I Want To Meet A Girl: How To Interest And Keep Her

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I Want To Meet A Girl: How To Interest And Keep Her
I Want To Meet A Girl: How To Interest And Keep Her
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Every guy who wants to meet a girl often has no idea how best to do it. Tricks like "Does your mom need a son-in-law?" are already outdated, and nobody wants to look like a fool. In the modern world, the best option for dating is the Internet. But there are also pitfalls.

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  • 1 Real dating - what kind of animal is this?
  • 2 How to look decent and not mess up
  • 3 How to approach her beautifully
  • 4 Oh, those compliments
  • 5 Other things to remember
  • 6 Acquaintance on social networks
  • 7 How do you get to know each other
  • 8 what a girl is looking at
  • 9 What absolutely should not be done?
  • 10 What the girls say about it

Real dating - what kind of animal is that? i

Saying something like "I want to meet a girl" guys often mean real, not online dating. A completely different person may be hiding behind a photograph, but you can't deceive your eyes. Casual and real acquaintances happen less and less, but often they turn out to be so romantic that they are later told about them to children.

Getting acquainted in reality, a guy can smile, charm a girl with his charm, and also immediately appreciate her appearance and character.

Real dating is a very cool thing, but for everything to go like clockwork, you need to take into account several nuances.

How to look decent and not mess up2

The first thing a guy who wants to meet a girl should do is to demonstrate his openness, willingness to communicate and confidence. A scared nerd with glasses will only pay attention to an equally scared nerd, although she will probably disappear because she is not ready for communication.

Non-verbal cues play a huge role in dating among young men and women. The ideal option is a slight smile, a direct but not intimidating look and a demonstration of confidence - an open posture, an even back, a gesture with an outstretched hand.

One of the best options is to offer help to the girl. There are a lot of situations in which such a trick can be applied: open the door for her in the store, skip ahead on the escalator in the subway, add ten rubles for travel, if she stands in thoughtfulness at the payment terminal and stomps her foot, taking out the card. A casual compliment from a clothing store can also be a great occasion to meet and communicate.

Other situations when you can offer help: at a train station, if a girl is standing with a large suitcase, or when crossing a terrible intersection where there are no pedestrian markings.


However, when offering help and acquaintance, you should prepare in advance for the fact that several girls will refuse, but one will agree and leave her phone number.

How to approach her beautifully3

Simple tackles do not work today, and the girls, having heard the next "Hello, beauty", rush to run away. It's another matter if the guy manages to really interest her. This is very easy to do, you just need to be careful and study what it does. Reading Dostoevsky on the subway? Wearing yellow socks? Watching a Star Wars movie on your tablet? From all this, you can come up with a great topic of conversation.

The main thing is not to cross the line between courtesy and obsession. If a clear "no" is sounded, there is no need to continue the conversation.

Ideal places to get to know each other are a museum, an exhibition, a concert, because the tastes of people visiting the same place probably coincide.

Oh, those compliments4

A good and skillful compliment is the best a guy can do for a girl when they don't know each other. It is best if a few words are non-trivial, but not too sophisticated.

Bad options for compliments:

"You have such strange wavy hair."

"Your fingers are almost like a pianist, but interesting."

"I've never seen such unusual crooked teeth, you look like a vampire."


Hearing such compliments, a girl may bite. You should forget about all the clichés and phrases from anecdotes. It is best to accurately capture the features of her appearance and praise these unique features in one beautiful phrase.

You should not make any preparations in advance, since such words will sound unnatural and disgusting.

Best compliments for a girl:

"You are such a nice girl, I would like to meet you and find out what other surprises you have."

“Girl, wait… you dropped the book. Oh, you are so beautiful, I was even dizzy."

What else you need to remember5

The girl, casting a glance at a guy pestering her on the street, is trying to understand who he is - a "fairy prince", a "warlike knight", or an ordinary gopnik who wants to give her a room in a communal apartment and half a kingdom to boot.

A guy who wants to make a good impression should be polite, delicate and courteous. Sometimes even the simplest impulse, putting a hand on her shoulder, can scare a girl, because of which she will simply run away.

Acquaintance on social networks6

Having tried their luck in the real world and received several rejections, the guys go to meet beautiful ladies on social networks. In a sense, this is much easier, however, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


Official dating sites like Mamba and Mail. Ru have already outlived their usefulness. Today, it is best to look for a potential passion in social networks, such as Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook. The easiest way to do this is in thematic interest groups.

The scheme is as follows: a guy sees a comment from a girl under an advertisement for a recently released film and writes to her something like “I wanted to see a movie in a movie, but not with someone. Will you keep me company?"

This method is almost perfect, but it may not work if your social media page is poorly designed. Photos with an ex, posts about what a girl should do are only repulsive. The question is, if the photo with the ex is on the wall, why not with whom to go?

A repulsive factor for many is complete illiteracy. We are talking about conversations with the inhabitants of the Caucasus, where everything is clear from the first word, but with Russian guys who write "I am pASHOL" or "you are such an incredible beauty."

Sometimes the conversation goes well, but suddenly the girl goes offline and blocks the interlocutor. As practice shows, this happens if a guy is too familiar, and for no reason at all goes to "you".

How to get to know each other7

The first thing a guy who wants to find a girlfriend on a dating site should do is fill out a profile correctly. You do not need to write whole poems, you just need to put a good, high-quality photograph, briefly fill out the questionnaire, without skipping the points "about yourself", "work" and "bad habits."


The second step is searching for suitable profiles and writing messages to girls. Decent ladies themselves will not meet, they only reply to messages. However, it is worth looking closely at all the profiles, perhaps the dream girl will find her boyfriend herself.

You should not write to girls who registered on the site five minutes ago - tons of messages always come to new profiles, and a girl may simply not notice one of them.

Another rule, one of the most important, is to avoid familiarity. Messages like "Hello, pretty, you're so pretty" will scare off a normal girl.

What the girl is looking at8

When meeting, it doesn't matter whether in reality or online, a girl quickly evaluates a guy, trying to understand whether she likes him or not. It is clear that natural data cannot be changed, but nobody canceled the grooming and neatness, so attention should be paid to the appearance in order to hook a really interesting girl.

Clothes are the first thing a lady pays attention to. It is not necessary to dress in the latest fashion, but socks in sneakers, as well as short shorts, which swimmers wear in competitions, are very repulsive, as are stains on clothes, a casual and generally sloppy look.

You should also pay attention to the teeth. There is no need to run to the dentist and put on veneers in the color of sanitary ware, but it is highly desirable that there are no pieces of food between the teeth, dark plaque and holes in the style of "Papa knocked out a fight"


The girls also catch a glimpse of the man's nails. The black soil under them, unless a man drives a tractor from the field, is very repulsive, as is the long nail on his little finger, left for picking.

Going to find an enviable bride, a man does not interfere with becoming an enviable groom himself, which means: shave off a week's stubble, take a shower and put on washed clothes.

In the long run, it also doesn't hurt to wear quality, washed jeans or trousers, shoes free of holes and scuffs, and regular black socks.

Evaluating a man by his appearance, the girl tries to understand whether he can provide for himself, and what she can count on. It is so arranged by nature that each lady evaluates a man precisely by the level of his income, in order to understand whether she can safely give birth and raise a child without worrying about a piece of bread.

Mistakes that men make when dressing for the first meeting: dressing too formal, or, conversely, too loosely. Short trousers above the ankles, torn or colored socks - all this can lead a girl to think that this guy will certainly not be her husband.

What absolutely should not be done? 9

In search of a beautiful lady, knights on a gray horse often forget about the elementary rules of decency. Do not take any refusal as flirtation. If the girl is almost running, and the guy thought that "she smiled", this is already a big mistake.


Not every guy can boast that he was lucky to meet a beautiful nymph the first time. Sometimes you have to make mistakes, fill up the bumps. But some quite obvious failures can be avoided.

If a girl is standing, clearly waiting for someone, it is better not to approach her with a marriage proposal, because it is quite possible that she is waiting for her husband or boyfriend. In addition, a clear and clear refusal must be taken literally and leave the lady alone.

The girl's sidelong glances and antics should at least alert. Approaching a too beautiful girl, a guy runs the risk of looking too poor for her, because there are ladies who do not agree to less, and choose men only with a Mercedes, a gold watch on his wrist and in a suit worth at least a million rubles.

Before you approach a lady, you should take a closer look at her and try to understand what she is. Too beautiful, dressed in branded clothes, a lady is unlikely to be delighted with the yard Vasya or Petya. The ideal option is a calm girl walking slowly down the street or sitting on a bench to rest.

Touching a girl, even the most innocent, can be a big mistake. You don't need to stroke her hair, put your hand on her shoulder, or, God forbid, try to hug her. Any normal girl after this will at least run away, as a maximum, shout to the whole district “Save, help”.

What girls say about it10

The best advisers on the topic "How to meet girls" can be, oddly enough, the girls themselves. On the forums for communication, many stories have been written about how the guys tried to "roll up" them and what came of it:


“He ran up to me and said 'Does your mother need a son-in-law?' I was already on my guard, but then I noticed his "expensive" watch and peeled gold and thought about why this nightmare should be worn at all. I ran away."

“Just yesterday a guy came up to me - he handed me a card to Yves Rocher, which I accidentally dropped. I thanked him and smiled, but was in a hurry on business. In the end, I had to get rid of him, and it was terrible. I said no five times, and then shouted it again near the guard of the shopping center and ran, hoping that he would not chase after me.

To really interest a girl, you need to act as follows:

“Once a guy came up to me and gave me a rose. I accepted the flower and was about to walk by, but after a few seconds he ran up to me and said that this was the first time he saw such a beautiful girl. At first I was confused, but he offered to meet and said that he wanted to go to the cinema in the evening, but not with anyone. I agreed. At home she scolded herself for this, but she came to the cinema. As a result, he now sleeps next to me, I am writing this on the forum, and I think how good it is that I agreed then and how good it is that he did not have time to scare me too much."

Aggressive courtship and the intention to get her recognition by all means do not lead to anything good. Girls are greedy for compliments, however, they are afraid of excessive attention from strangers. It is best to act gently but confidently so that she cannot say no.

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