How To Get Rid Of A Rival Once And For All? Real Tips

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How To Get Rid Of A Rival Once And For All? Real Tips
How To Get Rid Of A Rival Once And For All? Real Tips
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It can happen to anyone. It would seem that nothing can darken the wonderful relationship with the second half, but suddenly a woman finds out that another has appeared on the horizon. How to get rid of a rival and return a man's love? This is the first question that is asked in a situation like this. No need to run to psychics and make love spells, read prayers or do other strange things for the 21st century! It is much better to pay attention to effective psychological techniques, which will be discussed later.

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  • 1 "I know she is!"
  • 2 What to tell mom and girlfriends?
  • 3 If the opponent is a stranger
  • 4 If the opponent is a friend
  • 5 Additional actions

“I know she is!” I

Women have a powerful sixth sense and are often suspicious of a rival even before they see the supporting evidence. What to do in such a situation? Ask your man about everything? It is unlikely that he will immediately honestly tell about the betrayal (does he have a head on his shoulders?). What is left to do in such a situation?

First, you need to pull yourself together. Surveillance, endless phone checks and interrogations like: "You should have arrived 5 minutes ago, but you are still not here!" will not lead to anything good. Moreover, they can only aggravate the situation. After all, until it turns out that the woman has simply screwed herself up and the man has no one else, he may think: "If she still suspects me, then why not really get someone on the side?"


Secondly, you do not need to believe the words of all "well-wishers" who tell that they saw the faithful with some other woman. Who knows why they will report this and is it really all true?

But if the mistress really exists and the woman has proof of this, it is necessary to start the right action. It should be noted right away that public showdowns with hair pulling out, ultimatums “Either she or me!”, Intimidation to take away all property from a man after a divorce (if the couple is already married) will not be considered. The reason for this is simple: you cannot do this!

After all, women have a very cunning nature. It is on this that we will be able to play.

What to tell mom and girlfriends? 2

It is best if they do not know about the situation. Yes, they will support the offended woman, call her man a traitor, a goat and other unflattering words. What's next? What if the woman wants to keep the relationship? She will someday be able to forgive betrayal and treason, but in the eyes of her loved ones, this man will forever remain unworthy of respect.

How to get rid of a rival
How to get rid of a rival

And now it's time to find out the answer to the main question: how to get rid of the rival and return the man.

If the opponent is a stranger3

The most successful tactic in this case is "playing with ignorance." Let the man not even suspect that the woman found out about his mistress. Where is it better to take a closer look at the husband (boyfriend) and try to understand: does he need another girl only for sex on the side or does he have feelings for her? In any case, he has not left yet, which means that there is every chance of returning normal relations.

So, for a start, it is important to remember: there can be no question of any scandals. It is necessary to act subtly, but confidently. A woman can “designate her territory”: “accidentally” leave her things in the man's apartment (if they do not live together) or in his car.

The next step is to try to find out who this rival is and where she is. All that will need to be done further is to appear in front of her eyes with her beloved as often as possible. In this case, it is necessary to gently hug him, kiss and show feelings in any way possible.

Rival stranger
Rival stranger

As you know, men almost always lie to their mistresses that he is about to divorce his wife or break up with his girlfriend. Let the rival get jealous, suffer, and then throw him a real scandal.

After that, you need to come up with ways that will make the man spend more time with his wife (girlfriend). The main thing is for both of them to be interested! For example, it can be a parachute jump, joint development of a new sport, and so on. At first, the man will have no time to meet with his mistress, and then the desire to do this will disappear altogether.

If the opponent is a friend 4

For such a situation, there is one brutal, but very effective way. You can, as if by chance, tell a man that a girlfriend has recently become a frequent guest in the venereologist's office. In most cases, this is more than enough to discourage a man from seeing her in the future.

Well, for those who are used to acting more gently, there is another option. You can introduce a "friend" to another man, given her taste. Or lie to her husband that their mutual friend has a new boyfriend, whom she considers to be a real ideal. You can "finish off" your beloved by rewarding the pseudo-chosen one with those qualities about which a man has complexes (big biceps, high growth, and so on).

Friend's friend
Friend's friend

Additional actions5

The methods described above are very powerful. But in addition to them, you need to follow a few more simple rules that will help a man make the right decision (in favor of his wife / girlfriend, not his mistress).

  1. Involve the man in solving problems. Make him feel needed.
  2. Make him jealous. Put on makeup, put on heels and go sit with a girlfriend in a crowded place? Why not! But there are other men …
  3. Don't give up sex. Nobody says that you need to make love absolutely every time a man wants it. But it is also not worth constantly refusing him, referring to a headache or inventing other excuses. Let sex be varied, and even the most daring fantasies come true.
  4. Be interesting outside of bed. Men like it when a woman is interested in his affairs at work and so on. It is important to become a real friend for your loved one, with whom you can share your joys and sorrows.
  5. Men love with their eyes. You need to be ready to meet him. Who would like a woman with a dirty robe and oily hair? Maybe that's why he found a mistress …
How to get rid of a rival
How to get rid of a rival

It is also important to give your man a sufficient amount of attention, affection, understanding and care. Then he definitely will not want to look for someone on the side, and the woman will not have the question of how to get rid of a rival.

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