Why Is A Beautiful Girl Considered Stupid? What Do Guys Do?

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Why Is A Beautiful Girl Considered Stupid? What Do Guys Do?
Why Is A Beautiful Girl Considered Stupid? What Do Guys Do?
Beautiful and stupid girl
Beautiful and stupid girl

A beautiful and stupid girl, in particular a blonde, is not only the heroine of all kinds of anecdotes. Such girls live all the time, representing a beautiful naive creature. Most often, such girls have a doll-like well-groomed appearance, a slender body, a beautiful wardrobe, cute little things and a complete lack of brains. Well, or partial.

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  • 1 As cute as she is stupid
  • 2 Born to be beautiful
  • 3 Live for yourself
  • 4 Forward to Success
  • 5 A serious guy is a stupid girl
  • 6 Relationship with a stupid pretty girl
  • 7 How to raise a fool
  • 8 Favorite men

As cute as it is stupid

Be that as it may, but a beautiful and stupid girl is of great interest to men. It remains only to be surprised at the fact where the lovely lady has such a number of fans. An excellent exhibit of a silly and beautiful blonde is the image of Svetka from the Bukin family. The girl has a bright appearance, cool "clothes", constant boyfriends and practically does not understand how many two plus two will be and how the planet Earth turns.

The young talent was born for a different purpose: to find a rich husband, arrange daily shopping, show off to friends and live for your own pleasure. And the "woodpecker" does not have a headache about utility bills and such an important question: "For what purpose did Mankind get into this Universe?"

Born to be beautiful2

How do cute and stupid creatures appear among smart pretty (and not so) women? In most cases, beautiful and cute, spoiled children become stupid and beautiful girls. Parents caress beautiful babies, indulge the slightest whim and teach practically nothing. Any housework is done by a mother who feels sorry for her beautiful and tender child, and she tries to protect from other problems.

At school, teachers show maximum patience at the sight of a charming smiling child. Boys constantly pay attention, do their homework, carry briefcases and distract from their studies. The girl grows up in the center of general attention and envy of smart, but ugly friends. This is how a young lady grows up, without a single goal and responsibility. The only thing they taught her was that some kind of fairy godmother or an unfortunate prince would do what was necessary for her.

Stupid and beautiful
Stupid and beautiful

Live for yourself 3

A stupid and beautiful girl is busy only with herself. There is no great future for her goals. She wants one thing: simple family happiness … It's a joke. She is only worried about her own comfort and indulging her whims and desires. She should look good, eat delicious food, go to summer resorts in the winter season. And, for this she needs a wealthy sponsor. Only a spectacular slender beauty can find such a hand. You don't need a lot of mind to become a charming beauty: go to the gym, swing your ass, make face masks. In her free time from the gym, the girl does makeup, hair, picks up a beautiful wardrobe and goes in search of a suitable groom.

Forward to success4

As statistics show, stupid and beautiful women are much more successful in moving up the career ladder than smart, not attractive employees. Men - bosses crave an environment of slender beauties and do their best to contribute to this. Beautiful women most often tend to work with the fashion industry or show business, where they can appear due to their external data.

Serious guy - stupid girl5

Some men are attracted to a woman who looks great and does not try to be clever at the same time. A man is flattering to shine with knowledge against her background and to impress her. Guys love to hang out with these girls, but when it comes to building relationships, the first problems begin.

Stupid girl
Stupid girl

An overly stupid, even a beautiful girl, is a problem for society. She is too naive for her age, does not inspire any confidence when entrusting an important matter. The girl amazes with her spontaneity and irresponsibility, as well as excessive selfishness. People around them begin to notice that the young woman is not distinguished by a special intelligence and ingenuity, and they begin to make fun of the unfortunate person who decided to build a relationship with a charming person. The young guy gradually opens his eyes to the reality of what is happening, and he thinks about how he should be next.

Relationship with a stupid pretty girl6

In such a situation, when a guy has a beautiful and stupid girl, you can find three ways out:

  • Throw a fool. A stupid woman is not able to give wise advice, help in a difficult matter, or keep household chores in order. Foolish beauties are destined for entertainment. Take off to have a pleasant and fun time, but they are not suitable for promotion in a relationship.
  • "There's no reason I won't leave her, because I'm good." So what, that silly, but beautiful and cute. And the man is good with her. He can cook borscht, dig up potatoes, talk about politics alone or with a neighbor for a couple, and let her sit by the mirror and show off. This is his treasure, and he will not allow anyone to laugh at her. Even myself. In principle, even a stupid woman will be able to keep an eye on the house and heat the cutlets.
  • Raise a wife. A good option in such a situation would be education from a big beautiful silly girl to a big beautiful smart girl. The process is not easy, but it is worth the effort when it comes to true love.
Stupid and beautiful girl
Stupid and beautiful girl

How to raise a fool7

In order for a stupid beautiful girl to turn out to be a smart interesting woman, a guy will have to be patient and tactful. You should not stoop to insults, harshly scolding a woman for every stupidity. She needs to be encouraged as a small child, praised for every smart thought and good deed.

Girlfriend replacement

A man should unobtrusively change the social circle of his beloved woman if there are many "partridges" around her, pulling the girl to the bottom. The most graceful way to get rid of your girlfriends is to make the girl jealous of them. A guy can compliment her friends, thereby awakening the desire of his lady to move away from them.

New interests

To change a girl's thinking, you need to take her to interesting events and watch popular science programs. So that the young lady does not gape at the screen, you need to buy her popcorn and chips. Watch the program and talk about what you saw.

New classes

English or astronomy courses may interest the girl and help fill the gaps in her education. If a girl is not interested in education in general, she can be instilled with other hobbies and activities that will resonate in her soul. The main thing is that she has a desire to learn something and a desire to develop.

Relationship with a stupid girl
Relationship with a stupid girl

Favorite men8

Not all men suffer from the stupidity of a woman, most admire such women, and find in them a lot of advantages:

  • "I'm so smart!" Any man seems to have heightened intelligence when a beautiful, stupid blonde giggles charmingly next to him. The guy is pleased with himself, her, he likes such communication where he feels his significance.
  • Spring wind in my head. Foolish people seem very optimistic. They do not think about what will happen in the near future and rejoice in every little thing of today.
  • Passionate in bed. Men believe that a stupid pretty girl is a passionate and active lover in bed. This makes sense. Indeed, besides herself, the girl's head is not loaded with unnecessary information, and she gives herself up to feelings and emotions in bed.
  • Stupid girls are easier to achieve. Smart ladies with a bitchy character and a Napoleonic mindset require feats, long courtship, ups and downs. Naive cute girls are able to enjoy simple things.
  • Amenable to management. Silly beauties are obedient to men and lend themselves perfectly to their influence. Men do not need anything else. A beautiful girlfriend who can be controlled much more pleasantly than a wayward, proud woman, with a bunch of all sorts of tricks and wisdom.
wig girl
wig girl

There are a lot of jokes in the world where an intelligent and independent woman meets a calm old age surrounded by fluffy cats. In every joke, there is some truth. Maybe every successful woman will not hurt from time to time to put on a mask of sweet spontaneity and carefully monitor herself.

Silly pretty girls are attractive to men, but don't go too far. When a man needs support, help and good advice, it is necessary to turn off the “charming fool” function and provide the necessary assistance.

Some stupidity and beauty are quite compatible things with female wisdom, independence and self-knowledge.

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