Why It's Good To Be A Girl: Reasons To Be Proud

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Why It's Good To Be A Girl: Reasons To Be Proud
Why It's Good To Be A Girl: Reasons To Be Proud
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why is it good to be a girl
why is it good to be a girl

Once upon a time, Sigmund Freud wrote in his works that every woman dreams of being a man and regrets that she does not have a penis. In the end, they come to terms with their unsightly lot and even manage to get some pleasure from life in such an imperfect form. But maybe an error has crept into the old man Freud's theory, because if you think a little, you can easily find many reasons why it is good to be a girl.

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  • 1 A little about the female body
  • 2 A little about women's whims and emotions
  • 3 A little about finance
  • 4 Other reasons to be proud of being a girl

A little about the female body

The most important advantage of a woman is the ability to give birth. Of course it is painful and not easy. But in this she is irreplaceable. No woman is afraid that one day her man will come to her with a mysterious look and say to her: "Honey, we will have a baby!"

And, by the way, she doesn't have to worry about whether she is the mother of her children, unless of course she is the heroine of an action-packed novel about replacing children in a maternity hospital. Because only a woman decides from whom and when she will have a child.

Nature took care of the girl, and gave her the opportunity to experience multiple orgasms and always know whether her partner had an orgasm or not. But such information is not always available to a man. And a small but nice bonus - girls can fasten a zipper on jeans without fear of pinching anything. There is nothing to pinch there.

A little about women's whims and emotions2

Any girl without hesitation can cry and scream from the heart, not only at the sight of a terrible episode in a horror film, but at the sight of an ordinary mouse. And no one will reproach for excessive weakness and cowardice.

And how good it is when you shake with fear on the attraction to snuggle up to the shoulder of your beloved man. If you suddenly want to just cry, then you can just cry, and not courageously demonstrate inhuman resilience.

Don't like the presented service? Why not referring to the PMS to smash it, and then "bitterly" cry over its fragments. And no one will suspect anything bad. A girl can throw a big tantrum at any time of the day or night, which usually ends with incredible sex.

After all, everyone knows that night hysteria is the best prelude to fantastic conciliatory sex.

A little about finances3

Often, to understand why it is good to be a girl, you just need to visit a nightclub or bar. In many paid nightclubs, women are often admitted free of charge. And finding a generous man in a bar who will gladly treat you to a cocktail will not be difficult.

And by the way, in order to have fun and get a little drunk, a girl needs just one or two cocktails. And the lady has much more chances to dine for free than the males. After all, despite feminism, men usually pay for romantic lunches and dinners in restaurants.

Why is it good to be a girl
Why is it good to be a girl

Historically, a woman does not have to think about how to improve her social status or how to feed her family. All these responsibilities can be shifted to the husband, because a man's responsibilities include making difficult decisions and being responsible for these decisions, protecting and providing for the family.

And there is no need to be ashamed that women usually bring less money to the family budget, because the status of “family breadwinner” does not belong to her at all.

Based on this, the girl rarely worries that she was chosen only because of her good financial status. Of course, there are gigolos in the world, but there are hundreds of times less of them than the fair sex who dream of living at the expense of another person.

And men making a scandal, demanding from a girl to buy him a new fur coat or necklace, exist only in science fiction novels.

Other reasons to be proud of being a girl4

In addition to the listed benefits of being a woman, there are a number of other pleasant reasons to be proud of being a woman:

reasons why being a woman is good
reasons why being a woman is good
  • There is no need to puzzle over original and unusual texts in order to get to know a young man you like in the club. It is enough just to come up and look into his eyes and in a couple of minutes he will come to get acquainted.
  • A girl who has put on warm tights under trousers in a severe frost will never die of embarrassment if someone sees it.
  • If you like a colorful shirt in the store, you can safely buy it and not worry about someone thinking that their sexual orientation is bad.
  • Women do not need to suffer in thought "and not whether to grow a beard or mustache?"
  • If a woman does not want to have sex with a specific person, she has the right to tell him: "leave me alone." And she will not suffer at all from whether she has violated his tender self-esteem or whether she has inflicted moral injury.
  • A young girl does not need to be afraid of subpoenas and ambushes from the recruiting office.
  • A woman can safely wear her man's clothes and look sexy at the same time. And if a man stealthily tries on women's clothes once, his life will never be the same.
the pros of being a woman
the pros of being a woman

According to statistics, women live 15 years longer than men and are four times less likely to die in childhood from an accident or injury

And yet, the main reason why it is good to be a girl is that the fair sex does not need to spend her life with selfish, capricious themselves-do not-know-what ladies want, their lot is noble and strong men. For this, you can enjoy life for another thousand years and not envy men.

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