Which Women Often Cheat: What The Statistics Say

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Which Women Often Cheat: What The Statistics Say
Which Women Often Cheat: What The Statistics Say

Video: Which Women Often Cheat: What The Statistics Say

Video: Which Women Often Cheat: What The Statistics Say
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Which women often cheat
Which women often cheat

In an attempt to answer the question of which women often cheat, the authors often assign different types of girls to girls: an adventurer demanding attention, a thorny rose, etc. Thus, people are trying to equalize all the fairer sex under one carbon copy. In fact, the truth is much more prosaic.

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There are only two main types that determine the possibility of treason:

  • Women who accept it as a normal part of life. Such people are also called windy. Yes, there are also polygamy fans among the ladies.
  • “All the rest” are beauties who consider treason to be something unnatural and illogical. No, this does not mean that they will never “teach the horns”. There must be logical reasons for this action.

Often, adventurers move from one category to another. Disappointment or vice versa - great love can significantly change the worldview.


What is treason? Everyone understands this word differently. For some, violation of fidelity is sexual intercourse with an acquaintance, for others it is just a kiss. Logically speaking, even the feelings that one of the spouses has for the stranger can be considered adultery, especially if the sympathy for his lawful spouse has disappeared.

Example: A wife began to devote a lot of time to someone else. Communicates with him, shares secrets and experiences. There is no physical contact between them (they did not even walk by the hand), but all the girl's thoughts are focused on this person, and moral principles do not allow one to indulge in adultery. But, don't the already listed facts hint at some frivolity? How to relate to this, each person should decide for himself.


The well-known British newspaper The Daily Telegraph conducted anonymous questions, which revealed that wives are more prone to adultery than husbands. The exact numbers turned out to be as follows - about 40% of the respondents admitted such a development of events; when polling the guys, the figure did not even reach the mark of 30%. The respondents who admitted adultery on their part gave the following answers:

which women are cheating
which women are cheating
  • Slightly less than half of the female respondents kissed guys in clubs (in a relationship).
  • A quarter confessed to having sex with a work colleague.
  • 50% said they very much like the non-verbal signs of interest from prospective boyfriends.
  • 10% turned out to be supporters of polygamy.

Between the question of which women often cheat and the social status of the cheater in society, no connections could be found. Housewives are also prone to adultery, as are careerists.

However, to the question who cheats more often, we have a completely accurate and professional answer.

But the connection between loyalty and appearance came to light. As it turned out, beauties are much less likely to "give horns" to their husbands than spouses of average appearance. Polls have confirmed that the first type of wives is confident in themselves and their spouse, they do not need any additional proof of their solvency.

But people with an unprepossessing appearance in this way try to assert themselves, to prove to themselves that they are not devoid of attractiveness: “If other men pay attention to me, then I’m very much even nothing,” so what, what has changed, with whom does not happen.

Although sometimes they behave completely differently and are not ready to start a family at all. Read more in our article about a certain type of women that are not ready for a serious relationship.

why women cheat
why women cheat

Why are they performed? 3

As already mentioned, in the question of which women often change, it is necessary to focus not on the character of a person, but on factors that contribute to a decrease in female fidelity.

If the decision about marriage or a serious relationship was made under the influence of the emotional component of the moment, then such a union will not have strong psychological anchors. And if the partner turns out to be far from the man of dreams that she imagined at the beginning of the relationship, then she may well begin to seek consolation in other people.

As strange as it may sound, many people find it easier to “go left” than to tell their partner about the desire to end the marriage. This has a lot to do with fear and stereotypes. Fear of being left alone, fear of "upsetting" your loved one and other phobias, the roots of which go back to infantilism.

There are also "mademoiselles" for whom the career of the chosen one plays a key role. As long as the man provides her, everything is in order. But if you lose your job or reduce your income, your beloved will begin to concentrate her interests on other guys, which can ultimately lead to “left” and divorce.

female infidelity
female infidelity

Do not think that loyalty depends solely on the fair sex. Husbands are the catalysts (and destroyers) of this moral concept. Even the most faithful and loving wife can be made a cheater, for this it is enough:

  • Stop showing respect for your soul mate. Put your desires first.
  • Pay as little care as possible, forget about such a thing as compliments and small, but pleasant surprises. No trips to the cinema, cafes and other walks.
  • As much criticism as possible in her address (I prepared something wrong, answered wrongly, etc.).
  • For a guarantee, you can sleep with a neighbor and not keep it a secret. Numerous deceptions.
  • Immerse your soul mate in a monotonous life - work, housework, raising a child.
  • Not caring about your spouse's sexual satisfaction.
reasons for betrayal
reasons for betrayal

This is by no means a guide, but rather a list of actions that should not be taken for a successful marriage. If you treat your wife as an equal and regularly emphasize her dignity, then you can not worry about betrayal on her part.

Fact 4

Absolutely every girl wants love and care. If there is no such behavior on the part of the spouse, the beauty will begin to fade. Sooner or later, the lack of positive emotions will lead to an attempt to feel desirable with another man. And only the most dependent on their husbands will endure this for years.

Why do people cheat? About this and not only in our article, follow the link below.