What Are Men Afraid Of In A Relationship With A Woman? TOP 5 Secret Fears

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What Are Men Afraid Of In A Relationship With A Woman? TOP 5 Secret Fears
What Are Men Afraid Of In A Relationship With A Woman? TOP 5 Secret Fears

Video: What Are Men Afraid Of In A Relationship With A Woman? TOP 5 Secret Fears

Video: What Are Men Afraid Of In A Relationship With A Woman? TOP 5 Secret Fears
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men were scared
men were scared

All people are afraid of something. Some are horrified by a spider on the wall, some are afraid that hooligans will break a car at night, others are afraid of losing loved ones. If you thoroughly approach the study of the issue of fears, then there is hardly really at least one person who is truly fearless.

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  • 1 Where do legs grow from?
  • 2 Being a bad lover
  • 3 Fear of being compared to another
  • 4 Unplanned "bouquet"
  • 5 Two stripes
  • 6 Serious relationship
  • 7 Confess your feelings
  • 8 Confirm selection
  • 9 Fear of loss
  • 10 Fear of being abandoned
  • 11 Lack of fulfillment
  • 12 Age Fears

Women are naturally softer, more sensitive, more vulnerable and fears accompany them from the first days of life. But what about men? Is it really a stronghold of strength and courage, knights without fear and doubt of something to be afraid? Yes, they have fears too. What is the man to be afraid of and what is hidden in the head of the powerful? More on this later in the article.

Where do legs grow from?

Men, like all species on the planet, are subject to fear. This is part of the ancient mechanism of protection from danger, which were developed by ancestors and designed to preserve the species. Fear is an acute and negative reaction, it arises when life or health is threatened. Normal people, we are talking about people with normal mental development, should experience fears. Their reasons may be obvious - fright, accident, someone scared or beaten up and the trauma is psychological and latent.

Hidden fears develop with the person and, as they grow up, transform into depression, loneliness, and relationship problems. Men, although they do not admit it, are also afraid of a lot. Male fears can be conditionally divided into two large groups:

  • fears related to relationships and intimacy;
  • fears related to society and family.

Be a Bad Lover2

If you walk up to every man over 15 years old on the street and ask: why should men be afraid, then every first minimum in the three answers will say that he is afraid of being a bad lover. A bad lover for a man is the most offensive insult to his inner ego, such a stigma cannot be rid of forever. What is a strong male worth who cannot satisfy any female? In nature, he would not have even a small chance to be in the same herd with beautiful and gentle representatives of the weaker sex.

The cause of fear can be like the trauma inflicted on him by a girl in his youth or the attitudes of his parents who could not raise a confident man out of a boy and constantly “bale” him with or without reason. Of course, the size of the penis is the cause of uncertainty. Even psychiatrists are not always able to cope with such deep fears.

We will reveal the reasons why women may be afraid of sex and methods of solving them in the article at the link.

Secret fears of men
Secret fears of men

Fear of being compared to another3

The second most common fear among men is associated with sex and a girl's past experiences. It's good if she's a virgin and hasn't been close to men before. If two people meet in 20 years, the chance of being second to her decreases with each additional year in the passport. This is due to internal fears and complexes associated with the body and, naturally, the size of the penis. One reproachful phrase can fuel his doubts and deepen doubts about his wealth as a man.

Unplanned "bouquet" _171187

Men are afraid to get from a partner not only pleasant emotions and amazing sex. An acquaintance or a proven mistress can suddenly reward you with sexually transmitted diseases. Young men, especially under the influence of alcohol, make mistakes and do not look after safety. From this, very unpleasant stories with long-term treatment are then obtained.

Two stripes 4

Why should men be afraid from the onset of sexual activity? - become a dad! Especially if this is not a planned pregnancy and a conscious desire to have children, but the result of casual sex with an unfamiliar girl. It's not even worth joking with men on this topic, and flaunting pregnancy is considered taboo at all. Any man or boy on the phrase about an unplanned pregnancy is unlikely to flourish and rush to circle the girl and shower with kisses. The most likely reaction is fainting and talking about abortion.

Serious relationship5

Men are afraid to get into serious relationships with girls. We are not talking about sex, this is not the first step to a serious relationship, as girls might think. Joint life, a common budget, responsibility for another person is scary. Then the girl will lead everything to marriage and there will be even more restrictions.

Fears of men
Fears of men

There will be no more heart-to-heart drinking with friends, and you can't go fishing at any time of the day or night, or just give up on everything and go to a friend. After that there will be children, a loan for an apartment, a car, claims from his wife. All this merges into a terrible picture, from which the young man is ready to faint. For the successful implementation of this plan, you need to mature mentally and be financially ready.

Men are also afraid of smart and beautiful women, but more on that in the next article.

Confess your feelings6

In romantic films, a guy with a bouquet of flowers always looks beautiful, who, looking straight into the eyes of a girl, speaks of love. In life, not every guy decides to be the first to confess his innermost feelings. A girl may regard this as a manifestation of excessive sensitivity or become proud and respond condescendingly to emotional impulses. This is what men are afraid of. The most correct option from the point of view of a man is to receive hints from a girl that she has sincere sympathy for him.

And the best option at any age is not to get attached to status and recognition, but just to spend time together. Superfluous words only complicate everything and oblige the partner to reciprocate or break off the relationship. Why spoil everything yourself?

Confirmation of selection 7

The role of the mother in the formation of the child is great, and if we are talking about a boy, then she directly affects his future communication with women. It will be important for a son who respects a mother to receive confirmation of his choice. Mom should, if not approve directly, then at least not interfere with the couple's relationship. A wise mother will always find a way to hint to her son whether she likes his girlfriend or not. Some mothers are so passionate about the life of their children that they mutilate them with their own hands and prevent them from making their own choices in life.

What are men afraid of
What are men afraid of

It is not surprising if it turns out that in childhood the guy did not decide anything, but his mother told him everything how to do it right. Aside the manic and unhealthy love for children! An adult man will think about the place of the girl in his life if his mother does not approve of his choice. And the fear that the chosen one will not like her mother smoothly connects relations with families and relations with her beloved girl.

Fear of loss8

Men are afraid of death. Death does not mean to die, but to lose parents, loved ones. It's not just women who have fears about health and loss. Men experience everything no less brightly, only imposed stereotypes prevent them from showing emotions. The cause of fear can be both psychological trauma and unconscious fears that remain in children from childhood when they first encounter the concept of death. Fighting this is pointless.

Fear cannot be eradicated, but it can be replaced with positive emotions, extreme hobbies with adrenaline rush and risk. Suddenly, the risk of losing your life will force you to reconsider your views and begin to treat death not with reverent horror, but philosophically, as a step into a better world.

Fear of being abandoned9

Again, everything stems from a man's lack of confidence in himself and his dissatisfaction with his own body or the quality of life. The primary cause of fear is the love of parents, or rather its lack. The guy grows up unsure of his own uniqueness and with the confidence that no one will love him, and if he does, he will certainly find better. It is very difficult for a man to live with fear of abandonment and betrayal. Even if he leaves Chrysler in the morning and goes to run an oil and gas company, any skinny bespectacled man at work of his wife or girlfriend will seem a real threat.

All the guys' fears
All the guys' fears

Not enough realization10

Since childhood, men do not hide the fact that they want to be the best and the first in everything and are ready for literally anything in order to gain authority with the local punks. During growing up, parents are faced with various moments of formation and if they react to the child's attempts to assert himself inadequately, the guy becomes painfully sensitive to competition. Then the relationship model is transferred to the family and he begins to feel uncomfortable without the usual competitive environment.

The wife will be the first person to take grief if she is more successful than her husband. A woman who takes on the role of a man treats him condescendingly and this greatly affects the ego. Men are afraid not to win the competition even with the closest person.

Age Fears11

All people on earth are afraid of old age. There is no person who will be happy with aging and not only a physical change in the quality of the body, but also in external attractiveness. There will be no more embossed body, and luxurious hair will be replaced by an unattractive bald spot. The biggest fear is becoming impotent. This is such a frightening topic that needs to be talked about in half a whisper. The pharmaceutical industry has long ago solved all similar problems, but men are afraid of this too.

It is not like a man to take pills instead of the usual excitement from the thought of a beautiful woman. Along with old age comes a decrepit body and dementia. Fear never again to be a daring fellow who dashingly solves all problems. Fearing the inevitable is stupid. This should be approached deliberately, philosophically and not strive to take everything possible from youth, dynamically killing your body. Exercise and healthy eating will prolong your quality of life.

The mysterious story of Benjamin Button
The mysterious story of Benjamin Button

No matter how strong and brutal the men may seem outwardly, in the depths of each of them hides the same timid boy who is dependent on opinion and is very afraid of losing those closest to him. Support and understanding in the family and from the beloved will help to establish a life in harmony with your demons. Love and care will be able to regain confidence and feel safe, at least within the native walls of the house.