TOP 7 Tips On How To Like Girls

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TOP 7 Tips On How To Like Girls
TOP 7 Tips On How To Like Girls

Video: TOP 7 Tips On How To Like Girls

Video: TOP 7 Tips On How To Like Girls
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How guys seduce girls
How guys seduce girls

Such secrets of how to seduce a girl with men are passed down from generation to generation? Experienced Don Juans can "repeat the materiel", and novice seducers and curious ladies who decided to visit the enemy's camp and scout out the secret plan of the operation, read and remember.

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  • 1 Because you can't be so beautiful in the world
  • 2 Confidence
  • 3 Compliments
  • 4 One for all and all … help one
  • 5 Private stand-up show
  • 6 Summary for the hack

Because you can't be so beautiful in the world

Do you know why so many pretty girls and shy guys are alone? Beauty. Maiden beauty. Seeing a beautiful girl, the guy immediately begins to imagine next to her at least a mountain of muscles with the face of Brad Pitt. How to compete with such?

Therefore, insecure and fearful young men do not even make any attempts to get to know the charming nymph. Having admired her for the last time, they sigh sadly and leave into the sunset. Meanwhile, a huge number of girls - clever and beautiful - while away the evenings alone.

Of course, many of them are hampered by a heavy crown of self-confidence on their heads, exaggerated demands, fears left over from past boyfriends and just huge hordes of cockroaches in their heads. If we discard these self-righteous princesses, we have the following: the girl wants a relationship, but she cannot take the first steps towards the guy she likes, she is waiting for her beauty to conquer some daredevil and they both go into the sunset (already happy and in an embrace).

Note to girls: if nothing has happened on the love front for a long time, think about changing your favorite image of the inaccessible Snow Queen to the image of a cheerful and open-minded person. Who realizes that she is beautiful, but does not put herself head and shoulders above ordinary mortals because of this.

Although sometimes men do not pick up the signals of seduction from women. Because they don't understand how girls seduce guys. We read about this further on the link.


Therefore, the first thing to do is to believe in yourself. Or at least learn how to pretend to be a confident man. Self-confidence is a mega-sexual quality for both boyfriend and girlfriend. The ability to stay calm and with dignity will come in handy in any situation - whether it be meeting a girl, her parents, or getting a job and passing an interview. Although it is not known which interview adds more gray hair - when applying for a job at Gazprom or at a dinner with the parents of your other half.

Confidence manifests itself in the voice (no need to try to make it lower, more brutal and sexier than it really is - even if it just doesn't tremble), in the manner of speaking (calm, moderately emotional speech, without stuttering and dissonant interjections), in movements and posture (you do not need to twirl everything that fits in them in your hands and constantly shake non-existent dust particles off your clothes).

How guys seduce girls
How guys seduce girls

A less fashionable, but self-confident man clearly has more chances to please a girl than a handsome man who huddled in a corner with a smartphone. We are ready to bet anything that by the end of the evening the first will already receive at least one phone number, and the second will set a record for the number of friend feed updates per minute.


Well, girls reading this article, how many times in your life have you received a really nice compliment addressed to you? Non-trivial, unbeaten, which did not sound so ambiguous that it could be taken for an insult? Not a lot, right? The fingers of one hand are more than enough to count them.

Guys, remember that compliments should be sincere and appropriate. You don't need to sprinkle them like a machine gun (very few people will do it beautifully; there is a great risk that your whole being will broadcast an insane desire to copulate with at least someone). If a girl organized an event, cooked food, etc. - praise her efforts.

Say that you haven't seen such a well-planned party for a long time / haven't eaten such a delicious cake, etc. We hope that you have carefully learned the first point, and your tongue does not twist on compliments, and your cheeks do not try to compete in brightness with pepperoni pizza.

How does a guy seduce a girl
How does a guy seduce a girl

As for appearance, praise everything in general and something in particular. These are girls, they spend a lot of time on manicure, pedicure, make-up, styling, drawing up an image in order to delight themselves, all the girls present and, of course, boys.

Girls, learn to accept compliments, damn it! There is no need for this self-righteousness "yes-ah-ah, I am so-a-ah-ah" and there is no need to grovel "but the dress is actually old, the manicure is peeling off." The guy may not have noticed the flaws of your image, and if you tell him everything, he will give you a fresh look and come up to your friend, who smiles slyly at compliments, thanks with dignity, and even in a bag of potatoes looks like she’s going to Cannes Film Festival receive the main prize.

One for all and all … help one4

In the company of friends or girlfriends who saw us in all states and helped build relationships (and then helped to recover from these very relationships), we are calmer. The support group can conduct a strategic operation and report the situation: "everything is clear, free / free." But some guys and girls decide to shift all responsibility for their personal life onto a sympathetic friend or relaxed girlfriend.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. Aren't you afraid that this most sympathetic friend or relaxed girlfriend in the process will understand that the prey is too appetizing?

Rules for seducing women
Rules for seducing women

No matter how good pimps our friends and girlfriends are, you will have to do most of the work of building relationships yourself.

You should not make a common mistake and suddenly bring your girlfriend or boyfriend on a date - such an unscheduled rendezvous of the three looks very strange and makes you doubt the adequacy of its organizer.

Ladies, if you decide to "friendzone" a guy, it is better to tell him about it as directly as possible, and not to involve your girlfriend in your date or invite her on a romantic walk. No need to break the psyche of either a guy or a friend.

Private stand-up show5

Everyone knows that women love men with a sense of humor. But not everyone rightfully refers to themselves as such. If you don't know how to recognize sarcasm and respond with dignity to your opponent's taunts, a learned volume of anecdotes will not help you.

Take a closer look at the friend who is considered the most cheerful in your environment. Notice how he skillfully uses metaphors, leaves little room for a flight of imagination - these are the ingredients for a good joke. If you have any favorite standups and comedians, watch their performances.

How can a guy seduce a woman
How can a guy seduce a woman

But not for fun, but more thoughtfully. Read and watch their interviews offstage - a real comedian is always with them. The concentration of jokes becomes less, but he is always ready to give out new wit and will not go into his pocket for a word.

Remember: unnecessary explanation and "chewing" kills any joke.

And now again to the beautiful ladies: if you know that humor is your strong point, do not hesitate to demonstrate it. You will make a special sensation if you have not shone with witticisms, and in general you have formed the image of a stereotypical beauty. A couple of bold witty remarks - and you will notice how genuine interest will spark in the views of those present.

Summary for hackers6

  • Collect a sufficient amount of theoretical knowledge and immediately go to apply it in practice. It's almost like a bike - learn once and ride your whole life.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem - your self-confidence should be strong, like dragon glass, Valyrian steel and the desire of people who have not watched a single Game of Thrones episode to tell the whole world about it (the previous complex terms came just straight from the aforementioned series, if you are not. looked - it's okay, especially since you are not alone, yes, yes).
  • Anyone can get a refusal, you just need to accept it. Like the need to maintain small talk with unpleasant acquaintances or the inevitable annual physical examination. Unpleasant, but also an experience.
  • Learn to be cool not only with cool friends.
How can a man seduce a girl
How can a man seduce a girl
  • Do not be afraid of people - a downtrodden quiet girl, the first beauty or Megan Fox (who knows what parties you go to) - no matter how beautiful they are, they are the same homo sapiens as you are, with their weaknesses and fears.
  • Pump up your sense of humor, not just muscles.
  • To teach to give and receive compliments.

You will find even more options for seducing a girl in our article at the link.

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