How To Seduce And Subdue A Man: Lessons Of Seduction For Women. 7 Steps

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How To Seduce And Subdue A Man: Lessons Of Seduction For Women. 7 Steps
How To Seduce And Subdue A Man: Lessons Of Seduction For Women. 7 Steps

Video: How To Seduce And Subdue A Man: Lessons Of Seduction For Women. 7 Steps

Video: How To Seduce And Subdue A Man: Lessons Of Seduction For Women. 7 Steps
Seduction lessons
Seduction lessons

Seduction of a man is a whole science, which was perfectly mastered by Japanese geisha. Most women will roll their eyes pathetically and snort contemptuously, “Science? Yes, we will seduce any man in three counts! " This is followed by clear evidence that the "art of seduction" is inherent in girls' blood. Most often these include: stupid antics, short skirts, vulgar jokes and "shooting" flirtatious eyes.

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  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Gestures of seduction
  • 3 Playing with curls
  • 4 Mirror of the soul
  • 5 Grace of a Panther
  • 6 Velvet notes
  • 7 Feel the attraction
  • 8 Touching a man
  • 9 Things to Avoid When Seducing Guys
  • 10 How to seduce difficult men
  • 11 Seduce a beautiful stranger

Usually, this is where the set of seductive qualities ends and women remain with broken expectations, reassuring themselves with a banal phrase: "I didn't get caught, then it's not mine!" And, after all, the lessons of seduction give a stunning success and revive in an ordinary, average citizen, the image of the charming Cleopatra. By the way, the latter was not considered a beauty. Cleopatra had an irrepressible charm and ability to charm any man she wanted.


A seductive woman is, first of all, a neat woman. She has clean, ironed clothes, mostly of lightweight fabrics. Candid, translucent blouses and dresses, short, tight skirts, it is better to put aside. The girl should be seductive, but not vulgar or overly frank.

Women often confuse the appearance of the temptress with the image of the maiden Moulin Rouge. They assume that displaying feminine charms automatically makes them sexy and seductive for men. A lady should look attractive, seductive, but dignified.

Seduction gestures2

Demeanor is the trump card in seduction lessons. Smooth hand movements, wagging hips and the queen's gracefulness will not leave indifferent the looks of the stronger sex. Gait is far from an unimportant fact. She should be feminine, smooth, interesting.

Strong, modern women are accustomed to rushing somewhere, striding boldly and waving their arms, like Napoleon in front of the garrison. Not every man can boast of such a firm and decisive walk with which most girls move.

Curl Play3

Working on gestures when communicating with a man will help a woman present her image as a soft seductive cat that she just wants to pet.

Seduction lessons for women
Seduction lessons for women

When a woman is next to a man, there is “magic” in her hands, with the help of which she can attract and bewitch, or repel and avert the interlocutor. The lessons of seduction are of great importance on behavior. The struggle for male attention includes the maximum "artillery": hair, facial expressions, lips, body, wrists, legs. No man can resist such an arsenal if properly disposed of.

Hair is a serious weapon for girls. The length of the hair is not as important as its cleanliness, condition and smell. One of the seductive tricks dictates the following: while sitting opposite a man, a woman should play with her fingers relaxed on the ends of her hair.

The hand moves slowly, fingering the strands, and the mesmerized guy watches this picture, frozen in mid-sentence. A careless gesture correcting his hair will help to restore it to its normal state. Do the man's interested eyes follow the movement of the hand? Fine! You can go to the next "procedure".

Soul mirror4

The languid look of a relaxed tigress will have a huge effect on the close-seated Tarzan. Relaxed upper eyelids, hiding sparkling, deeply open eyes that invite you to plunge into them. A great effect on men is obtained with the help of a wave of eyelashes raised to the top of the eyes.

modern temptress
modern temptress

In front of the mirror, the girl should practice the gaze of the goddess. Squinting her eyelids, languidly waving her eyelashes, she gradually learns to have a seductive gaze.

When communicating with a man, you should not be afraid to look at him and look deeply into his eyes. The main thing is that it was the gaze of the seducer, and not the caustic, inquisitive gaze of Inspector Zhuv.

The lips enter the entrance. An open mouth, with soft, semi-moist lips, combined with a relaxed gaze, is an explosive mixture. A daring, wet tongue, slowly and naturally licking lips, will perfectly complement the picture. Don't overdo it. The tongue endlessly wandering around the mouth looks silly and funny.

Grace of the Panther5

Seduction lessons include eloquent body language. Everything should be combined in a seductive woman: clothing, image, gestures, body movements. If a woman bursts into the room, like a collective farmer after milking, falling heavily on a chair, stooping her back, her image will not be saved not by a silk dress, not by a wave of eyelashes with plump lips.

rules for seducing men
rules for seducing men

The temptress sits straight, with her legs crossed. In her movements, languor, relaxation is felt, but not tiredness and a desire to rest.

Bracelets and wristwatches sliding on slender wrists beckon and attract the eyes of the stronger sex. The girl must show her wrists unobtrusively.

When next to a guy, she touches the cheek, shoulders or neck. This should be done gently and unobtrusively.

Velvet notes6

When talking with a man, a woman should be soft, tender and bewitching, like a cat. Not clucking like a chicken filling the dialogue with continuous chatter, not shouting like a crow, but purring like a fluffy pet.

Abusive and harsh words must be removed from the speech of a seductive lady. The stream of phrases should flow like a stream, melodic, interesting, enticing.

If a girl is in a close relationship with a guy, she can conquer his words describing her feelings and emotions. They sound something like this:

Seduction lessons for girls
Seduction lessons for girls
  • "You give me a shiver in my body."
  • "I want to feel your touch."
  • "Your look excites me."
  • "The sight of your body turns me on."
  • "When I look at you, everything burns in me."

When addressing a man, be sure to use the following phrases:

  • "You are so sexy"
  • "My tender".
  • Dear Boy.
  • "My favorite".

Feel the Attraction7

modern geisha
modern geisha

The lessons of seduction are only successful if reproduced by a talented student. Behavior alone is not enough to attract the interest of the opposite sex. A powerful sexual energy should emanate from a woman, awakening in men an indomitable desire to unravel, conquer and master. For a woman to emanate the proper vibe, she must open up to her sexuality.

A pleasant and somewhat unusual exercise is used to unleash sexual energy. The girl must introduce some man from her acquaintances. She mentally undresses him, admiring and imagining every naked piece of his body.

Fantasizing, a woman visually touches the naked flesh, mentally imagining what the skin feels like, listening to personal feelings. When meeting with an “imaginary lover”, a woman will emit flows of such sexual energy that a man cannot but feel.

Touching a man8

It is unacceptable for a seducer to behave vulgarly and easily. She is characterized by a slight eroticism, a mystery, a hint of possible intimacy. Under no circumstances should a guy sit on his knees, climb up to him with hugs or slap him on his elastic ass. Touching a man should be light and gentle.

how to seduce a man
how to seduce a man

You can inadvertently brush away a speck of dust from his shoulder, while talking, take his hand in the elbow area. Passing an object, you can accidentally touch his palm.

What to Avoid When Seducing Guys9

A few tips will save women from stupid things that can interfere with the seduction of the stronger sex:

  • Nice yawn. Yes, yawning is nice. Yes, the woman had a difficult, stressful day, and the pleasant atmosphere of the evening is conducive to relaxation, the woman relaxed and yawned widely. The charm faded away. Such actions are strictly prohibited for a lady-temptress.
  • Crossing arms. When a person folds his hands in front of his chest, he systematically disowns others. This gesture seems to announce: "Leave me alone."
  • Scratch your ear, nose. It's not just aesthetics. Scratching the nose is a non-verbal sign that signals that the person is lying, rubbing the ear indicates boredom. A man must be sure that a woman is comfortable and good in his company.
  • Laugh loudly and sharply. Firstly, it scares, and secondly, such a reaction to jokes is more suitable for a real man, not a charming girl.
lessons of correct seduction
lessons of correct seduction

Straight Talk. Sharing youthful dreams or funny memories with a man is one thing, but listing a number of everyday problems, experienced trials and past illnesses is a complete taboo when talking with a man

How to seduce difficult men10

Seduction lessons are wise tactics that can win over any type of man, depending on character, temperament, and religious background. Each "merchant" has its own "product".

Men are different: rude, "snow queens", "don - juan", and you can find an approach to each of them.

  • Ruders are one of the most unpleasant representatives of the stronger sex. They always show leadership over women, do not hesitate to be rude and humiliate. If a woman decides to subdue such a guy, she needs to remember a few rules: do not pay attention to rudeness (pretending to be deaf for a while), try to be cute as much as possible, ask various questions.
  • "Snow Queens" are men full of equanimity and "cold". His gaze does not express any emotion. When dealing with this type, you should take the initiative, but also not be intrusive. He can be asked a difficult question that will interest and arouse the desire to communicate.
about modern geisha
about modern geisha
  • Don Juans are great lovers of flattery and compliments. Seeing a person in a skirt, they are charged with the maximum amount of noodles, which they happily hang on the girls' ears. He needs to respond with the same coin, making it clear that his weapon "does not hit the target."
  • When seducing any man, it is worth remembering male weaknesses. Guys love compliments when they are admired and praised. Even a rude person becomes docile if you speak to him in a soft and gentle voice, with admiration and sincere interest.

Seduce a Beautiful Stranger11

When a woman meets a beautiful stranger, she dreams of meeting him. At first, the guy may not notice her, but for a charming seducer, there are no difficulties. Immediately, the image of a resolute girl is drawn, who drinks a hundred grams of votka from the elbow, wipes her mouth with her sleeve, firmly says: "With God!", And rushes to the handsome table. If he does not want it out of love, we will take it by force. This method will not be successful.

To subdue a guy, a girl must stare at him until the “victim” feels that she is “at gunpoint. For a few seconds, drown in his eyes and turn away sharply, and then again look at the guy from under his eyelashes. In situations like this, the man usually takes over the game, and eye shooting takes a serious turn.

If the guy hesitates to come up first, the girl can do it for him. A good excuse to get to know each other is a slow dance. In the modern world, ladies invite gentlemen not only to a white dance.

how to seduce a man
how to seduce a man

During the dance, the girl should fold her palms on her partner's neck, talk in a low voice, and warm her partner's chest with hot breath. This technique will not leave indifferent a man who will definitely want to continue acquaintance.

In whatever situation a woman finds herself in, she should remember that she is beautiful, desirable and worthy of a prince. A beautiful, slender, but insecure woman who considers herself the most pathetic loser can never master the science of seduction. In a woman, in addition to external data, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of her own irresistibility and sexuality.

Seduction Lessons are important tips for charming and seducing the desired subject. However, it is worth remembering an important fact: in order to seduce men, you must cultivate a seductress. Lady Seduction is confident, natural, loves herself and the male sex. The lessons of seduction bring to the light of God the sexuality and charm that lie and sleep in every woman.

And what qualities of geisha should be adopted by modern girls, we read in our article further under the link.

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