Handsome Male Body: Which Parts Of The Body Are The Most Attractive

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Handsome Male Body: Which Parts Of The Body Are The Most Attractive
Handsome Male Body: Which Parts Of The Body Are The Most Attractive

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beautiful male body
beautiful male body

At all times, women were worried about a beautiful male body in the same way as female guys. But is there an ideal, because different countries set their own criteria. It also applies to the tastes of each individual woman, one likes a mountain of muscles, the other - skinny boys, the third give a chubby youth. Let's try to understand the beauty of male bodies in more detail.

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Handsome male body - Oh, times! Oh, morals … __8212__8230

Apollo Belvedere is a sculpture of an ancient Roman handsome man. To this day, many ladies and critics consider such a body to be the standard of beauty. But time does not stand still, and the guys themselves are beginning to see themselves in a completely different way, from the other side.

Today, many guys believe that the sculpted body with pronounced muscle relief is already in the past. They increasingly like the features of slender boys, which are now abundant on the catwalks of world fashion. In the same way, it was once considered a beautiful female body with outstanding shapes, where there is something to grab onto. Today, thinness is in vogue, this applies not only to women, but also to men. But fashion often goes against the opinion of people, this also applies to the beauty of the figure.

It is worth considering the question of what it is, a beautiful male body, guided by the mores of different peoples. For example, in India, a fat man who has a bulging tummy is considered an ideal. This suggests that he has the ability to eat a lot, while physically working a little. This means that such a guy will feed his family, his wife and children will not have to starve.

In many African countries, a beautiful male body is a lean physique, long legs and arms. According to the local residents, such a guy moves quickly, is lightweight, and maneuverable, which will give an advantage in hunting and foraging. In Russia, a heroic physique was considered beautiful, and now many girls give preference to guys who are tall, powerful, so that they can protect. But in Brazil, women are sure that a short man is the best lover, and they no longer look at other body features, only at size! In Korea, ladies appreciate men who are fragile, short, and somewhat resemble even women.

Until recently, the beauty of the body was not accepted to be discussed, at least it concerns the countries of the former USSR. Such conversations were considered the height of indecency. Now, this question is increasingly emerging in women's conversations, on television screens and in the print industry. Interestingly, men themselves care about the beauty of their personal bodies more than many women. They are ready to spend hours spinning around the mirror, looking for flaws and dignity.

Types of male physiquei

Many years ago, three types of male body structure were identified. These are ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs.

Ectomorphs are thin men. They have narrow shoulders, long legs and arms, and a thin layer of fat. It is about such people that they say, "Don't feed the horse," and indeed, no matter how much such a guy you feed, he will still remain thin. Many ectomorphs are regulars at gyms, where they try to build at least a little muscle mass. Men of this type look like adolescent boys throughout their lives if they do not start active activities. But it is also very difficult for them to support the body they have suffered in the gym, if you skip a couple of workouts, it starts to "deflate"

  • Endomorphs are a type of obese men. It is easy to recognize an endomorph: short limbs, wide hips (often even the bottom resembles a woman's), a short and thick neck, a round face. Representatives of this type have to sweat a lot in the gym in order to lose those extra pounds. But still, they do not have problems with building muscle mass, like ectomorphs, and it will be easier to create a beautiful male body from such a foundation.
  • Mesomorphs are people of an athletic build. They have limbs proportional to the body, broad shoulders and a prominent chest, powerful back. It is easier for such guys than for previous types to pump up the press, develop muscles. Interestingly, in "pure form" type is extremely rare. Usually we can see a mixture of mesomorph and endomorph or ectomorph.

According to statistical surveys, oddly enough, only 40-45% of women believe that a beautiful male body is exactly mesomorphs. Voices are almost equally divided between all three types, endomorphs and ectomorphs attract many women! We propose to find out what honors of the male body were highlighted by women, what attracts them more.


It is this part of the male body that attracts the views of women in the first place. The beautiful half of humanity is sure that the shoulders should not be narrow, but compare them by the hips, which ideally are narrower than the shoulders.

Beautiful male body
Beautiful male body

It is difficult not to guess that the girls like the shoulders, because they always start to massage from this part of the body. If a man is sure that they are ugly, it could be wider, then create ideal ones in the pool. It is enough to practice swimming three times a week throughout the year, and the shoulders will begin to develop, the muscles on them will get stronger. And the overall physical shape will get better!


It's no secret that men like to contemplate women's breasts. But ladies also find a man's sexy, if she is beautiful, has a clear shape, strong. The most terrible thing in the male breast of a girl is the moment when she begins to sag, and that happens because of excess fat.

But pumped breasts are not ideal either, so don't overdo it in the gym. To create beauty, relief, you can practice with dumbbells, swimming. But the best exercise is to move your breasts one by one or together. In addition to the fact that a man will thus create a beautiful body, he will delight his beloved. Many girls find these exercises very sexy!

Many representatives of the strong half of humanity are sure that a beautiful male body is a clean-shaven chest. Nothing of the kind, women disagree. Few girls will find attractive a guy's chest, which is devoid of any kind of vegetation, and all this is at the subconscious level. The fact is that if a man does not have hair on certain parts of his body, then he is not yet ripe for sexual intercourse. Yes, someone will say that this is nonsense, because at the age of 30-40 this simply cannot be. Of course it cannot. But it was said “at the subconscious level,” and such a man at this very level for a lady will not be sexually attractive.

Beautiful male body
Beautiful male body

Also, substances secreted by the sweat glands accumulate in the hair on the chest. They have a specific scent that attracts individuals of the opposite sex. So, shaved off the vegetation from his chest - he lost his attractiveness at the level of smell!


A beautiful male body is pumped up biceps. So sure more than half of the weaker sex. Women do not find it attractive if a man's hands are weak, and even worse when the skin hangs.

Women say that if a man is thin, belongs to the type of ectomorphs, then he definitely needs to swing in the gym. The muscles may not be big, but at least something!

Fat guys, for the most part, shouldn't worry. The girls insist that the arms themselves are powerful and wide.

Why biceps? It's just that at the level of instincts, the weaker sex feels strength from guys with pumped-up arms. Such one will be able to protect, shelter from any adversity, and even carry it on hands without problems!


Most men do not care about the beauty of their hands, and very much in vain! Many women are sure that size and shape does not matter as much as grooming. Let there be no manicure, but the nails should always be neatly trimmed, the complete absence of foreign particles under the plates (dirt, food debris, and so on). The skin simply must be tender, soft, there should be no calluses on it, a rough epidermis can injure when caressing!

Beautiful male body
Beautiful male body

As for the size of the brush, the girls claim that they do not attach importance to this. Even if the guys' fingers are thinner than their own, and the palm is narrower, there is nothing to worry about.

Hips and buttocks6

What woman doesn't stare at men's butts? Yes, no lady will miss this part of the body. According to most girls, the hips should be narrow. Even if a guy is fat, his butt must be narrower than his shoulders, the girls like it.

Plump buttocks do not attract the fair sex. It has long been believed that a woman's bottom should be round, and if a guy has one, then ladies find it too feminine. Male buttocks will be attractive if they are flat and elastic.

Fortunately for men, plump asses are extremely rare in them, even in endomorphs. If you are unlucky, then start cycling, walking more. Only there should not be any squats in the exercises, so give the roundness even more.


As stated above, in India, women lose their heads from men who have tummy. But in most other countries, ladies prefer iron, embossed press!

The girl sees that the guy takes care of his health, appearance, which means that he is strong, well-groomed and obligatory. Why Mandatory? Simply building a beautiful press is a difficult, lengthy and painstaking task. Many men, not seeing the result of three workouts, give up this venture and go quietly to drink beer in front of the TV. Those who managed to achieve the result put a lot of effort, time and money into their bodies, they do not give up what they started, they consider it necessary to reach their goal.

Beautiful male body
Beautiful male body

Surely, many of the women would agree that a flat stomach is much more attractive than a saggy one. Some of the girls even said that there might be no press, but there shouldn't be a "backpack" either.

Male dignity8

For some reason, most of the representatives of the strong half of humanity are sure that the member must be large, and it is he who is an integral part of a beautiful body. But no! Even looking at the sculptures of ancient Roman handsome men, it can be noted that this part of the body was not given so much attention. The same Apollo, who today is considered the standard of male beauty, is not endowed with great masculine dignity.

Most women say that size doesn't matter at all. Let it be small, but with a skillful owner! Girls in surveys said that having hygiene makes a guy more attractive than they might think.

Breaking stereotypes9

So what do women imagine? we looked at all parts of it separately, and we can understand that girls like athletes. But every lady cannot be attacked, what should the guys do?

As it turned out, for most women, the body of her chosen one does not really matter. There are ladies who are simply crazy about plump men. Yes, their eyes can greedily run over an athlete with ideal shapes walking towards him, but their hand will firmly squeeze the palm of their beloved "pupsik".

Beautiful male body
Beautiful male body

According to the women themselves, overweight men are kinder, more caring. If the athlete cannot pay attention to you due to constant training in the gym, then his favorite powder will be there. With him, you can eat cakes together, he does not care at all about the fact if a girl gains a couple of kilograms. But with young men who care about their figure, everything is more difficult. He will look after himself, and will not let his beloved relax.

As for thin men, they also have great dignity - they are creative and talented people. Why is that? While it remains unclear. With such a guy, no woman will get bored. He will find a thousand things to do, entertainment, always make you laugh with a fresh anecdote. Ectomorphs are not prone to obesity, so the offspring will be born with minimal chances of such a problem.

Women argue that a beautiful male body is one thing, but a loved one next to it is completely different. You can meet different couples, where the guy will not be the top of the ideal, but together they will be happy, they will be good and comfortable. A woman walking down the street with a tight gentleman will say that that guy on the cover of the magazine is very good, but his own is better. Girls do not love with their eyes, they love those who take care of them, protect, create comfort.

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