Peruvian Maca For Women And Men: What It Is, Benefits, How To Take

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Peruvian Maca For Women And Men: What It Is, Benefits, How To Take
Peruvian Maca For Women And Men: What It Is, Benefits, How To Take

Video: Peruvian Maca For Women And Men: What It Is, Benefits, How To Take

Video: Peruvian Maca For Women And Men: What It Is, Benefits, How To Take
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Peruvian poppy
Peruvian poppy

Perhaps, before talking about the pros and cons of some kind of poppies, we must first explain what it is.

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Peruvian poppy is one very interesting plant.

Maca root has long been used to increase male strength and enhance sex drive.

In addition, maca makes a person energetic and hardy.

Peruvian Macai

You are unlikely to be able to dig up the maca root yourself. Well, unless you live in Peru and love to climb over four thousand meters.

Poppy belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family, that is, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are in the same boat with it. The Peruvians have long found out about the usefulness of this product - since ancient times they have been using it both in cooking and in medicine.

The root of the plant is mainly eaten. Its color varies depending on the variety.

Peruvian maca root is usually dried and consumed in powder form, but it can also be found in capsules and liquid form.

The taste of the powder, as they say, is not for everybody. Those who are lucky enough to taste it describe the taste as earthy, a bit like nuts.

Foodies add maca powder to smoothies, oatmeal, and various sweets.

Despite the fact that mankind has learned about the Peruvian poppy for a long time, research on the topic remains scarce and incomplete.

Peruvian poppy
Peruvian poppy

Scientists have to test the plant on animals or rely on research sponsored by maca companies.

Don't feed bread2

Maca is a very nutritious product, literally stuffed with all sorts of nishtyaks that lead nutritionists to ecstasy.

28 grams of powder contains:

91 kcal

20 g carbohydrates

4 g protein

2 g dietary fiber

1 g fat

And also: 133% (hereinafter - from the daily intake) of vitamin C, 23% of iron, 16% of potassium, 15% of vitamin B6, etc.

If you are looking for a great source of carbohydrates that is low in fat, you are in the right place.

Most interesting3

Decreased sexual desire is a common problem, especially among those whose birthday candles no longer fit on the cake. Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that sexual problems "get younger" every year.

Is Peruvian Maca Good
Is Peruvian Maca Good

Therefore, the demand for plants that are able to solve such an intimate problem is growing so.

Peruvian maca has earned its reputation as a "libidiner" not from scratch - its beneficial effect is confirmed by multiple studies.

One of these was carried out about ten years ago. 131 people took part in it. The effect of maki has been confirmed. The recommended course of admission is six weeks. It is after this period that the effect is most pronounced.

Maca also performed well in cases where men had problems conceiving children.

Take a study of about ten young men, for example. They initially had no problems with male health, but agreed to consume this plant for four months. What's the bottom line? Both the number and motility of sperm increased.


What is menopause? A period in a woman's life when menstruation, which has given her so much trouble throughout her life, is waving a pen.

What properties does Peruvian poppy have?
What properties does Peruvian poppy have?

Menopause is accompanied by a serious hormonal change, which brings certain inconveniences and discomfort to a woman's life.

Symptoms of menopause are quite unpleasant: you have vaginal dryness, mood swings, irritability and insomnia.

Taking Peruvian Maca helps to survive this difficult period for a woman with minimal consequences (for the nervous system and those around).

Clinical tests have also shown that maca can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

And thanks to the flavonoids in the composition, this Peruvian find helps to eliminate or reduce increased anxiety and helps fight depression - which is important for people of both sexes and all ages.

Natural energy drink5

Maka is highly respected by athletes.

It has a beneficial effect on muscle growth, increases strength and endurance, increases energy and helps athletes give their best.

Benefits of Peruvian Maca
Benefits of Peruvian Maca

Cyclists have undergone another experiment. Thanks to the use of the Peruvian plant, they were able to improve their performance in the competition.

But with regard to specifically the mass gain and the effect of superpower - everything here is based only on the testimony of the athletes themselves. The effect of maca on muscle gain has not been clinically proven.


Ultraviolet rays are dangerous. In addition to being sunburned, you shorten the distance between you and early wrinkles. Don't forget that carelessness among sunbathers increases the risk of melanoma.

Now the study was carried out on laboratory rats - their skin was covered with the plant extract. And thanks to this, the poor animals were saved from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Still, it is not recommended to neglect specialized means. And if you already decided to rely on Mother Nature, remember that the poppy will need to be smeared on yourself. A powdered morning smoothie won't save you a sunburned bum.

Properties of the Peruvian Maca
Properties of the Peruvian Maca

Club of intellectuals7

Peruvian maca has a positive effect on brain function.

The indigenous people of Peru have long ago cut this chip and treated their children with this plant, so that they would bring good marks from school.

Black poppy is said to have the most beneficial effect on memory.

But not the fact that it will help you remember what happened at yesterday's party, when you washed down champagne with a bottle of dubious whiskey.

PS Unconfirmed fact by science: sometimes it's better not to try to remember what your brain has carefully erased from memory.

Just about the prostate8

An enlarged prostate is an unpleasant thing. She brings certain discomfort to a man's life - for example, frequent urge to urinate.

It is believed that red poppy can solve this problem. And to prevent the development of malignant tumors.

Can Peruvian poppy solve many problems?
Can Peruvian poppy solve many problems?

How to use it9

Add it to smoothies, cereals, use for baking.

The optimal dose as such has not been established. In terms of multiple scientific studies, about 1.5 - 5 grams of maca was most commonly used.

Since enterprising guys have found out about the secrets of this plant, and the demand for it is growing every day, it is very easy to acquire this treasure. Look for poppy seeds on the shelves in supermarkets, nutritionists or order online. One of the most popular sites for ordering the "right" food is iHerb. But if you are a fan of all kinds of healthy bars and sweets without sugar, be careful - you can leave half your salary there.

Release form: powder, capsules, liquid extract.

Is it safe? 10

The plant is simply bathed in positive reviews. It is believed that maca is an absolutely safe product.

The indigenous people of Peru recommend boiling the maca beforehand.

Who should stop using altogether? Breast cancer, thyroid dysfunction, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, fibroids - in the presence of these diseases, poppy can be dangerous to humans, since its extract contains estrogen. It is also not recommended to use maca for girls who are expecting an addition to the family and for nursing mothers.

How Peruvian Maca Can Help
How Peruvian Maca Can Help

So, let's summarize. When is Peruvian Maca used for treatment?

  • Sexual problems caused by antidepressants.
  • Early research suggests that taking maca daily for 12 weeks (twice a day) does not significantly improve the condition of women who experience sexual problems caused by antidepressant medications.
  • Male infertility (in cases where a man fails to fertilize a woman within a year).
  • Studies have shown that taking the product daily for four months increases sperm and sperm count in healthy men. But it is not clear if this leads to improved fertility.
  • Health problems and discomfort caused by menopause.
  • Women who took the drug daily noted a decrease in anxiety and depression. Probably also a solution to problems in intimate life. In general, there is an effect, but not significant.
  • Extinction of sexual desire.
  • Daily use of the product for 12 weeks can increase libido and increase sexual desire.
Does Peruvian Maca Help
Does Peruvian Maca Help


  • Anemia
  • Leukemia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV and AIDS

Issue price11

Let's go through online stores and calculate how many wooden ones will have to be laid out in order to acquire this Peruvian joy.

We open the first link.

Manufacturer - Russia.

The number of grams in one package is 100.

The product is listed as a dietary supplement - a biologically active additive.

Indications for use: treatment of sexual dysfunction, prostate disorder.

Packing price - 990 rubles.

Well, almost a thousand rubles (this excluding delivery) for 100 grams of powder is not cheap. But given the fact that you need to take a teaspoon at a time, you can live.

Perau poppy for health
Perau poppy for health

Move on.

The Slavs must stick together, so we will go through Ukrainian online stores and calculate the costs in hryvnia.

The ChiaSeed store offers us different forms of release: you can buy 100 capsules (500 mg) for 239 UAH, a special complex for men of 80 capsules will cost you 499 UAH, and powder (240 g) will require you to pay 399 UAH. There are also tablets for UAH 299.

Tik-Shop offers to buy 150 grams of ground Peruvian "gold" for a ridiculous 390 rubles.

We go to a site popular with bloggers promoting PP (proper nutrition) and a healthy lifestyle.

iHerb invites you to purchase Peruvian Maca from several dozen different manufacturers.

Approximate prices:

depending on the variety of poppies and the form of release, prices range from 386 to 2000 rubles.

Test purchase results12

Should I get a Maca?

If you have no obvious contraindications, you consulted your doctor and he recommended that you pay attention to this remedy - yes.

Can I eat Peruvian Maca
Can I eat Peruvian Maca

Is this plant safe?


Can anyone give a 100% guarantee that I will not have "side effects"?

Not. Someone can destroy three chocolates with nuts in one sitting and will feel great. The other will begin to have Quincke's edema from just one type of peanut bar. Everything is purely individual.

Is it realistic to purchase a product for less than a thousand rubles?

Really. But it's worth remembering the adage about the stingy man who pays twice. Don't order poppy seeds on questionable sites.

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