How To Communicate With Girls Correctly? Psychological Advice

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How To Communicate With Girls Correctly? Psychological Advice
How To Communicate With Girls Correctly? Psychological Advice

Video: How To Communicate With Girls Correctly? Psychological Advice

Video: How To Communicate With Girls Correctly? Psychological Advice
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How to treat a woman
How to treat a woman

If men do not know how to treat women, then this is not at all surprising, because according to one of the versions about the origin of humanity, men and women came to Earth from different planets. This is where the legs of the problem of gender misunderstanding grow. However, in a love relationship there is no place for misunderstanding, and as you know, even the inhabitants of Venus and the natives of Mars are submissive to love.

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  • 1 Let's talk about feelings
  • 2 A woman needs to be heard
  • 3 Feelings and women are inseparable
  • 4 During an argument, you need to act like a gentleman
  • 5 Respect is the key to good relationships
  • 6 When Politeness Is Not a Mask
  • 7 Her family is a common family
  • 8 Jealousy-admission of their own insolvency
  • 9 Help is never superfluous
  • 10 She is the most
  • 11 Memorable dates are important
  • 12 Gifts must be meaningful
  • 13 Flowers are always relevant
  • 14 Friends should know your lady
  • 15 Leave Room for Romance

In order to establish this alien contact, guidelines have been drawn up for the warlike and insensitive male aliens on how to deal with very gentle and emotional female aliens.

Let's talk about feelings

If for many men, actions and deeds are most important, then women put feelings and emotions in the first place in relationships. It is very important for them to know how a man treats them. For them, pleasant compliments are as important as gifts or help from a gentleman.

If it is difficult for a man to often express his feelings verbally, then this can be done with the help of notes, open, audio or video messages. Ladies value such a manifestation of feelings very highly, as it requires a certain "tangle" and such messages can be saved so that later there will be something to remember.

  • According to statistics, men are much more likely to be the first to confess their love. According to the observations of the researchers, men are ready to make a confession as early as 88 days, but the ladies "mature" only by 134 days. The same is true with love confessions, about 70% of men are the first to utter words of love.
  • For confessions you need to choose the right time. It is good to do it unexpectedly when the lady is in a good mood, otherwise she may think that they are out of place at the moment. In no case should you confess your love to a woman in gratitude for something, they will appreciate it that way. Also, do not throw confessions from the very beginning of the acquaintance, this can be regarded as a frivolous attitude. A woman's words of love before sex are often associated with a man's desire to achieve sexual contact from her, but a love confession after sex speaks of a serious attitude of a partner.

A woman needs to be heard2

All people, regardless of their gender, love to talk about themselves, especially women. And since a woman is also a very talkative creature, she will be very grateful to “free ears”. If the gentleman is willing to listen to his lady, then he can hope for her favor.

Even if the gentleman is not very interested in what "Mademoiselle" is talking about, the following tips will help him to create the illusion of sincere interest:

a guy treats a girl
a guy treats a girl
  • It is necessary to portray interest. This means turning away from the TV and putting your phone aside. You do not need to interrupt a woman until she expresses her main idea and carefully delves into her story in order to ask relevant questions and be able to maintain a conversation.
  • Consider non-verbal cues. You need to perceive information not only with your ears, but also with your eyes, so you need to follow facial expressions, gestures, tone, etc. All this will tell you her attitude to the subject of conversation.
  • There is no need to challenge her point of view. If your lady is not in the best mood, then the misunderstanding or censure from her gentleman will upset her even more. If you do not agree with her position, then it is better to take neutrality and tell her that in any case you are ready to support her.
  • Do not pretend to be a savior and a hero, trying to immediately solve all her problems. It is possible that this is not what she wants. Most likely, she just needs to speak out or hear advice. You need to act when she herself asks about it or makes a significant hint. However, if a lady does not want to use the advice or help of her boyfriend, then you should not criticize her for this.

Useful tips on how to look after a girl correctly and always be the best are collected in our article.

Feelings and women are inseparable3

So that there is no misunderstanding in a couple, you need to be interested from time to time what a woman feels in different situations. According to psychologists, it is much more difficult for men to determine what their lady feels only by non-verbal communication methods.

instructions on how to behave with a girl
instructions on how to behave with a girl

So, in order to read in the eyes what their owner feels, it will take a man twice as long as a woman.

During an argument, you need to act like a gentleman4

Even very close-knit couples have arguments and quarrels from time to time. It is very important at such moments to monitor your speech and behavior. In no case should you allow yourself to swear at your girlfriend or use physical force, otherwise, it will serve as an excellent reason for parting.

After the conflict is settled, there is no need to conceal resentment, it is better to take the first step towards reconciliation. Many women consider the refusal of the conflict a manifestation of courage and the ability to deal with a woman, because scandalousness is mainly the prerogative of women.

Respect is the key to good relationships5

Gentlemanly behavior is created in order to emphasize respect for the female sex, as well as the fact that ladies are unique and need to be protected. Taking care of ladies does not at all mean emphasizing their dependence and helplessness. The gallant attitude of men allows the weaker sex to feel their femininity in full.

When Politeness Is Not a Mask6

Women love well-mannered men who are familiar with the rules of etiquette. Therefore, do not forget about this even if the couple is in a long and permanent relationship. Many ladies are unpleasantly surprised when their gentleman demonstrates impeccable manners in society, which disappear as soon as they are alone.

how to care for your woman
how to care for your woman

The use of mats in the presence of a woman is simply unacceptable. Even if she does not take it personally, she will still have an unpleasant aftertaste.

Punctuality is the courtesy of kings, therefore, since even these high-ranking officials know how to value other people's time, then men should be just as scrupulous about the employment of their ladies. This means that you need to be on time for meetings, not have the nasty habit of calling endlessly, or even "falling out" of communication. You need to understand that women always have a lot of urgent matters, therefore, it is better to warn her about any changes in plans in advance and find objective reasons for such incidents.

Her family is a common family7

Even if a woman claims to have little contact with her family, her relatives must be respected and not criticized. Family ties can be very strong, so the choice of a boyfriend can be influenced by the reviews of parents, sisters, brothers or other close people.

If a lady has children, then you need to establish friendly relations with them, try to get to know them better. For many women, the opinion and well-being of their own children is a decisive factor in determining whether or not to continue dating a fan. Do not impose on children or try to educate them, this will cause protest of children and indignation of the mother.

Jealousy-admission of own insolvency8

If a man is constantly jealous of his life partner for all the men around him, then a woman may get tired of such constant control, clarification of relationships and doubts about her moral values, as well as suspicions of treason.

when to give a girl flowers
when to give a girl flowers

A jealous partner shows his own inferiority and doubt about his masculine qualities. He kind of admits that the world is full of men who surpass him in many ways.

Help is never superfluous9

Housework is very exhausting for women. Therefore, if a gentleman believes that women meet with men so that they have someone to cook for and someone to collect socks for, then he is deeply mistaken. Ladies do this simply because no one else wants to take on these unpleasant responsibilities. However, if they have a reliable assistant who is able to cope with household chores and does not believe that a woman's place is in the kitchen, their gratitude will never end.

She is the most, the most 10

A woman will feel the love of her partner if he allows her to feel special. This can be achieved by giving small gifts or showing signs of attention on holidays and other important or solemn days. This will serve as proof that the man is really happy that there is such a beautiful woman next to him.

Do not underestimate the fact that among themselves, friends and relatives are usually interested in what gifts their other halves have presented them. You can imagine how humiliating a lady will feel, whose gentleman ignored both her and the holiday itself.

how to kindly treat your beloved
how to kindly treat your beloved

It is worth learning about how women behave in love relationships in our article, then follow the link.

Memorable dates are important11

Many ladies are so sentimental that sometimes I remember even minor events in my life. This can be the first kiss or the first date, and even more so they will never forget about the day they met their boyfriend or the day of the wedding. Therefore, it is so important for a partner not to forget about them and to show his beloved that for him these dates are very memorable and dear. Anniversaries help lovers re-immerse themselves in a time when their relationship was full of intrigue and romance.

Gifts must be meaningful12

The choice of a gift should be approached with extreme caution, it should be to the lady's taste. It is not difficult to guess with a present; women usually like to tell stories or look at goods in stores that they would like to purchase. You just need to be a little more careful, and the eyes of your beloved will shine with delight and admiration for the sagacity of your gentleman.

Flowers are always relevant13

It really doesn't really matter how a woman treats flowers. Any bouquet is a great sign of attention, and if it is supplemented by a love note, then it is also a manifestation of romance. This is another proof that a man loves and appreciates her.

how to treat a lady
how to treat a lady

Friends should know your lady14

If a man is not ashamed of his woman, then he usually seeks to introduce her to everyone and appear everywhere in her company. This is how a woman can judge his feelings and the seriousness of his intentions. But if the gentleman is dark, hides his lady and the affair with her, this means that she is not so important to him.

Leave Room for Romance15

Love is in the little things

Many people do not know how to show their love with sweeping gestures or extravagant signs of attention. For them, the most important thing is the manifestation of love in the little things. Many gentlemen are capable of screaming about their love, buying expensive gifts or promising mountains of gold, but bringing coffee to bed in the morning, fixing a computer or making dinner on their own is not something every man can do, and it's better to do it every day. do not speak. If a man shows such attention and care every day, then only a real selfish person can fail to notice this.

Send messages

Small SMS compliments to the girl or postcards in social. networks will remind her not only of the presence of the gentleman-sender in her life, but also of his feelings. If a woman has an important event planned, then encouraging messages will come in handy. They will tell her that a loving man believes in her and supports everything.

treat a woman gently
treat a woman gently

Compliments are a charge of good mood

If a woman receives constant compliments and assurances from her man that she is irresistible, then it is unlikely that she will often run to beauty salons or plastic surgeons. According to psychologists, it is the loved ones who most often instill complexes and a feeling of dissatisfaction with their own appearance, skills and abilities in their partners. To save your chosen one from self-doubt, you need to often remind how beautiful and loved she is.

At the same time, it is advisable to emphasize exactly those pleasant qualities that she really has. Patterned phrases or outright flattery are recognized once, and in the future there will be no trust in such a fan. It would seem that such a small amount, just a short compliment to the girl, and how much positive it gives is difficult to describe.

The last word for the lady

If a man respects and appreciates the feelings of his woman, then he will not put pressure on her and teach her about sex. The partner herself has the right to decide when and where this will happen. All she needs to know is that he desires her physically and is ready to wait.

about the right treatment of a woman
about the right treatment of a woman

During sex, the partner should not be limited only to the satisfaction of their own needs. For many women, foreplay is of greatest interest, which piques their interest and shows how gentle, inventive and experienced in pastel matters the partner is.

Young men should not be discouraged if their lack of experience in relationships with women prevents them from creating a strong and harmonious couple. If the guys are puzzled by the question of "how to treat a woman," then they are already on the right track, and the above recommendations will help them not to go astray.

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