An Important Brief: The Real Psychology Of A Man After A Divorce

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An Important Brief: The Real Psychology Of A Man After A Divorce
An Important Brief: The Real Psychology Of A Man After A Divorce

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men after divorce
men after divorce

Yesterday it seemed that love would last forever, that every day of life together would be filled with happiness and nothing would darken it. And, like a bolt from the blue … Divorce. The feelings that both sides experience are sometimes beyond words. This is both insult and misunderstanding of what happened, and sometimes love that has not yet died out. It is generally accepted that only women are painfully experiencing a divorce situation. The psychology of a man after a divorce is based on his desire to radically change his life.

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  • 2 Stages of psychological state after divorce
  • 3 Dreams and reality
  • 4 The first dream
  • 5 Second dream
  • 6 Dream third

Features of a man's behavior after a divorce

The first sensations of a divorced man are associated with a sense of freedom. And, above all, freedom from negative memories of the divorce proceedings. Everything that he was worried about in this not at all cloudless period of his life was left behind. And now … Peace. Life for today. No need to prove something. The behavior of a man at this stage is characterized by the following signs:

  • A divorced man does not regret anything, on the contrary, he believes that this is how the relationship that had become painful for both parties should have ended.
  • As a rule, a man considers himself to be the victim. And, even if the reason for the divorce lies in him and his attitude towards the family, he is sure that the wife is the cornerstone in this situation.
  • Due to the lack of a sense of his own guilt, a representative of the strong half of humanity shifts the blame for the breakdown of family relations on the shoulders of his ex-wife.
  • He looks confidently to the future. Past mistakes have been analyzed and left behind in family life.
  • Memories of the past annoy the ex-spouse.

Stages of the psychological state after divorce2

Experts have identified several stages inherent in the psychology of a man after a divorce:

The stage of denial

The man cannot believe that the divorce proceedings are over, and his wife, with whom he lived for more than one year, is now a stranger. Some rejoice in freedom and the opportunity to live on their own. And some are in slight confusion, because they did not realize this outcome of the resolution of the situation, naively believing that they would be reconciled.

Stage of anger

A man, resigned to the situation, learns to live independently. But sometimes an attack of inexplicable anger rolls over him, the object of which can be any person nearby.

shackles of marriage
shackles of marriage

Trading stage

It would seem that the man got what he was striving for. But loneliness torments, haunts. More and more often, the thought of reconciliation with his ex-wife comes to his mind. Analyzing the years he lived together, he begins to understand that not everything was so bad in their marital relationship. The man seems to be bargaining with himself. But these thoughts disappear as suddenly as they appear.

Depression stage

The most dangerous stage in the life of a single man. The family could not be saved. I don't want to think about a new relationship yet. Every day is outrageously similar to the previous one. There is a high probability of a depressive state, from which it can be difficult to get out.

Acceptance stage

This stage can be considered the stage of recovery. The man understood his mistakes and, having analyzed them, is ready for a new relationship, which he had drawn in his imagination by that time.

divorce and that's it
divorce and that's it

Dreams and reality3

A divorced man paints pictures of his future life exclusively in pink. They have no place for everyday relationships. They are a continuous, endless holiday. But, having descended from heaven to earth, he suddenly realizes that not everything is so cloudless.

First dream4

Hooray! Freedom! Men enjoy the opportunity to live the way they see fit, without obligations and unnecessary problems.

But the reality turns out to be less rosy than he expected. All household little things for personal care fall on their own shoulders (when his wife was busy with this, he did not notice them). Along with everyday disorder comes a feeling of abandonment and uselessness.

freedom after divorce
freedom after divorce

Second dream5

The new darling will be strikingly different from the ex-wife. All her thoughts will be aimed at surprising her lover with unearthly sex, exquisite cuisine, comfort and coziness.

In reality, a new girlfriend, even if at the stage of meetings she was white and fluffy, very soon shows her true face. Material requirements were added to personal characteristics of character, outlook on life, habits. The man understands that he will not be able to keep the bar that he raised in the candy-bouquet period for a long time either physically or materially. The result is reproaches, exorbitant demands. It becomes clear that much of what he fled from in a previous marriage has overtaken him in his current relationship.

delights of divorce
delights of divorce

Dream three6

The new passion will satisfy the most daring sexual fantasies of the partner.

In fact, it turns out that an intimate relationship with a new partner, which only at first seemed brighter than with the former spouse, does not deliver the expected joy. And sometimes even, in an effort to show himself in front of a new passion as a true macho, a man drives himself into a corner when there is no strength, no internal lift, but only a growing feeling of fatigue and moral exhaustion.

Parting, in fact being a stressful situation for both spouses, proves that the psychology of a man after a divorce is no less vulnerable than a woman's. So here's a free piece of advice: take care of your families. Save yourself and your spouses from unnecessary tears and suffering.

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