How To Tell If A Man Is A Narcissist: 16 Telltale Signs

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How To Tell If A Man Is A Narcissist: 16 Telltale Signs
How To Tell If A Man Is A Narcissist: 16 Telltale Signs

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Man is a narcissist
Man is a narcissist

People stand out for their ambition and self-conceit, they are concentrated only on their individual. The life of loved ones does not concern them. Psychologists consider it to be an indicator of personality destruction. People of the hysterical type who need constant attention are predisposed. Such people suffer from too much sense of self. In their hearts they hate those around them and are prone to regularly show their own advantage.

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  • 1 Where did the concept of "narcissist" come from?
  • 2 Who are daffodils?
  • 3 Signs
  • 4 How bad is it?
  • 5 Is it worth starting a relationship with such a person?
  • 6 Consequences of such a relationship
  • 7 Famous people with the manifestation of this pathology

Where did the concept of "narcissus" come from? __ 171187

The concept appeared many years ago, in Greece, about the excellent young man Narcissus, the young girl Echo fell in love with him. However, he did not accept her love and greatly offended her with this circumstance. To punish the guy, the gods forced him to love his display. The man was doomed to stand bent over the water and enjoy his own reflection.

Since then, this term has been called selfish, narcissistic individuals who come up with no downsides at all.

According to Freud, this problem is inherent in absolutely everything from birth, but then, due to the influence of external factors, it recedes so that people have the opportunity to exist normally in a team and interact with others. Everyone has a certain amount of narcissism, but the average person is able to find balance and compare his own needs with the affairs of the people around him.

Often, narcissism is detected in wealthy individuals who work in high positions.

The male narcissist is confident in his identity, importance, and in what position he is between other people. Has an increased opinion about his own capabilities and talents. They regularly fantasize about their own successes, expect an excellent attitude towards themselves and unconditional obedience. However, the main thing is that they need continuous admiration from those around them and tend to do a lot for this.

At the same time, they are not ready to sympathize with other people and are convinced that they should not adhere to generally accepted rules. And also a characteristic indicator of a narcissist is the position that everyone envies him.

Who are daffodils? I

For any person, self-love comes first, but there are episodes when the boundaries are erased and then it is already possible to talk about the problem of narcissism. There are several types of manifestations of this pathology.


This type means a change or non-observance of the ability to really accept and evaluate your personality. It appears due to the existing fears, disappointments, orders, prejudices, and more. It is expressed in a great desire to be in the spotlight and to have proof of their importance. The destabilizing type contains in itself an inadequate and contradictory assessment of itself. Individuals of this type are withdrawn and mistakenly accept their loved ones.


Who is Narcissus Guy
Who is Narcissus Guy

This refers to character pathologies with fundamental individual problems. People lead prosperous lives and hold important positions. This is a mental illness that is formed from childhood, while the factor hides both in the coldness of the mother and in excessive love.


Belongs to the distinctive features of a newly born baby and is explained by an attraction more directed towards oneself than towards the world around. Represents the original state of the child, since he cannot yet distinguish between himself and external objects. The kid feels omnipotent, because the needs are satisfied instantly and, no doubt. Looking ahead, the male narcissist will be tempted to return to his initial feelings of security and narcissism.


The most difficult type of pathology, the individual is unable to accept other people as individuals. Freely uses others, doesn't bother about their emotions and needs. Statistics show that such a man regularly wants to gain recognition at the expense of those around him, but he is not included in a public dispute. Those with pathology take pleasure in psychological suffering. The results of communication with such a person are sad, ranging from significant depression and ending with suicide.


Longs for admiration and recognition. Praising a narcissist will give you the greatest emotions in life. A party is not a party until a male narcissist enters the room. They are the main persons on it and not otherwise. They think they are above everyone else and sometimes even pretend that they did something great just for recognition

Signs that a guy is a narcissist
Signs that a guy is a narcissist
  • It is always necessary to fall asleep with good words. They help the narcissist to live. Their whole game should be admired 24/7. This is the only thing that makes them live. Not a single day goes by without this. Do not tell him about something pleasant, the narcissist will quickly find someone who will do it. In any case, he already sees the next target.
  • It always shows itself in all its glory. Either he is the center of the universe, or he remains alone.
  • Loves instant gratification. They only have what will give them instant gratification. Enters into an intimate relationship with everyone who will give at least a little attention.
  • There can be only one love in his life. And this is himself. Some may even believe that they are incapable of feeling for others at all. They pretend to love. And they need love physical, not emotional. It is this factor that leads to the constant search for new victims. The male narcissist shows love through intimacy and financially. According to him, this is enough to be with a person. If you want to forget what true love implies, start tricks with such a person.
  • I must keep everything in my hands. They are tyrants of control. Such a man will decide everything for the lady. What to wear, how to put on makeup, where to go and who to talk to. Will constantly try to change something to match how he wants to see the lady. He will also teach even the usual daily activities.
Who is a narcissist
Who is a narcissist
  • Compares with others. Their goal is excellence. They like that they are being sought. Admire the silly girls fighting for them.
  • Always hurt. He takes pleasure in forcing people to believe that he has been insulted. He wants others to feel his false pain and feel sorry for him. Oh, poor fellow, how could she treat you this way?
  • Always dumps the blame. All he does is due to the fact that someone else forced him to do it. Will not be responsible for their own actions if they are negative. Narcissists avoid difficulties until they get out of hand.
  • He never apologizes, even if he is guilty.
  • Shows no empathy for others. If someone is unpleasant, he does not feel it. If they get sick or die, he can even joke and laugh at it. Someone is in no way able to establish himself in the role of someone or. The plant is also capable of looking cheerful after hearing bad news from others.
  • Pretending to be who he is not. Able to play many different roles.
  • Will not create a strong relationship with anyone. Including with children and other relatives. Narcissists are not rich in educational skills.
male narcissus
male narcissus
  • Doesn't feel guilty. So stop asking yourself how he can keep doing the same recklessness and teasing you over and over again. If you try to force him to feel guilty or expose him, notice his anger.
  • Will even lie about ridiculous things. Deception is the narcissist's second soul. As a rule, if they speak, they are lying. And if you catch him cheating, he will not admit it in the same way.
  • Constantly looking for new victims. If you feel like a relationship is in trouble, it is. Every day, the narcissist wants to find someone new to impress. If he seems distant, it is due to the fact that he thinks about his own subsequent goal. He will constantly be on the lookout for someone who will reach out to him better than you.

How bad is it? 3

Such a violation very rarely happens by itself - more in general, it is considered the result of the consumption of medications that affect the psyche, various neuroses, depression and other mental problems. Living with such a diagnosis is really torture, and the light, in which the illusion is only one acceptable reality, is very insidious and merciless.

Dreams collapse, castles in the air disappear, and great hopes are not justified - depression lasts for a long time. In this situation, it is not heart-to-heart conversations with friends and soothing tea that help, but a trip to a psychologist and a long course of therapy.

How to tell if your boyfriend is a narcissist
How to tell if your boyfriend is a narcissist

Narcissism as a character trait is much more common than people think and, unlike a severe disorder, does not pose a danger to the individual. Self-confidence is the main indicator of the current narcissist.

Should you start a relationship with such a person? 4

In the initial stages, contact with him seems simply fantastic. He is tactful and artistic, exudes only good emotions. Almost everyone who sees it will be charmed. After all, daffodils can demonstrate themselves in all their beauty! In addition, their intuitive desire to become better than everyone, in fact, allows them to identify potentials and abilities to the fullest.

With the future formation of relationships, there will be a gradual merging with the boundaries of the personality of another person, for this reason the impression is formed that they are actually similar, have the same life attitudes and aspirations. A person inspired by an incipient sympathy appreciates such communication and is happy to give a lot to meet the needs of a loved one.

"A tiny weakness for great love," he thinks. In all ways he approves of this and slowly, almost imperceptibly, twists everything in the way he needs. If the relationship is already fairly close, he begins to search for the negative sides of the person. First for the sake of interest, and then more and more thoroughly, the "negative" factors of his life are condemned. In some cases, it happens that the individual is simply angry because of the success of the second half and tries to take the opponent out of the game, because no one can surpass him in anything!

relationship with daffodil boyfriend
relationship with daffodil boyfriend

The second half eventually accepts all its flaws and in the future feels its own worthlessness more and more colorfully; the fear of loss is thoroughly instilled in him. After a specific time passes, he lets his chosen one realize that in such a different guise, he does not attract him. There are various factors: not enough attention and (or) admiration; believes that a loved one has grown fat, ugly, or simply does not treat him properly.

At the same time, he certainly emphasizes that only he is giving all the best in a pair, and these efforts are not appreciated normally. If the partner is trying to return love, the narcissist by all means avoids the difficult conversation. On his part, there is a decline in interest, and the chosen one plunges into sadness and does not realize what he did not please.

Consequences of such a relationship5

When starting a relationship, you should think carefully. After all, the consequences are mostly sad. Such a relationship should be ended quickly, otherwise you will have to visit a psychologist.

After a relationship, problems arise such as:

  • Depression. A person gives himself everything, and the partner does not appreciate it.
  • Low self-esteem. Narcissists are constantly changing their "love" for another. The abandoned person begins to look for flaws in himself and this leads to problems in self-perception and self-love.
  • Revenge. The narcissist is so self-centered that he doesn't think about the consequences. But an offended person can begin to take terrible revenge.

Famous people with this pathology6

It is worth mentioning the stars, who are really complete narcissists.

Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye, is probably the most complete narcissist in the world. His ridiculous statements, comparisons with Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan shocked everyone. And he is fine

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West

  • His wife, Kim Kardashian, is also not far away. She has released several books with her selfies and gives them to loved ones.
  • Justin Bieber, who loves to walk shirtless through the streets, also became famous. And if everyone liked a one-time walk, now it causes nothing but irritation.
  • Kendal and Kylie Jenner - The Kardashians are not far from their sister Kim. Apparently, it's a family one.
  • These include the following stars: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Madonna. Everyone knows their eccentricity.

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