Why Girls Don't Meet First: Getting Out Of Stereotypes

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Why Girls Don't Meet First: Getting Out Of Stereotypes
Why Girls Don't Meet First: Getting Out Of Stereotypes

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Why girls don't meet first
Why girls don't meet first

Have you ever asked yourself the question "Why don't girls meet first?" If so, then this article is exactly what you need. Next, we will analyze the possible causes of this behavior and how to fix it, so the article will be useful to everyone.

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  • 1 Why acquaintance does not occur at the initiative of the girl
  • 2 Could you be the problem?
  • 3 Men are afraid too
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Why does not an acquaintance occur at the initiative of the girl?

Everyone knows that since ancient times a man has been considered a leader and earner. And in those days it was the male representatives who took the initiative. Previously, it was also important that a man had as many children as possible and it is not at all necessary that they were from only one female. This lasted until society began to develop and life changed dramatically.

Now everyone lives in absolute comfort, learned how to earn money for a living, build houses, purchase and use cars, and much more. And all this softened the representatives of the stronger sex a little, their character changed significantly and they began to show much less initiative.

This is due to the fact that they are comfortable and there is no need to change anything. Therefore, they are not eager to get to know each other first, and girls even more so, because they are used to another and expect that sooner or later the acquaintance will happen on the initiative of the guy.

And yet, why don't girls meet first if they know that men won't act? It's simple. The fairer sex is used to giving chances and the same applies to those cases when it comes to dating. This is how complicated it is.

It also often depends on the country and the level of wealth and life. So, if you take Sweden and Russia as an example, you will notice something interesting. In Sweden, life is more measured, calm and prosperous. The male population there is as relaxed as possible and does not strive to start a family. Why do they need a family if everything in life is fine.

Highly paid jobs, a lot of friends, a cozy apartment and other delights of life. Nobody dares to risk all this for the sake of the opportunity to start their own family. But the girls there are trying to be active and take everything into their own hands, thereby being the first to make acquaintances on the street.

Now about Russia. Living here is difficult, scary and unpredictable. Everyone strives to arrange his life faster and better, and not everyone succeeds. Such a dangerous life awakens in a man the very instincts that were laid down by nature for a long time.

So in Russia, guys get to know each other much more often, and girls can afford to be queens and wait for fate itself to send her a chosen one, who will notice her on the street and offer to get to know each other better.

Meeting a guy
Meeting a guy

Could you be the problem? 2

Have you ever thought that the problem lies not in the fact that girls are shy and do not get to know each other, but in your appearance? Perhaps you are used to the fact that a man should not take care of himself, take care of his appearance, dress beautifully, and so on. If you recognize yourself in these words, then congratulations - you yourself are pushing candidates away from yourself and your search for an answer to the question "Why don't girls meet first?" will not do any good.

To get started, take care of yourself, watch a few videos on how men take care of themselves and how to take care of a girl, learn to understand fashion and find your own style. Try to look always neat, change your perfume, if you ever had one. If not, then get it.

Ask a consultant for help, or invite your girlfriend or acquaintance with you to help you choose a fragrance that would suit you perfectly and not be unpleasant for the opposite sex.

Do not be afraid to change something in yourself. Today it is important to look good and beautiful. If a man takes care of himself, then this does not at all speak of his love for men, or what else do you come up with when you see such men. This suggests that a guy knows how to be beautiful and well-groomed, and knows that not only girls, but also men need to take care of themselves. And you will have to realize this too.

Men are also afraid3

Girls, understand that sometimes men can also get scared, shy and not come up to you for dating. Why is this happening? Because acquaintance is a way out of your own comfort zone. He is afraid of being rejected.

Who should be the first to meet
Who should be the first to meet

Everything can be perfect in thoughts and in social networks, since both there and there there is an opportunity to think over the answer in advance. In real life, this is almost unrealistic, and if you remain silent for a long time, it will seem strange.

If you see that the guy is interested in you, then you can take everything into your own hands and try to get to know yourself. It's actually not that scary. Just remind yourself that life is one and that it may be your destiny.

If the fear of talking and getting to know each other in this way is great, then you can just give him a piece of paper with your phone number and start acquaintance in more comfortable conditions, communicating in instant messengers or by calling.


If in real life it is difficult for you to get acquainted, then try to use various dating sites for these purposes. It will be much easier to get to know each other on the Internet than on the street, in a cafe or anywhere else. Therefore, if you are terribly afraid of striking up a conversation face to face, then the Internet is what you need.

Girls, don't be afraid to take matters into your own hands. If you understand that you are bolder than an indecisive guy who constantly looks at you and shyly looks away when you notice him, then you simply have to take a chance and take the initiative.

Girls are not the first to meet
Girls are not the first to meet

Don't be afraid to get rejected. This is normal. And it is likely that the refusal was simply out of surprise and embarrassment, since in our century dating on the street is a rarity.

And if your acquaintance nevertheless took place, then it is worth reading our article on the topic of why girls do not write first, so as not to "wind up" themselves in vain!

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