How To Start A Dialogue With A Girl On The Internet: Don't Panic, Guys

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How To Start A Dialogue With A Girl On The Internet: Don't Panic, Guys
How To Start A Dialogue With A Girl On The Internet: Don't Panic, Guys
Video: How To Start A Dialogue With A Girl On The Internet: Don't Panic, Guys
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dialogue with a girl on the Internet
dialogue with a girl on the Internet

Dialogue with a girl on the Internet is the first step to meeting her in reality. If her boyfriend is an interesting conversationalist for her, she will most likely be able to ask her out on a date. If not, then she will not continue to communicate on the Internet. Some men simply have no idea how to start a conversation with the one they liked from the photo. How to attract a girl?

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  • 1 Gathering information
  • 2 Don't exaggerate the truth
  • 3 Is it necessary to have common interests?
  • 4 Down with illiteracy and obscene language
  • 5 Don't lose yourself

Collection of informationi

It's easier to build a dialogue with a girl on the Internet if you know at least a little about her. If a guy likes a classmate (classmate, neighbor, girl from the yard, and so on), then it will be very easy to find out something about her, about her hobbies. There will always be mutual acquaintances who can tell you something useful. It will be much easier to start a conversation online, and here's where you can start:

  • Write that you saw a girl at school, or on the street, you really liked her.
  • Next, say that you are interested in the same thing that she is, you go to one section, or you heard that she is also fond of sports. If there is no common hobby, then you can start a dialogue with what you have: school, mutual friends, and so on.

In the case when it comes to the one that has never been seen in life, but liked her photo on the Web, it will be a little more difficult. But still, nothing is impossible. Carefully read the information on the girl's "wall" on the Internet. There you can find out about her sense of humor and hobby (reposts of some pictures, statements, they clearly speak about this). In the photo album there are always pictures from travels, and you can start talking about them. And you can build a dialogue like this:

  • Write that you really liked her opinion about this or that statement. You can continue to develop this topic if she "hooked" the girl.
  • Praise the girl's photos, say that you would also like to visit the places where she is captured. Perhaps you have already been there, and this will be a general topic, there is something to discuss, share your experiences.
  • If the person you like is from another city, you can write that you would like to visit it. Ask for information about attractions, hotels and cafes, where to go for fun.
how to meet a girl on the internet
how to meet a girl on the internet

Girls like it when they are interested in their hobbies, praise their choice. For example, through a questionnaire, mutual friends or their photographs, you found out that she is seriously interested in something. Ask questions about her particular hobby.

If a conversation has struck up, do not miss the thread, and then proceed correctly. Read more about how to get a girl in the article at the link.

Do not exaggerate the truth2

Having built a dialogue with a girl on the Internet, you need to be prepared for the fact that she will also want to know something about you. In this situation, any guy wants to appear better than he really is. Some begin to embellish reality, others just blatantly lie. Perhaps you are counting only on communication on the Internet, and what if you want to meet in reality? Then write was gone, and all efforts were in vain.

Of course, it's easier for a girl to like you if you start talking about how you act in films, travel, find yourself in interesting situations. It's easy for a woman to sit on her ears, they always dream of meeting an interesting man. It is much more difficult to tell the bitter truth. For example, that you are a simple student spending all your free time on the Internet. But you can be yourself and be an interesting conversationalist at the same time.

start a dialogue with a girl on the Internet
start a dialogue with a girl on the Internet

For more information on how to communicate with a girl on the Internet, read our article further on the link.

Start dreaming. Tell the girl about who you would like to become in the future. For example, study to be a programmer, and what is so interesting about that? You can start with the fact that one day you will create some kind of game that will be cooler than everyone else. Or, for example, you want to create something that will help humanity, and so on.

Write about where you would like to go and what you would do there. For example, get to Africa, find a tribe of savages, and try to make contact with them. To live some time with them, learn to hunt, live without the usual amenities, the Internet and the phone. Or maybe you would like to embark on a round-the-world trip to see all countries, get acquainted with the culture of different peoples. Dream together. Ask what she would like, how she sees her future.

Agree, it is much more pleasant to count on a meeting if there is nothing to hide from the person. You sent only real photos, talked about who you really are, shared your dreams and fantasies. But girls like romantics who can present a beautiful picture of the future in front of them, and will strive for it.

how to start a dialogue with a girl on the Internet
how to start a dialogue with a girl on the Internet

Do you have to have common interests? 3

To meet a girl on the Internet, you do not have to be carried away with the same thing. People are interested in communicating not only with those with whom they have something in common, but also to learn about other people's hobbies. Surely, the guy will show interest in what the girl he liked is doing.

For example, she embroiders, and she does it very well. You can ask whether she herself comes up with paintings and patterns, how much time she spends on creating one masterpiece, and how she generally began to get involved in embroidery.

In turn, the girl can be interested in her hobbies. If you are skateboarding, talk about it. Write how great it is to overcome obstacles using the board, how much pleasure you get from it. Send her a few photos of you, or a video, it will be even more interesting.

Breeding bacteria in a jar? Fine, describe how amazing these creatures are, how they can be dangerous or useful. Write that in the future you will study them better, and perhaps you can create some incredible vaccine against all diseases.

how to start a dialogue on the Internet
how to start a dialogue on the Internet

If a person with rapture and trepidation talks about his hobbies, about what he likes, then it will become interesting to the interlocutor. Even a conversation about ordinary dandelions can be developed so that you will discuss these flowers for two hours. The main thing is not to be afraid to express your opinion, to listen to her words, and both will be pleased to communicate.

Down with illiteracy and obscene language4

Girls are gentle creatures. Even if a rock diva is captured on the avatar, this will not mean that you can communicate with her as with a β€œbro”. Any lady will like the tact and ability to correctly express their thoughts in men. The absence of errors is an indicator of culture, and their presence will not at all speak of "toughness".

Swear words in sentences are only allowed in correspondence with your best friend, but not with a girl you like. It is unlikely that the girl will answer at all to a letter with the presence of obscene expressions.

Do not save time on abbreviating words, and also give up the trash words: "I'm going to have a meal", "Patsyki for pivas called", and everything like that. And reading this is unpleasant, let alone the fact that the same communication will await in reality.

how to talk to a girl on the Internet
how to talk to a girl on the Internet

Don't lose yourself5

Many guys, building a dialogue with a girl on the Web, forget about themselves, about their passions, trying only to please her, to be interesting. And then they begin to suffer about this, because the girl already represents him in the light in which he introduced herself: the guy is crazy about crocheting, wants to learn himself; he is interested in talking about what "Katka is a fool," and so on.

Perhaps, for a start, you just wanted to show interest in this, but you need to turn the conversation into another, interesting direction for both of them in time. Otherwise, it will turn out that communication will be focused only on the girl's hobbies, on her life, but not on yours. This will quickly get bored, so don't lose yourself initially!

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