Problem Finding A Girl? Can You Look For Problems In Yourself?

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Problem Finding A Girl? Can You Look For Problems In Yourself?
Problem Finding A Girl? Can You Look For Problems In Yourself?
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Problem finding a girl
Problem finding a girl

The main question that all single guys ask themselves is where to find that one and only? The problem of finding a good girl is very serious for many, despite the fact that our planet is home to more than 7 billion people.

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  • 1 Reasons for failure
  • 2 What if the problem is girls?

You can wander around the world from year to year and never find the most important person in your life. You can go to clubs every weekend, and on weekdays correspond on social networks, and still remain unnecessary to anyone.

Many guys have been looking for a life partner for many years, some can date dozens of girls, others with one or two, but they still can't find a girl for a relationship. In order to find out this, and not to face it in the future, it is necessary to find out why this is happening.

Reasons for failure

Excessive requirements for girls

Often the problem lies in the very attitude towards girls, guys overestimate their requirements, as a result of which they themselves reject them. Each of us has our own advantages and disadvantages, and if you like a person, then you need to accept him as he is.

Inability to take care of yourself

External data is what is looked at in the first place, and it either attracts and generates interest or repels. One should always remember that "They meet by their clothes ….". A girl, when she sees an unfamiliar guy, immediately assesses him on several points:

  1. Cleanliness and personal hygiene
  2. Nice smell
  3. Condition of clothes and shoes
  4. Well-groomed haircut and facial hair


The fear of speaking to the opposite sex is one of the most important fears in men. This is often explained by a fear of rejection. It seems to a man that he will look funny and pathetic. But if you do not try to do something, then nothing will change. You need to take the initiative into your own hands and overcome fears that interfere with life.

where to find a girl
where to find a girl

In order to raise self-esteem and become more decisive, you need to work on yourself every day: to develop comprehensively, to improve your skills and abilities every day.

Girls love strong and self-confident men, so you need to fight your prejudices and complexes. Remember that girls love with their ears, it is important for them what and how you say. The ability to express your thoughts beautifully and competently, charisma and sociability will only play into your hands.

Unpreparedness for relationships

It often happens that the relationship does not work out due to the fact that you are not mentally ready for it, because this is a lot of work, a lot of responsibility. Here you cannot act alone, everyone should try to become better for each other. And if you don't need it? In this case, you just need to prioritize.

What if the problem is girls?

In life, it often happens that guys are in vain engaged in self-digging and self-flagellation, because not all girls are white and fluffy. And the problem of finding a girl is the unwillingness of the girls themselves. All about how to calculate a girl without a serious relationship, read on.

how to meet a girl
how to meet a girl

Modern society daily imposes various patterns that drive us into certain frameworks. How much should you weigh, how should you eat, what things should you buy. The girls who follow them are completely dependent on fashion trends and cannot make their own decisions. It is important for them what they say about them and how they look. Therefore, they are in search of the perfect man who will fully match them. To carry on hands, give flowers and ask for nothing in return. But this does not happen in life, ideal people do not exist.

If you are serious and want to find a good girl for a relationship, then go for it and do not sit idly at home. No need to go to nightclubs and bars, where mostly one night dating. It will not do you any good, it will only waste your time.

Below are the most popular places where you can meet girls:

  • In this age of high technology, there are many opportunities to meet new people on the Internet. Social networks, dating sites are the easiest method to find a soul mate.
  • Public places. Fitness rooms, swimming pools, cinemas, libraries - here you can meet many interesting candidates.
where to find a girl
where to find a girl
  • Courses and seminars. Visit various courses in cooking, dancing, singing, you will not go unnoticed, since the main contingent is made up of girls.
  • The shops. There are a lot of girls walking around the malls every day, and you can turn to them for advice.
  • In fact, even on the street you can meet a girl, the main thing is not to worry and not be shy.

To understand why a man is unlucky in love affairs, you first need to understand yourself. Often, analyzing your behavior and considering your next actions, you can correct the situation. Psychologists also emphasize that failures in personal life often lie in the girls themselves, their fears and exaggerated demands. So you need to take into account all the nuances when considering this problem.

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