10 Ways To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy For Women

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10 Ways To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy For Women
10 Ways To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy For Women

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Methods for preventing pregnancy
Methods for preventing pregnancy

Sex is wonderful, it is useful for the health of men and women, it is necessary for receiving pleasure and pleasant sensations. But as everyone knows, sexual intercourse can lead to unwanted pregnancy even when everything seems to be thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to prevent pregnancy for girls who are not yet ready to become expectant mothers, but who have an active sex life.

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What is contraceptioni

Contraception is a protective tool that prevents girls and women from getting pregnant, and sometimes protects against all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases.

Currently, there are a huge number of methods and types of contraception, these are spirals, and hormonal pills, and injections that reduce sperm activity, and good old condoms. Well, if there is no money for such things, then young people resort to an emergency method, which is called "stick out in time."

Of course, interrupted sexual intercourse is also a way of preventing pregnancy for girls, but she will not be able to control her partner's self-control, and even during intercourse, and especially with the approaching ejaculation, sperm particles can penetrate into the vagina, no one is safe from this. Therefore, the best option would be to trust medicine and resort to one of the ways to prevent pregnancy for girls.

Methods of preventing pregnancy2

  • Condoms. They are condoms. The first of them appeared in the distant 16th century. Charles Condom - their creator, made the first condom for King Henry of England, and made it from the intestines of a sheep. In other countries, they were also made from the bladder of various animals, flax, processed leather, and much more. The now familiar condom is made of latex or polyurethane. They protect against unwanted pregnancies and genital infections.
  • Female condom. New, huh? It appeared not so long ago, and is a polyurethane bag, which is attached with rings to the inside of the vagina. In fact - the same as a regular condom, only inside. And he also protects not only from pregnancy, but also from disease.
Preventing pregnancy
Preventing pregnancy
  • The vaginal diaphragm, or otherwise - the uterine cap. What is this anyway? Also made of latex, the caps are worn over the cervix. Of course, this is unlikely to save you from illness, but from pregnancy for sure.
  • Interrupted act. Well, it's not worth talking about it again, everyone already knows how to do it.
  • Calendar method. It is not clear who believes in this, but since such a method takes place, it means that he helped someone (probably). A girl or woman can track the day of ovulation, on which it is not worth having sex, as well as track the days that are unfavorable for conception. But there is a nuance, a woman's cycle can easily shift, and she will not even notice, for example, if the application shows that ovulation has already passed, but in fact there has been a failure in the body, and she has slightly shifted, then the danger of getting pregnant is very, very high. The sperm can live inside for up to several days, so it is undesirable to use this method. Perhaps the following two can be attributed to the same method, since they are approximately the same principle: cervical and temperature. Temperature will help to more accurately determine the day of ovulation, and cervical too,but you need to check this by vaginal discharge. They change depending on the day of the cycle, so this method can be quite bearable. But the risk is not excluded.
  • Lactation period. During breastfeeding, the hormones prolactin and oxytocin are produced, ovulation does not occur, so conception is virtually impossible. The same applies to the period of pregnancy, you can have sex, but it is unlikely that it will be convenient for both partners.
  • Spiral. Rumor has it that it is the best method of protection, they say, cum as much as you want for many years. However, it does not always work. Recently, cases have become more frequent when conception occurred in those cases when the spiral is installed. The bottom line is that this steel device is installed in the uterus itself, preventing the penetration of spermatozoa, and steel and copper actively kill them. But this method is not suitable for everyone, because there is a high probability of inflammation or infection with an infection, and also, if fertilization has occurred, and the spiral is incorrectly removed, a miscarriage may occur. The spiral, by the way, can be hormonal in addition. It all depends on how much the girl or woman wants to protect herself.
Protection methods
Protection methods
  • Hormonal contraception. There are also several types of it. The most common of these are hormonal pills, or COCs. Their task is to suppress ovulation, as a result of which pregnancy will be impossible. Next - hormonal patches. In this case, hormones enter the body through the skin. Another hormonal contraceptive is the vaginal ring. It is injected and also produces estrogen hormones, just like pills. But the disadvantage is that it is not very convenient to use and may even fall out.
  • Subcutaneous implant. It is also a hormonal agent, producing progestogens. It is believed to be safer than estrogen contraceptives.
  • Contraception for women with chemicals. It can be all kinds of foams, gels, candles, creams. They destroy sperm cells by their action and are applied immediately before sex.
Contraception diaphragm
Contraception diaphragm

Vaginal diaphragm

Everyone should know about ways of preventing pregnancy for girls so that unforeseen situations do not happen. Yes, it is possible to terminate a pregnancy with the help of abortion and pills, in the early stages, but they will leave their indelible mark on the girl's life, so it is always important to remember the golden rule - not a man should think about protection, but a girl, because this is her body, her body, and who, if not she, will better protect him.

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