Long-distance Relationships: What Problems Await Your Couple?

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Long-distance Relationships: What Problems Await Your Couple?
Long-distance Relationships: What Problems Await Your Couple?

Video: Long-distance Relationships: What Problems Await Your Couple?

Video: Long-distance Relationships: What Problems Await Your Couple?
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Love in the distance
Love in the distance

Relationship is a complex process that requires endurance, prudence of both partners. What can we say about long-distance relationships? This is many times more difficult. But with all this, relationships in this format are more common than you might imagine. It seems incredibly romantic and exciting at first, you can now try out a bunch of techniques for having sex on Skype, phone or text.

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  • 1 Problems are inflated to unprecedented limits
  • 2 You will become a hopeless romantic
  • 3 you are good at texting
  • 4 You will love and hate technology in equal measure
  • 5 It's expensive
  • 6 You appreciate each other more.

But then you start to miss the person terribly, and the most monstrous thing is that you can't do anything about it. What problems do people face when they are at a distance, and are long-distance relationships possible? You will be surprised, because you will not hear about it from them.

Problems swell to unprecedented limits

Every breakdown in your relationship is a billion times stronger when you're long distance. For example, when one of you does not pick up the phone, it seems a hundred times more alarming and more stressful when you are in different cities or countries. And this is understandable. Your partner cannot reliably know what you are doing now and who you are spending time with.

As you know, the most terrible thing is that we invent for ourselves. At a distance, the imagination is played out many times stronger, and these thoughts kill. Do not be judgmental to your partner, instead reassure him that his suspicions are meaningless. In short, distance is crazy, the longer you are away from each other, the more acute it is to experience it.

If you allow yourself to go out once a week to have fun, have a beer in a pub or sit with friends in a noisy bar, you should not call in the appropriate atmosphere of your passion. You may not have thought of looking at other people with the boldest intentions, but your other half doesn't care. She heard that you are having fun without her - the mechanism is running.

Love in the distance
Love in the distance

Details on how to maintain a relationship at a distance can be found in our article further along the link.

You will become a hopeless romantic2

It's about letters. Yes, about the outdated "prehistoric" ways of transmitting information. You will also send gifts by mail (not by email, but those that you can touch). All of this indicates that you are becoming sentimental - in a good way. Thus, you are trying to "personify" your presence in the life of a person who is far away at the moment and thereby compensate for the real presence with quite real gifts.

You are good at texting3

Now, when you live far away, you will be more selective, describe in more detail everything that happens in life. Messages will become longer, a bit like short stories. You will start to bother more with writing texts - describing every little thing and action. This will create the appearance of presence, and therefore physical absence will not be felt so strongly. Now the details will come to the fore, and a simple "I love you", as before, can not get rid of.

You will love and hate technology in equal measure4

You can save a fortune on WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. But at the same time, you can experience difficulties with Internet access. Now the interruption of the Internet connection, interruptions in the connection to WI-FI will be annoying and felt especially acutely. Don't be surprised if you get the urge to bang your phone against the wall.

What to expect from love at a distance
What to expect from love at a distance

The law of meanness usually works here: the webcam stops turning on abruptly, the speaker on the phone becomes suspiciously quiet and there are many other "surprises" that instantly infuriate you. No advice will help here, just accept the fact that gadgets will become another reason to be angry at the damn distance.

It's expensive5

Despite all the free ways to communicate, the random standard phone call is inevitable. Just accept this fact. This happens especially often after drinks "on the machine". Expect to spend hundreds of dollars buying and returning tickets at the box office due to ever-changing plans. One way or another, love at a distance will require financial investments, moreover, not the most modest ones.

You appreciate each other more 6

It is not for nothing that they say that distance is a test of strength. If these are real feelings, they will be strengthened a thousandfold. You will live from meeting to meeting, saying goodbye, dreaming of seeing each other again. Every date will be filled with great anticipation and impatience. You’ll chat for hours on end, even if you’ve been chatting about something online. We can assure you that these stories will sound very different live. Each minute together will be worth its weight in gold, and distance, to some extent, strengthens the connection (if it really is love).

How to keep love at a distance
How to keep love at a distance

The bottom line is that long-distance relationships are one of the biggest challenges a couple can face. Often, love breaks off at a distance, since many cannot live for a long time without physical intimacy. However, many relationships only grow stronger from such a test. Distance is a great test of strength. If she is forced to introduce herself to you, try to perceive it as a positive aspect. Stock up on trust, patience and high-speed WI-FI.

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