How To Communicate Correctly On Dating Sites?

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How To Communicate Correctly On Dating Sites?
How To Communicate Correctly On Dating Sites?
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The very first and necessary step in order to communicate on dating sites is to create a profile. It contains all the information that should attract a man, including the best photos. However, this stage is the simplest. Problems arise further when it comes time to communicate and meet other users of these sites.

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Immediately it is necessary to warn that sitting on one site for years on end does not make the slightest sense. Even several months in a row will not be as effective as the first days after creating a questionnaire. The maximum, how much it makes sense to be active after the first stage - one or two weeks. This is due to the algorithm of work of this kind of sites. The thing is that all newbies are at the top of the list at first, but over time they go further and further and they simply cease to be found.

Therefore, it will be much more effective to register on the site, look through the questionnaires for a week, and then leave for one or two months. After that, you can create a new profile using a different email address. This will avoid wasting money for finding the ad at the top. But beginners always get there for free.

How to communicate correctly

In the near future, after posting the questionnaire, the mailbox will start bursting with letters from men wishing to meet. More than two-thirds of them will seem completely inadequate. This is completely normal. The main thing is to remember that it is not necessary to communicate on dating sites with everyone who wrote. If from the very beginning it is clear that a man is not interested, then it is better to immediately stop communicating with him than to waste time on useless dialogues.

If a man was not interested from the very beginning, then the best way out would be not to answer him at all. Such silence is far less offensive than open refusal. In addition, some may demand to explain the reasons for the refusal, which will involve in a fierce argument that will draw out a huge amount of energy necessary for communication with other, more worthy men. As a last resort, you can blacklist the overly annoying boyfriend, saving yourself from his messages.

If you want to find a man in order to start a serious relationship with him, then it is better not to pay attention to residents of other cities and those who have indicated in the questionnaire that he wants simple communication. Of course, even simple communication can result in something more, but in most cases these profiles belong to convinced bachelors or married men who will never start a serious relationship. It is also not recommended to waste time on men whose age difference is more than 10 years. But it makes sense if you are interested in peers.

Do not forget that finding an interesting man is not enough for a successful acquaintance. It is also necessary that the woman herself be interested in him. The interlocutor is unlikely to understand how interesting a woman communicates with him if she answers his questions sparingly and dryly. At this time, it is necessary to become partly a talker.

It is recommended to come up with some non-standard questions that can be asked at the beginning of the dialogue. This can make communication more intense and interesting. It is advisable to ask questions that the woman can answer herself. Thus, you can avoid a stupid situation if the interlocutor asks the same question in response or avoids answering.

How to communicate on dating sites
How to communicate on dating sites

Questions with light humor perfectly diversify communication. This helps to stir up the interlocutor or relieve the tension that sometimes arises when communicating with still unfamiliar people. The main thing is not afraid to write nonsense. It's actually much better than just being silent. In addition, it will show that the man is communicating with a living woman who is not ashamed of him. If he doesn't like it, it means that he is simply not suitable for a serious relationship and you should not waste time on him.

Communication on dating sites implies that the interlocutors tell each other about themselves. It doesn't matter what exactly. You can talk about pets, work, hobbies, home and the like. If the interlocutor is not too talkative, then you can find another.

If the interlocutor seemed interesting enough to develop acquaintance, then you should not hesitate, but you need to make an appointment with him. Ideally, of course, a man should be the first to do this, but often it is much more difficult for them. Therefore, you should not wait until he has the courage to invite him first. If this is not done, then sooner or later communication with him will come to naught, like any communication on the Internet. In addition, you should not start a serious relationship with a person with whom communication was limited to correspondence. Sometimes people live are not what they seemed when reading the messages.

Do not hesitate to look for dating. This is just the Internet and no one will judge. You can write to the guy you like first. It is important to learn how to use search and write intriguing messages. You yourself understand that the option "Hello, let's be friends" is a bit dull and banal. It is optimal to give small compliments and ask clarifying questions. You can write that you are interested in the questionnaire, your small resume, show your desire to continue communication.

the girl thinks how to communicate correctly
the girl thinks how to communicate correctly

You don't need to go crazy about someone turning down your offer. There will be more interesting and promising men who will definitely want to talk. Don't dwell on one thing. You need to have several options. It is worth preparing for the fact that some will write indecent sentences about sex. Now this is a common phenomenon. You don't need to despair if you can't find a normal person right away. Here who, how lucky, and no one knows where you can meet your destiny. As a rule, on dating sites the jackpot is won by the more patient ones.

It is important to remember that everything comes with experience. The more you communicate with different people, the more developed your intuition, and the more chances you have to hook up a normal guy.


Communication on dating sites has recently become more and more popular. This option is more for the lazy. You don't need to dress up for a long time and go somewhere to impress someone. It's easier to communicate via the Internet. First you can win over a person, and then you can see with your own eyes.

This option is especially suitable for those who are not very attractive in appearance. Another advantage of communication on special sites is a large selection of applicants for the hand and heart. You can immediately weed out unliked options without any lengthy explanations.

A separate topic is communication with foreigners via the Internet. You can even use the services of translators. Thus, you can find yourself a promising foreign groom. So many of our girls do. It is easier to leave to live in another country through marriage.

improve your chances on dating sites
improve your chances on dating sites

However, there is also a downside to the coin. You never see who is on the other side of the monitor. An elderly man or even a woman can impersonate a young guy. There is a risk of falling for all sorts of perverts. However, he who does not take risks does not drink champagne. And many reputable Internet resources check their users. Therefore, luckier than problems.

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