Qualities Of A Smart Girl And What 11 Signs Indicate It

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Qualities Of A Smart Girl And What 11 Signs Indicate It
Qualities Of A Smart Girl And What 11 Signs Indicate It

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Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

The question "is an intelligent girl what?" both sexes are asked. Some want to learn in order to match (or try), others - so as not to run into the opposite. True, it is not always advantageous to be smart or to marry smart, sometimes oh how useful it is to be a fool (or to marry her).

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  • 2 Signs of a smart girl
  • 3 What qualities does an intelligent woman have?

Smart is what? I

The signs by which you can understand whether a girl is smart or not are different. But everyone has their own ideas about this. One will say, "God, she's so smart, she knows all the works of Mandelstam by heart!" or "she knows how the engine differs from the carburetor!" or "knows all Newton's laws!", and so on. However, are these signs of a smart woman?

No, of course, for a certain age, the one who studies at five in school will be considered smart. But this is up to 12 years. Then the priorities change. Although, for some individuals of the male sex, the one who passed the exam in strength of materials from the first time to 5. Or in philosophy will be considered smart all her life. But the percentage of these men is small. Negligible. Still, a girl must have other qualities in order to be called smart.

Signs of a smart girl2

Every self-respecting man wants to marry an intelligent woman. But to understand who he was going to marry is better before the wedding. There are certain signs by which you can understand that this is a smart girl.

First sign

She knows when to keep quiet. In public or alone. She will not express her dissatisfaction with anything in the presence of strangers. She is well aware that such actions belittle a man in the eyes of others. But this does not mean at all that she will silently swallow the resentment.

If a man has done an act that has offended a woman, or has said something unpleasant, then she will not run away in tears. She may pretend that she did not notice or that it did not hurt her at all. But when you are alone, she will express what she thinks about this. A smart girl will not tolerate an unworthy man next to her.

Yes, she's smart enough not to throw a tantrum in public. But at home, she will not throw plates, but clearly and to the point will make claims that this should not be done with her. The man will understand everything, apologize and will not do this anymore. If he is not a fool and does not want to lose her.

The habits of an intelligent woman
The habits of an intelligent woman

Second sign

A smart girl will never discuss her boyfriend or husband with anyone and under any circumstances. She understands very well that this gossip will not benefit their relationship. And that friends or relatives, because of negative stories about him, will have the wrong opinion.

For example, she will not complain to anyone that he is not a gentleman's manners, that he picks his nose at the table, and so on. This discredits both of them - her as a woman who chose "the wrong one", but him as an ill-mannered bumpkin. A woman with a mind understands perfectly well that she does not need such stories about her man.

She will try to gently, using affection, perseverance and wisdom, wean him from habits that she does not like. Within reason, naturally.

Sign the third

An intelligent woman takes care of herself. Is always. Under any circumstances. She perfectly understands that her appearance is her calling card. And that a man wants to show off his chosen one, and not be ashamed of her. Even with limited free time and a limited budget, she looks at least good, at most - irresistible. At the same time, she will not nag her chosen one, that he earns little and she does not have enough for a manicure.

Smart girl habits
Smart girl habits

A smart girl reads non-glamorous magazines. Although, sometimes they too. She will read what she likes and what benefits. For example, books on the psychology of relationships. Or fiction. Read a magazine because it is fashionable, she will not. She has other priorities.

The fourth sign

An intelligent woman monitors what her chosen one is doing. She will know not only his place of work and responsibilities, but also about all his hobbies. Fishing, football, hunting - she is interested in knowing what her loved one likes. Perhaps she will even keep him company for football or fishing.

No, she will not pry every night - what exactly her husband was doing at work today. But she will know at least everything basic about his position. She will listen and give advice if he asks for it. Will support him even when he is frankly wrong. Will tell you how to fix something. She will not leave him alone if he needs help and support. Even if a woman does not understand the issue at all, she will not say “go and consult with Serega” or “call your parents”.

The fifth sign

She doesn't waste time. Even if she has a lot of free time, she will find something to do with herself. A smart girl understands perfectly well that idleness leads to degradation. She will find herself a hobby, passion, and will not watch serials for days.

How to identify an intelligent woman
How to identify an intelligent woman

A girl with brains understands perfectly well that she should not completely immerse herself in the family. If she loses herself, she will become uninteresting to her partner. Therefore, she monitors her state of mind as carefully as her appearance. Even while on maternity leave, she will strive not to go headlong into the child. Otherwise, you can lose your family. One should never forget about a man.

Sign six

A smart woman doesn't build glass locks. She looks at things soberly. She understands that the world does not revolve around one single man. Therefore, if he does not appreciate her, then she will not stay long next to him. She will not seek excuses for him. If he calls her once a week, she will not impose herself on her and will not indulge herself with illusions that “the battery has run out, he has no time, he has gone on a business trip” and so on. The clever one understands that if she is hooked, then the man will not behave like that.

She is discerning. She is honest with others and wants the same treatment. If he is friends, then openly, sincerely. If he dislikes a person, then he will not pretend.

How to identify a smart girl
How to identify a smart girl

Sign seventh

She will not adjust to something or someone. For a man, fashion, public opinion. She has her own style, so she doesn't need all the fashion tips “this season is all yellow with purple peas”. She dresses the way she likes.

A smart woman won't change her wardrobe because her man doesn't like it. In principle, she will not marry a man who in some way infringes on her. Therefore, requests (or threats) such as “do not wear a neckline, do not wear skirts above the knee,” and so on, will not roll with her. She understands that all such statements come from the fact that a man is not confident in himself. And a smart woman doesn't need that.

Sign eighth

A smart girl understands that there are no perfect people. Therefore, a loved one will be forgiven for some offense and will never remind of it, if she has forgiven. But this does not mean at all that you can do this with her - deceive, betray. She will forgive only if the person sincerely repented and understood his guilt.

A woman with a brain does not live in the past. She draws certain conclusions from each situation and lives on. She will not make herself a woman to be pitied.

Signs of an intelligent woman
Signs of an intelligent woman

Sign ninth

An intelligent woman does not lose herself. Never. Whatever happens in her life. Whatever baggage of negative experience is behind her, she will remain herself. Yes, perhaps the character will become more tough. But she will remain herself.

She's not ashamed to be real. If she is naturally sentimental, then she is not dumb to cry over a sad movie. If even with a decent income she likes to go to McDonald's, then she will go there. Because this is part of her life. She will not cheat on herself for the sake of society.

Sign ten

Yes, the intellectual component is certainly present. A smart woman is smart in everything. No, she's not a walking encyclopedia, but you can talk to her on various topics. Not to discuss borscht recipes (although she can do that too) or the next episode of the soap opera, namely to talk.

She does not hesitate to express her opinion on any issue. If it doesn't harm her family. With her, you can go to a corporate party or visit, to a meeting with the boss. Because the man is sure that she will not disgrace him, she will not say something that can make him look not in the best light in front of people.

What qualities does an intelligent woman have?
What qualities does an intelligent woman have?

Sign eleventh

An intelligent girl knows how to pretend to be a fool when she needs it. She knows very well that in certain situations it is better to smile and flap her eyelashes than to show that she is smarter than the other person. In order not to offend the latter.

And she will do it so skillfully, so naturally, that no one will have doubts about the fact that she is pretending.

What qualities does an intelligent woman have? 3

An intelligent girl is versatile. She is multifaceted, her logic is not well developed. At this point, men will laugh, because it is men who compose jokes about women's logic. In fact, things are not so bad.

Smart women are highly intelligent. If she is interested in a question (or needs to study it for work), then she will study it inside and out. In doing so, she will refer to different sources. Credible. Wikipedia is not its authority.

A smart girl
A smart girl

A woman with brains knows how to convey information to the listener. She will not explain like "this thing here, and this one over there." She will tell everything clearly, put it on the shelves. Make it so that everyone understands it.

What other qualities characterize smart women:

  • Care. No, she will not become a nanny for her spouse. But she will take care of him.
  • Honesty. She does not deceive herself and does not lie to others. She is always honest with everyone.
  • Purposefulness. A smart girl knows what she wants and will strive for it. But most likely it will not go over the heads. Although this is not a fact.
  • Femininity. Even with a steely character, she remains feminine. The girl understands perfectly well that the man next to him needs a fragile woman whom he wants to protect, and not a wall behind which to hide.
  • Punctuality. She is not late for work, business meetings and dates. Knows the value of time. And he demands the same.
What an intelligent woman looks like
What an intelligent woman looks like
  • Mysteriousness. Remember, yes, that a smart girl is multifaceted? Therefore, she always has something to surprise others.
  • The ability to love. She will not start a partnership with a man. Next to her there will be only a loving and beloved man.
  • Ability to find compromises. Perhaps, in some matters, an intelligent girl is categorical. And this is correct, there are things where it is impossible otherwise. But there are situations where compromise is needed. And a smart girl knows how to find him. She understands that flexibility in relationships is necessary and very important.
  • Sexuality. Not to be confused with vulgarity. An intelligent woman will always be desirable for her man. Even after 20 years together. She understands very well that sex plays a big role in any relationship. But she will not flaunt her sexuality in front of everyone.
  • Ability to surprise. A smart girl knows monotony destroys relationships. Therefore, she will try to surprise the man. Will shake up the relationship when necessary.
Clever woman
Clever woman

An intelligent woman is a godsend for a man. She attracts strong men and repels weak, insecure men. She is patient, but she did not tolerate it. This is one of the qualities that men value so much. This also includes tact and the ability to remain silent. Agree, this is not given to everyone.

She trusts her man, does not make scandals from scratch. Next to her, a man feels like a man. From a wise woman, he will not hear “you are a rag, you are not capable of anything, you will not succeed, you do not have enough intelligence” and similar phrases.

If the relationship began to deteriorate, she will try to maintain it. If it doesn't work out, it won't pull. He will tell you straight out that you have to leave. If a man became the initiator of the break, then a woman with wisdom will not blackmail him to try to keep him close. She will not scare him that he will not see the children, press on pity. Such manipulations are the lot of offenders.

But remember, guys, that a smart girl knows her worth, so there can only be a decent man next to her. To marry such, you have to be smart yourself.

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