What Is Femininity? What Qualities A Real Woman Should Have In Modern Girls

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What Is Femininity? What Qualities A Real Woman Should Have In Modern Girls
What Is Femininity? What Qualities A Real Woman Should Have In Modern Girls
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In the age of strong women and weak-willed men, they are so lacking: gentle and affectionate, charming and soft creatures. It is they, the fairer sex, who must embody what is commonly called Femininity. Recently, it is so rare for young ladies who have the qualities inherent in a real Woman.

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  • 4 Before and now
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The qualities of femininity

Every young lady craves with all her being to be called a girl, and gets upset every time she hears the word "woman" addressed to her. A stupid prejudice, because “woman” characterizes, first of all, not an age category, but a combination of qualities, external and moral data, woven in one beautiful creature - the daughter of Eve.

What is femininity? This is a combination of a large number of qualities that should be reflected in every woman. The more they are expressed, the more the lady personifies the one who is really called: a woman.

The set of feminine features includes the following items:

  • tenderness;
  • fragility;
  • emotionality;
  • fidelity;
  • sincerity;
  • kindness;
  • beauty (not only external);
  • softness;
  • Charm.

The list should be continued, and it is worth emphasizing that it is these qualities that awaken a strong desire in men to cling to a woman, protect, provide, care for her, and admire her.

Modern woman2

Recently, young and adult ladies are forgetting about the most important quality that should be present in them: femininity.

Women prefer to dress up in men's clothes and shoes, copy the manners of the stronger sex, smoke, use foul language, laugh loudly and spit directly on the sidewalk. They ceased to be weak and defenseless nymphs. Learn to take care of yourself.


Modern women, for the most part, represent a sad sight: rude intonations during a conversation, a smoky rude voice, a soldier's sweeping gait, excessive activity in a personal question. They preach feminism and women's independence. The woman will do all the hard work herself with dignity: she drives a tractor, and sits behind the wheel of a motorcycle, and will break the nose of any bully and win a guy, dear to her heart.

And, a man stands aside, fiddles with a handkerchief in his hands, steps from foot to foot and does not know what to do now. How to conquer such a strong and independent young lady who can do everything and does not need him? So the stronger sex is capricious, choosing from the “strongest of this world” a worthy contender. A man wants that among a crowd like him, there is one to whom he can offer a heart, an arm and a strong shoulder. Lately, you can't even surprise girls with strength. They have quite a few strong arms and shoulders.

Secrets of femininity3

What is femininity all the same, and how, a representative of the fair sex can discover and demonstrate this gift in herself.

First of all, a lady must understand. That beauty and femininity are connecting things. It is like two parts of one whole.

How to find a feminine girl
How to find a feminine girl

She must be beautiful. They say there are no ugly women. And that's a fact. There are unkempt and rude young ladies. A woman is obliged to take care of herself. It is impossible to be a charming lady with a dirty head, purulent pimples and dirt under a manicure. Although some, especially gifted persons, even succeed in this. Nevertheless, appearance is of great importance for a feminine young lady. Beautiful well-groomed appearance, inner softness and tenderness are exactly the mixture that a real woman should carry.

Everything should be beautiful: behavior, speech, the ability to present oneself. No matter how charming the girl is, but if the speech of “drunken locksmith Ivanov” falls from her lips, no one will appreciate her external data.

Before and now4

In the old days, the secrets of femininity were passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. Women taught young girls how to take care of themselves, how to behave in society, in relation to men.

Recently, girls have paid much attention only to their physical appearance: they visit gyms and beauty salons, go to a hairdresser and massage parlor, shave their legs and remove their "mustache", remaining a rough and uncouth "dork" in their souls.

Girls achieve success in their careers, independence and independence. Forgetting about your main purpose: to be a gentle, charming nymph, to give a man warmth, light and comfort of the hearth.

What is femininity
What is femininity

Real woman5

Femininity is a powerful feminine energy that is necessary for every representative of the weaker sex who wants to be a harmonious and full-fledged woman.

The inner qualities that fill a woman should have the following properties in abundance:

  • self-confidence;
  • attention to others;
  • curiosity;
  • charm;
  • the ability to support and warm, sympathize;
  • wholeness.

The embodiment of femininity is not always contained only in a charming and stunning beauty. Most often, such a woman may not stand out for her special appearance, but after communicating with her, a person experiences a special soft energy, a surge of charm and special charm. Such a woman knows what and when to say, how to keep the conversation going and calm the tempest in the glass.

Without flowers, but with a cigarette6

On International Women's Day, the number of disaffected women and men increases significantly every year. Men do not feel like presenting flowers to women, while the fair sex stops receiving male attention. As a result, all men are "unworthy subjects."

Dear ladies, should be clearly aware that in order for a man to want to shower a woman with flowers, one should become that very Woman.

Dating a feminine girl
Dating a feminine girl

What is a modern diva? She despises men's weaknesses, finds them in almost every act of a man, not forgetting to prick and emphasize the shortcomings of her faithful.

Women are used to making fun of men, both in personal relationships and in the social sphere. Women constantly criticize and insult men. They are used to competing with the stronger sex, achieving all sorts of victories and being exalted over the guy. Not afraid to touch the vulnerable and susceptible male psyche, the girl makes the guy a laughing stock in front of friends and acquaintances, not a gram of not caring about what is happening in his soul.

And, then, gathering in the women's company, the ladies vigorously discuss their favorite and hackneyed topic, about "what kind of men have gone today."

What is left for men to do? There is a guy with a bouquet of flowers, and then she appears … Hands in pockets, a soldier's gait, from the hip, a cigarette in his teeth, tattoos on his hands … Woman! And, this, she has not yet opened her angelic mouth to suck out a loud and sparkling tirade.

Opinion of modern girls7

A modern woman, unfortunately. Has ceased to be feminine. You come across several rare specimens, which you look at and wonder: "And, nevertheless, they exist!" Gentle, meek, affectionate, loving …

Modern girls are no longer romantic. They are pragmatists and economists, they can be conquered by the star and the moon, if the image of the luminaries flickering on a donated gold ring.

Women are accustomed to taking without giving anything in return. If she is beautiful, then a man is obliged to admire her and create conditions for her beauty to bloom and ripen like geraniums in a clay pot. A. what a man needs, she absolutely does not care.

Feminine girl
Feminine girl

Two different views8

Women's and men's concepts of what is femininity differ from each other.

Girls believe that the word "femininity" includes: a young face, slender body, high breasts and long legs. Of the inner qualities they must have: pride, inaccessibility, arrogance, sexuality.

Men who have taken place as a person, and have long grown out of the age when a pretty young face was considered the standard of femininity, believe that a real woman should have: understanding, affection, sympathy, support, tenderness. With such a lady, a man feels confident, strong, and in demand. When a woman rejoices in little things, a man tries to move mountains, when a girl is unhappy with male presentations, a man wants to turn his head. Or her neck.

Look for women! 9

Oh, how men need real women! In those in whom femininity manifests itself at full power. For such ladies, I want to do great things, conquer the world and get the moon from heaven. In front of such women, men open doors, serve up coats, pull up a chair. Guys give roses to such girls and write poems.

Many ladies believe that in each of them femininity is present in itself. This is not entirely true. Femininity is served "training", it is like a flower - it grows and fades.

What is femininity
What is femininity

Every girl who wants to, young or mature, beautiful or not quite, can revive in herself the most real femininity, which will not go unnoticed by others.

Here she is - a woman! 10

So, what qualities and demeanors should be present in a Real Woman? This list will serve as a hint for those ladies who are seriously thinking about this question:

  • Sincere smile. And not just a smile, but a smile. As the famous raccoon sang: "a gloomy day is brighter from a smile!" A woman whose face lights up with a smile, cheers up, pleases and evokes positive emotions.
  • Soft speech. Of course, strong women refuse command tone and harsh statements, but if they change tactics, using soft and affectionate notes in conversation, they will achieve much more success. Indeed, a woman's gentle voice contains the magic of femininity, which is difficult to resist.
  • The ability to listen, delving into the conversation and calling the interlocutor for a dialogue. No selfish speeches and endless chatter. In the words addressed to a man, there should be an interest in his personality, deeds, mood.
  • Lack of negativity. Taboo on caustic criticism and insults. Yes, women are smart and cunning, they know how to hook men to the living and leave a "wet spot" from it. Well done. But such girls, men will shun. Let it be beautiful, albeit sexy, but an ulcer, but with such ladies it is not easy and unpleasant to deal with.
  • Call a man by name. Affectionate and respectful. They love it. No nicknames and funny sayings, concealments, lisps and shyness: "Artyom", "Sergey", "Kolya" - it's that simple!
  • Looks into the eyes. Kindly and gentle. No sullen looks. It is worth forgetting about the daring, boring, intrusive, eagle gaze.
  • Decent behavior. A queen should be felt in a woman. But not proud and arrogant, but worthy, honestly admitting her mistakes. And complexes.
  • No whining. Almost every young lady sins of this quality. Women love to complain about everything: the weather, children, husbands, figure, girlfriend, broken nail. Men are depressed by women - whiners. From such subjects, you want to escape to the end of the world, in a tied hat - with earflaps (so that not a single word reaches).
Real woman
Real woman

Obsession. This is typical of almost every “conqueror of men's hearts”. Come, see, conquer. In the modern world, this motto is more often heard from women than from men. When a woman loves and achieves her goal, she is ready for feats: to sing a serenade, to travel millions of kilometers, to pull a lock of hair from a rival's head. A lady in love does not give rest to the object of her fantasies: calls, writes, is on duty under the windows, scares cats, neighbors and a man with irrepressible pressure. And while, due to excessive activity, male irritation arises, femininity in the body of an obsessive lady, curls up into a ball and cries quietly. Or blushes with shame. A woman should be a princess - romantic, open and proud enough not to run after her beloved boyfriend

It is from such threads in the fair sex that Femininity is born. A special energy that fills her with a unique charm.

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