Secrets Of The Attractiveness Of Men. What's Their Secret?

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Secrets Of The Attractiveness Of Men. What's Their Secret?
Secrets Of The Attractiveness Of Men. What's Their Secret?

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The secrets of attractiveness
The secrets of attractiveness

Women are attracted not only by what she sees, but by something more. Physical fitness and high social status can be an additional benefit, but not always. The secrets of male attractiveness have remained unchanged for many years.

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  • 1 Feeling safe
  • 2 Understanding the mechanisms of attraction
  • 3 Happy Feeling
  • 4 Alpha male
  • 5 Emotional immaturity
  • 6 The Essence of All Secrets

To attract a woman, we need to understand the psychology of a woman. How they attract a person as a potential partner. Most men do everything right, but do not understand women's thoughts and therefore end up rejected or become friends.

Feeling safe

The most important thing that attracts women is safety. This is security not only in the moment but also in the future. not only when you are walking along a dark street, but also the confidence that in the end you will not end up on the street in a box from under the refrigerator.

Speak calmly and confidently. Be energetic and keep your self-esteem level. Give the woman a sense of security.

The more confident you are, the more attractive you are to a woman. These are the most important skills needed to attract women.If you can handle it, you can conquer anyone.

No secret will help you if you don't give the woman a sense of security.

Understanding the mechanisms of attraction2

You know what causes attraction in women, but you also need to understand how it works. Women are attracted in other ways than men, they have a completely different psychology.

Male attraction is triggered by a visual sign, while research has shown that female attraction mechanics are triggered by more than just what she sees.

It's a common situation when a pretty girl meets an unattractive guy. The reason is that women are more emotional than men; women will be attracted to what she feels when making eye contact with you.

All you have to do is trigger emotional reactions in her, and then, if her reactions are positive, you can easily conquer her.

Happy Feeling3

Women are more emotionally responsive than men, and feelings of happiness are the most positive response in both men and women.

male attraction mechanism
male attraction mechanism

You see so many beautiful women advertising beer, chocolate and you might think they are related to beer, but advertisers know the psychological principle of association. When you associate something positive, such as a pretty girl, in a beer ad, it naturally has a positive effect on the product as well. You won't even know when it will happen, as this is a game with the subconscious.

Likewise, when you laugh with her, it has to do with happiness. She subconsciously associates these feelings with you. Therefore, whenever she sees or is with you, she feels this positive emotional response and is drawn to you.

Alpha Male4

Women are most often used to being submissive and attracted to dominant men. She doesn't like taking responsibility for the relationship, and this is against the rules.

Women are attracted to a guy who feels confident. Women use different parameters to make their choices, and the attitude towards the alpha male is one of the most important factors because they need a person who can also make their lives safe.

And if he does not have this quality, he will not succeed with a woman. She needs someone who is caring, strong inwardly and self-confident.

how men attract women
how men attract women

Emotional immaturity5

Women are more experienced than men because men do not understand that women are approached by crowds of men every day.

Women are trained to deal with getting the attention of men. Therefore, there is nothing more disgusting for women than when you reveal your feelings too early.

You don't want to be like other guys who say “I really like you” after the first date. Show your sympathy, but don't show your cards too early - leave a confession for a special occasion.

When you do this, women who are more experienced than you and perceive you as emotionally immature and incapable of long-term relationships. She won't think twice about dumping you.

The essence of all secrets6

Mastering this is not impossible, you can only understand, all you have to do is figure out what women want, when and how. Most women are interested in your personality, not your bank account. The secrets of a man's attractiveness are not really secrets at all, these tips will help you understand the traits women are interested in when they begin to feel attracted to someone. Once you master these traits, associate her happiness with yourself, and then nothing can stop you from becoming a magnet for girls.

Secrets of male attractiveness
Secrets of male attractiveness

Your verbal and non-verbal communication can be this attraction mechanism.

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