the world. Meditation helps to distract from negativity, strengthens the psyche.
  • Engage in creativity. Through drawing, playing a musical instrument or dancing, accumulated negative emotions are expressed; and pleasant experiences should then take their place.

Inadequately low self-esteem: the fuel of loneliness 4

Sometimes it's not even the very fact of a beautiful girl's loneliness that is impressive, but how she treats herself. Some written beauties imagine themselves to be almost Quasimodo from Notre Dame. There are many such girls among mere mortals and even celebrities. For example, the consummate Marilyn Monroe suffered from low self-esteem and shyness. When Marilyn got closer to people, she felt the fear that she would allegedly be "exposed", and they would understand that in reality she was not as talented as she seems.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Such fear always leads to the fact that a girl in communication with men unconsciously turns on the "block". Inside herself, she does not consider her external data, no matter how outstanding they are, worthy of attention. She thinks the same about her talents. As a result, even a brilliant beauty with such complexes develops a strategy - to repel fans even before they show interest.

Another internal obstacle is connected with the fact that the focus of this girl's attention is by no means directed at potential gentlemen. First of all, she thinks about … that there are so many women around her who surpass her in appearance. And even if some worthy man chooses her, then he will still “understand” that she is not so beautiful. And would prefer another. To avoid pain and disappointment, our heroine prefers to be alone. And in a sense, this behavior is justified - after all, until these complexes are worked out, relations with the opposite sex will be problematic both for her partner and for herself.

In this case, it is also useful to develop attention management skills, to use self-hypnosis methods. But in general, the problem with self-esteem cannot be solved just like that, at the snap of your fingers. This usually requires long-term psychotherapy.

Lonely girls
Lonely girls

Of course, not all beautiful girls suffer from the described difficulties. To a lesser extent, psychological complexes are common among women of more or less average appearance. When a girl with outstanding external data suffers from loneliness, this always becomes more noticeable, and an ordinary person who is inexperienced in psychology cannot but cause surprise.

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