How Can A Girl Meet A Man? Where Are You, My Beloved?

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How Can A Girl Meet A Man? Where Are You, My Beloved?
How Can A Girl Meet A Man? Where Are You, My Beloved?

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miss congeniality
miss congeniality

Attention - this valuable resource is often not enough for everyone. Especially in need of it the fair sex. So you want to have a person who cares about you. How can a girl meet a man?

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  • 2 Excessive arrogance
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  • 4 How to get attention
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Who can support you in difficult times and rejoice with you in your success. Which, will turn into a muscular superman when you need to carry heavy bags from the supermarket, in trouble-free Bumblebee, when you need to drive around the whole city and in the extravagant James Bond when you want to feel protected. Today it is not so easy to find a man who possesses at least a few of these qualities. But know, when you want something, you have to give something in return. You will be right if you remember the formula: price - quality.

Many have had negative experiences of past failed relationships. Some, trying to learn from the mistakes of others, project the sad experiences of their friends onto their own lives. These factors may ultimately have a negative impact on the future. How not to invest more than you can get? How to find not only a lover, but also a friend all rolled into one? There are several reasons that can complicate the task of finding a soul mate in the vastness of the network.

Low self-esteemi

You are used to the idea that whirlwind romances and beautiful love stories exist only in books and on movie screens. In your school years, you were not the headliner of the company, the boys did not fight for the right to be next to you. You put on the gray mouse suit yourself. Now that most of your classmates and classmates have already formed pairs, and possibly already in the second round, you still do not dare to take the first step towards fate.

In fact, not all men are interested in the first city beauties. Such conclusions are generated by stereotypes from the same sensational TV series and films. On the contrary, many want a quiet and calm life for themselves and their future children. Not everyone sees their life in the center of the capital on the twentieth floor of a skyscraper. So go ahead and create a profile on a dating site. Take some neat photos and place them on the page.

Just don't need to turn yourself into a Game of Thrones character using photo editors. Natural beauty for many guys is much more important than contrived pathos. Imagine how disappointed they would be when they actually meet, chatting with a fairy princess online.

Excessive arrogance2

Of course, there are a lot of women who overestimate the criteria for choosing a suitable partner. A man opens a profile on a dating site and begins to study the list of requirements for a candidate: a height of at least 180 cm, an athletic physique, a device from 15 cm, an attractive brunette, with a sense of humor, not boring, not stingy, loving joint trips to the south, but in return he gets the jackpot - you!

And here, in order to take risks, he needs to make the appropriate measurements, pass a dozen psychological tests, browse a bunch of travel sites, check all bank and electronic accounts, and, standing in front of the mirror, making sure that the relief has not turned into a plain, write you the first message. Seriously? Do you think if he has all this, he will spend hours looking through the pages of naughty sites and intently reading the profile data?

Naturally, there is a buyer for each product. Life is a movie with an unpredictable scenario, in which logic does not always want to be present, and common sense completely forgets the road in this direction.

how to find a soul mate
how to find a soul mate

Online dating sites3

If you categorically do not approve of acquaintance through the keyboard, but prefer live communication, then you need to decide on the places where men live. Of course, patrolling the banks of rivers and lakes in search of fishermen is not an option, but fortunately this is not the only area where you can meet a potential suitor. A gym or fitness club can not only tighten muscles, but also turn out to be the territory of acquaintances.

Local athletes will immediately notice the appearance of a new one. You can choose your favorite cafe or bar and constantly drop in there for a cup of coffee. You can also attend events dedicated to men's hobbies, such as auto exhibitions, football and hockey matches, rock festivals. If you have no desire to visit stadiums and concert venues, then it is easy to find a gentleman in a supermarket in the department of auto goods, tools or fishing tackle.

Although, in our time, guys can be found choosing varnishes and hair dyes or branded things. Here you yourself can prioritize who you want to see next to you.

how to find a loved one
how to find a loved one

How to get attention4

Surely there is a young promising single employee in your office. It's no secret that all female colleagues pay attention to him to one degree or another. But don't get lost. Delight the mirror of the cosmetic bag with your reflection, correct the contours of your lips, bring your eyes and turn to this ownerless man with a question about work.

Men love to help girls. Even if his competence is not enough to resolve your situation with documents, you will already take a step towards him. If you want to meet in the fresh air, then the easiest option is to ask for directions to the nearest restaurant. It is more efficient to do this before lunch, perhaps he is just going to have a snack and will be happy to keep you company.

In the park areas, where pet lovers usually walk their four-legged friends, you can even meet two-legged dog breeders. You can give a cute compliment to a pit bull or a Doberman. When you have your own dog, then everything can be much easier.

how to find love
how to find love


To figure out how a girl can meet a man? You need to know what kind of man you want. You have to understand that by connecting life with a sports fan, you will not miss a single game, with a fisherman, get ready to while away all weekend at the window, waiting for a big catch, with a mechanic, buy overalls to deliver meals to the garage. It doesn't matter if he is a pragmatic economist, a famous musician or a tram driver, the main thing is that he be a good person.

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