Kept Girls: Why There Are More And More Of Them, Why Are They Needed

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Kept Girls: Why There Are More And More Of Them, Why Are They Needed
Kept Girls: Why There Are More And More Of Them, Why Are They Needed

Video: Kept Girls: Why There Are More And More Of Them, Why Are They Needed

Video: Kept Girls: Why There Are More And More Of Them, Why Are They Needed
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Girls looking for a sponsor
Girls looking for a sponsor

Girls looking for a sponsor often find only condemnation from outsiders and an unplanned pregnancy. Nevertheless, the stream of those wishing to "work" in this area does not dry out. What attracts people to the concept of "kept women"?

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Why do men need kept women? I

It is not difficult for a successful and wealthy person to provide for his family, invest in various sources of income and his leisure time. Spending time in the company of attractive women is another hobby for such people, a leisure time. This hobby is easily explainable, since it is difficult to find a person who would not like to look at beautiful girls.

However, capital formation requires a large investment of time. It becomes inconvenient to look for a permanent partner or interesting short-term romances, there is no time, and the results are unpredictable. A self-sufficient and financially independent girl can end the relationship at any time, because she does not feel any obligations. Therefore, men begin to give preference to relationships in which they are guaranteed to receive the expected result.

In relations with kept women, they receive the music they order. All this - regardless of their behavior, employment and desire to delve into the partner's problems. When all problems are solved by simply pressing the money button, life in general becomes easier. Man to man here, contrary to the claims of the classics, is no longer hell, not a wolf, not an unknown island. "Daddy" gets smiles, joy, a charge of cheerfulness and an increase in self-esteem in his direction.

Why do girls become kept women2

Women looking for a sponsor work out their truffle bread with emotional resources. Replacing a patient psychotherapist, an interested listener, and a seductive lover can be difficult. If every person could step on his pride at the slightest demand without consequences for the psyche, the world would look different.

It is also difficult to maintain a presentation. This man in Russian society is still diligently protected from the need to look after himself. There are arms and legs, everything works below the waist too - and you can consider yourself complete.

The requirements for women are completely different. The industry demands from a girl a perfect appearance 24 hours a day, stylish and sexy clothes, healthy teeth, hair and glossy skin. And for the kept woman, the question of constantly maintaining attractiveness is especially acute.

In order not to need care at all, you need to win the genetic lottery big. Such people are difficult to find, and with close communication they will surely turn out to be hypocrites. Youth alone provides few benefits, and price tags continue to rise.

Girls looking for a sponsor
Girls looking for a sponsor

In this case, the sponsor allows you to solve these problems at his expense. This turns out to be very convenient for girls who just flew out of their parent's nest and have not yet learned to take care of themselves.

According to widespread social stereotypes, it is considered normal for girls to get married and thus arrange their financial situation. For many people, the line is even blurred when personal life turns into sponsorship. Therefore, friendship with a daddy becomes a natural continuation of education that prepares a person for the role of "wife". You can't find enough wealthy and enviable husbands, so they have to … divide …

But in fact … 3

In fact, through communication with sponsors, many people get the opportunity to arrange their lives. Since not everyone is born with a golden spoon in their mouth, people have to spend a lot of time forming bonds and regular jobs to pay bills. Thanks to someone else's patronage, girls and boys open their first business, get a good education and pursue their hobbies, without feeling a constant lack of funds.

what girls are looking for a sponsor
what girls are looking for a sponsor

The unfavorable economic situation and the lack of social lifts severely hamper young people in their opportunities for self-realization. According to polls, in America there are five times less percentage of women who express their desire to go to the maintenance of a wealthy person.

There is also a large stratum of citizens in Russia who are ready for such a relationship with anyone, regardless of even the level of wealth - if only there is enough for life. As long as the hardest and most boring work continues to be low-paid and low-prestige, there will always be young people who believe that they deserve more.

Marquis de Pompadour4

History knows many cases when favorites and favorites actually ruled states instead of their careless and spineless lovers. The most famous example is the Marquis de Pompadour, daughter of a bankrupt financier.

Thanks to the patronage of friends, she received an excellent education and the road to secular society. The charming and intelligent girl quickly won the attention of society, the court and the French king Louis XV. All sexual relations between them were quickly terminated for medical reasons, but the marquise remained with the king.

Marquise de Pompadour
Marquise de Pompadour

For many years, all significant state issues were resolved through her. She encouraged art with a strong focus on architecture, painting and literature. It also protected writers from poverty and contributed to the development of the "Encyclopedia", which brought together the accumulated knowledge of mankind from various fields of science.

Coco Chanel5

The poor milliner made a dizzying career precisely thanks to the patronage and sponsorship. Who has not heard of the "little black dress" or the perfume "Chanel No. 5"? Coco Chanel is a notable phenomenon in the history of costume development. Thanks to her influence, women's clothing became more comfortable and began its quest towards unisex.

Tanned bodies are used in marketing as a symbol of health and success in life. It is believed that it was thanks to Coco Chanel that the prevailing fashion for tanning was born. More recently, among white people, a pale skin, as if having never seen the sun, was associated with prosperity.

You can think about the phenomenon of kept women whatever you like, but the fact remains. Without money from her sponsors, Coco Chanel never managed to start her own business and forever transform the world of fashion.

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel


When an adult woman gets herself a gigolo boy, this will most often be condemned even by her closest circle. After all, this is tacitly translated as "she has to pay for male attention, so she is a failure." Therefore, the fact of the existence of a relationship between the sponsor and her partner is hidden much more often.

However, in reality, men, like toys on a holiday tree, very often hang on other people's necks. These are those who "cannot find a job in any way", and those who are "promising and talented, just nobody understands him." Their parents suffer the most from such "unprofessional gigolos". Sometimes they are compassionate wives who did not have time to figure out in time the irresponsible nature of their beloved.

There are also many marriage swindlers and other types of fraudsters who discreetly extract all means from their victims. However, they are not at all distinguished by good external data, a sharp mind or good manners. Pumped-up and young professional gigolos from agencies look at least understandable against their background.

what women are looking for a sponsor
what women are looking for a sponsor


The work of an escort girl may have nothing to do with the provision of sexual services. Often you just need to look impressive, speak well and create an atmosphere of success around your client. Sometimes companions show off, flaunting them. Sometimes they cherish them only for themselves, in order to be reflected in the big eyes of gorgeous beauties only from the positive side.

As with a regular date, escorting is always risky. In some cases, the girls take away huge amounts of money after meeting with clients, in others - only scars and bruises. Agencies have no real leverage over their wealthy and powerful clients. They can be blacklisted and refuse to introduce them to girls, but that's all.


The Japanese are a very collectivist people. The opinion of the inner circle means a lot to the Russians as well, but this cannot be compared with the Japanese mentality. Despite the global trend towards globalization.

girls looking for a sponsor who are they
girls looking for a sponsor who are they

It is considered normal for them to work in an office 12 or more hours a day. However, companies usually do not pay employees overtime. When trying to go on vacation, there is a risk of facing strong condemnation from colleagues and superiors. Sometimes this condemnation is so great that it is easier for a Japanese who is used to being part of a collective to commit suicide. There is a special word for death from overwork and the stress associated with it - "karoshi".

The Japanese also have no time to raise their children. Pressured by the consumerist society, young Japanese people also want to give the impression of wealth. And young girls sometimes agree to earn money in a very dubious way. Someone does not want to go into the pocket of their parents, someone finds themselves in a difficult life situation, and someone painfully wants to have beautiful accessories, perfect leather and branded things.

Enjo-kosai, or enko, is a common practice of dating for money. Both high school girls and young women agree to it. Even after marriage, some of them continue to date other men.

That said, dating isn't necessarily sexual. Many adults and aging Japanese, having finally found stable and high earnings by their age, enjoy flirting with girls and light hints at the possibility of developing these relationships.

who are the girls looking for a sponsor
who are the girls looking for a sponsor

They buy gifts for their passions, take them to restaurants. So they buy themselves a dominant role in the relationship in order to receive constant smiles, cute words and a lot of attention from young girls. Also in Japan, there are popular establishments where a fair part of the girls' work consists in constant light flirting and patient attitude to the antics of guests.

These pursuits are frowned upon, but the huge demand continues to generate supply. Japan's ageless sex symbol - a schoolgirl in a short uniform skirt - continues to excite men's fantasies.