Giacomo Casanova - The Modern Ideal Of A Partner Or The Psychology Of A Sexual Consumer

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Giacomo Casanova - The Modern Ideal Of A Partner Or The Psychology Of A Sexual Consumer
Giacomo Casanova - The Modern Ideal Of A Partner Or The Psychology Of A Sexual Consumer

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Beautiful princes on white horses, mysterious poets singing the lady of their hearts in serenades and morning songs at dawn under the window of her house are far in the past. Now such noble gentlemen are very rare. Just a few decades ago, there were cavaliers who resemble them.

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True, these were mostly shy romantics who were embarrassed to even hint about their feelings in public. They engaged in sex exclusively after the wedding, held hands only after a month of acquaintance, and loved once and for all.

It was normal then, but now a young man with such behavior would be perceived as somewhat strange and unusual. And all why? There is nothing supernatural about the answer. Society developed, new attitudes appeared. Since women have achieved approximately equal rights with men, they have gradually ceased to be perceived as a special gender.

Increasingly, a girl sleeps with a guy just for pleasure, without obligations. They are increasingly breaking up after a couple of months of dating. The phenomenon of Casanova is becoming more common.

Life is not a factory for the fulfillment of desires, not every love is forever, not all relationships have a happy ending in the form of a wedding and a feast for the whole world. Sometimes people break up. There are different reasons for this, each has its own. However, whatever the reason for the quarrel, one thing remains the same for everyone - the sediment and experiences after. Even if it is not very pronounced, no one can just forget a once dear person.

Some, after breaking up, prefer to be alone for a while, and only then they find themselves a new couple. And some don't like consistency. They prefer to look for more and more new adventures, get new experiences, live life to the fullest, or they simply have a very acute physiological need for sex. However, you shouldn't judge everyone that way. There are people who were not loved enough in childhood, so that in adulthood they are very afraid to be alone.


For example, at school (and not only) there are often “upstarts” who periodically disrupt lessons, bully others, and behave badly. The point is not that they are ill-mannered or "got out of hand", the problem is much deeper. Children do not have a lot of life experience, there is not much knowledge either, and you can not talk about analytical abilities at all.

So how does a child's brain work? “When I do everything well, nothing happens, and when I do something bad, my parents have new emotions.

They spend more time with me. Yeah, I see. " After such a subconscious decision, they begin to behave horribly, attracting too much attention to themselves. The goal was achieved, they were noticed. Nobody thinks about further relations. What is important is the result here and now, not sometime there far in the future (which, however, may not be there).

In any case, the child remains “disliked”. This state sinks into his soul and literally haunts him all his life. Even if a person achieves great career heights, successfully self-actualizes, he still tries to find the very missing piece. In general, he needs a constant sexual partner in order to feel needed and in demand. And so it turns out Casanova.

Love? No thank you

You can't just take it and in an instant become a soulless person for whom romantic feelings are alien. If you have been a responsive open person all your life, then think about whether you need this adventure.

Who is Casanova
Who is Casanova

Casanova is a person who openly uses everything that the Universe / fate / heaven / what he believes in there gives him. He is cold, he can only promise a long relationship, and then leave under some absolutely idiotic pretext (or even without it, just one day you wake up alone).

Illusions are often built around such an image. For example, many girls argue that Casanova are disgusting and generally impossible to fall in love with. It's a lie. Of course, you can shout about it, but how often words do not coincide with actions. Most likely, such "haters" have already managed to fall in love, get a broken heart and take offense.

There are also those who declare such men as their friends-girlfriends, with whom you can have fun chatting and spending time with a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Firstly, Casanova is not gay who will happily try on bras with you in a fitting room without experiencing any physical changes.

Secondly, the aforementioned hero will not be friends with you if he does not like you. And if he nevertheless shows his disposition to you, it means that he will soon seduce you.

The hero of not my novel2

There are many different types of men. There is no one exact and only classification, but there is one point that is present everywhere - Casanova. This is not a magic prince on a white horse, this is not a knight in shiny armor.

Casanova type of men
Casanova type of men

Most likely you will never bring him home to introduce him to his parents, and he is unlikely to bring you flowers and sing under the window. But he could be that one night stand. Casanova is the only type of men who literally raves about sex. He wants it everywhere, always, 24/7.

It may seem to some that all men are obsessed with this, but this is not true. Yes, if a gentleman has not met with anyone but his hand for a long time, then he will plow to the fullest with his partner. This option is also possible if the candy-bouquet period is just beginning in a relationship, the young man is head over heels in love, so there is never too much sex for him.

However, time flies, sometimes feelings cool down a little, but not enough to break off relations, excuses begin to appear, regular gatherings with friends, fishing, in the end.

In short, when there is stimulus, hunger, motivation, you can somersault until you lose your pulse and even after that. When stability comes, or a woman's need to use the milking machine turns on (to endure the brain for lack of sex), then the desire to do something actively decreases.

If this is typical for many, then with Casanovs this will not work. This is not even so much connected with the fact that they look at any moving female object as a potential partner. It's just that milking won't work with them. They do not rape themselves, do not do something against their will. If they are lazy or not interested, they immediately stop their occupation.

Casanova man
Casanova man

Other men would have fired up and continued their work with great fervor, but not Casanova. He doesn't think it's wrong to be excited and dissatisfied. It's a thrill for him. According to his philosophy of life, desire, expectation - everything is sacred. He does not have the iron-concrete conviction that it is necessary to get rid of an erection. What's wrong with her? Someone died from her? Not. That's all, let it be.

Men have come up with the concept of "unfinished woman". Here in this place Casanova has a rather natural question: "Stop, what?" For him, it's just a complete break in the pattern and cognitive dissonance. You need to sleep constantly, on a regular basis, sometimes taking breaks. You can't love anyone.

In general, this is not necessary. The position "the lady must be satisfied so that she no longer wants to" does not fit into Casanova's head. Why is this needed? Want more? Well, let. Excitement for him is like his own capital, which does not need to be spent, but only to increase.

A new dimension3

Try to imagine the landscape of some planet you haven't been to. Most likely you will not succeed, since your horizons are limited by the frames of the Earth. You will not imagine something that you have never seen. The same is the case with the life views of Casanova and other men. The latter adhere to the principle that as soon as a girl hints about her desire, they begin to feel a sense of duty to do something with him. For the hero of this article, this is generally incomprehensible.

Sex with Casanova
Sex with Casanova

He was not on this "planet", he sincerely does not clue in what kind of "landscape" it is. He does not help women in places where his help is not particularly needed. Sex only when you don't just want to, but really want to. As a result of this principle, the Casanovas can please others a lot and often without getting cold. It could even be with one woman. Yes, they can also get married and start a family. There are also those who never even cheat on their chosen one.

Why does it happen that sex after the wedding happens once a week, then a month, and then a year. Why does passion become something of a holiday gift? Because a man gets used to intimacy, he has already "overeat". As a result, instead of desire, you get a sense of duty: "I'm a man, I must have my own woman." Casanova doesn't think so, he just respects spontaneity. This, by the way, can be learned from him.

Perceiving a woman only as an object of sexual pleasures is not their topic. As a partner - yes, as a thing - no. Even if romantic feelings are alien to most Casans, they have a sense of aesthetics. For example, a girl is not a subject for the embodiment of any of her conceived erotic scenarios. It's corny and uninteresting. It is much cooler to wake up emotions, feelings, desires in a partner.

Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova, a female saint who became famous all over the world for his memoirs about numerous love affairs, dashed off a rather large collection, which is regarded by some as a practical guide. So, in one of his notes, he told a story about a little scum. He literally "dug up" her.

At their first meeting, it was so dirty that it was hardly a human being. The hero-writer was able to discern a beauty in her, brought her home, washed herself and began to admire her. The sister of that girl offered the savior money so that he slept with her, but he refused, since he was not very interested in the rescuer.

Instead, he gave the girl a small amount of pocket money, and then paid a considerable sum to a certain artist to paint a portrait of the washed beauty. Then the picture reached the king, he marveled at the beauty of the stranger and ordered to find her.

It was later revealed that she was a virgin, which led the king to unprecedented delight. In the end, the former zamukhryshka became the new favorite of the head of state, settled in his castle, and her family began to live at the expense of the treasury.

Many people did not understand why Giacomo could not sleep with a girl after spending so many days and nights nearby. It's simple. He was more attracted to the opportunity to awaken sexuality in her, and not just toss around for a couple of hours. Casanovas are not cold to physical changes, they are very hot. They experience stable attraction, free from the thresholds that arise from feelings of guilt and anxiety.

In fact, all Casanova does in bed is pulls her out of her daily routine. She must forget about her social role, friends, work, come to a completely new dimension. Such a lover measures the success of his adventures by how deeply the partner “flies away”. The emphasis is not on quantity, but on quality.

It is not uncommon for men to sincerely do not understand how one can live in constant excitement and still function normally. It's about the level of pumping yourself. If an erection rolled over completely unexpectedly, and the state is heating up and something needs to be done urgently with it, then yes, we must look for a way out.

However, if this becomes permanent, then there is no need to rush anywhere to find the nearest hole. Skill leveling will not interfere with the level of excited. Addiction is possible, but that's not the point now.

Intimacy with Casanov
Intimacy with Casanov

Despite the fact that Casanova may now appear in the form of a cool rich macho, this does not mean that you are right. often these people are freelancers or live in a rush of creativity. They do not have mountains of gold, as they are so accustomed to the attention of women who completely throw them a couple of pieces of paper that they are lazy in almost everything except sex. Casanova's age ends with their youth. They rarely age with dignity or hold a respected position in society.

We will tell you in detail about the nuances of modern relations in our next article.

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