Heterosexuals Of Ancient Greece And Geisha In Japan: Their Stories And Occupation

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Heterosexuals Of Ancient Greece And Geisha In Japan: Their Stories And Occupation
Heterosexuals Of Ancient Greece And Geisha In Japan: Their Stories And Occupation

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In childhood, we all read the myths of Ancient Greece, watched cartoons and films, and even in school textbooks, ancient Greek culture was covered very fully.

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  • 1 What is in my name to you?
  • 2 Ancient Greek geisha
  • 3 Brief dossier
  • 4 How did they get into the profession?
  • 5 Tricks That Will Help Modern Women
  • 6 Geisha and prostitution
  • 7 Film and literature
  • 8 Memoirs of a Geisha
  • 9 Why teach "such" world history?

Or not?

Do you know who the getters are? If not, then you don't know so much about the life of the ancient Greeks. It's time to tackle the gaps in your education.

Spoiler alert: It's about courtesans.

What's in my name for you? I

We'll start with a short Greek lesson.

Translated from this beautiful dialect, hetera means such decent concepts as "companion" and "girlfriend".

In fact, everything is much more interesting.

Heterosexuals in ancient Greece are women who are not burdened with any obligations, who enjoy life and are engaged in the provision of sexual services.

If it is more convenient for you, you can replace the foreign word "getter" in your head with the more familiar "individual".

Most often they were educated and unmarried women.

Both slaves and absolutely free and independent (as far as was possible in an era when feminism was out of the question) girls became heterosexuals.

They were not prostitutes in the dirtiest sense of the word.


They did not stand on the Greek streets and did not offer their bodies - the getters slept only with those men with whom they wanted to sleep. They had wealthy patrons competing for the price they could offer for a lady's attention.

Heterosexuals could marry, and the best of them managed to become the wives of prominent men of that time. For example, the clever and beautiful Aspasia became the legal wife of Pericles, a famous politician.

Ancient Greek geisha2

Heterosexuals and prostitutes are two different categories of women. But if an ordinary prostitute could not claim to be an "educated and free woman", then a getter could well engage in the provision of sexual services at will.

Heterosexuals are closer to geisha than to traditional courtesans - these girls were educated, and therefore could interest a man and captivate him with a conversation without nudity.

It is worth noting here that geisha are often confused with oiran - Japanese prostitutes. The profession of a geisha is shrouded in a web of mystery and speculation, but if geisha were forbidden to enter into intimate relationships with clients, then oiran were more like “geisha with privileges” - a little less talented, a little less educated, but a little more relaxed.

Hetera of Ancient Greece
Hetera of Ancient Greece

Since no one knew Telegram or Facebook at that time, they had to go to all sorts of tricks - in the capital of Greece there was a special board on which men who were hungry for women wrote invitations to getters to date. If the latter were interested in the proposal, they signed the hour below, in which they are ready to come to the rendezvous.

Philosophers (Plato, Aristotle), poets (Alkman), generals and politicians (Pericles, Alexander the Great) and other famous men of that time had hetseras.

The term also appears in the description of temple prostitution far beyond the borders of Greece - in particular, in ancient India.

Temple prostitution, in turn, is a sexual ritual that was carried out with a certain religious purpose. For example, for the benefit of the harvest.

Brief dossier3

Everything you need to know about who the getters are.

  • An unmarried woman who has the right to tie the knot with a man she likes
  • Often has an influential patron
  • Educated, in a company with a man performs a role similar to that performed by Japanese geisha - brightens up a man's leisure
who is hetera
who is hetera
  • Unlike geisha, he has the right to have sex with a man
  • Unlike prostitutes, she is free to have sex only with those who she likes
  • Leads a free lifestyle, independent
  • May play an important role in society
  • There were schools of getters
  • The profession was respected
  • In their homes, very influential people of various professions gathered at parties.

How did they get into the profession? 4

As already mentioned, there were special schools of heterosexuals - and here the profession again echoes the profession of a geisha.

Men were ready to pay fabulous money to their chosen one, providing her with a comfortable and wonderful existence. But nobody will pay for mediocrity, right?

In order to become a representative of this honorable profession, it was not enough to be just a beauty or just a clever girl. You can't take sexual liberation alone here either - there are prostitutes for that.

Hetera is both a wonderful muse, and (sometimes) a sensual lover, and an interesting conversationalist, and someone who can give advice and provide moral support.

Who are the Heteries of Greece
Who are the Heteries of Greece

In general, almost the ideal of any man.

Tricks for modern women5

  • Heterosexuals knew how to seduce and delight men because they knew their worth, and knew how to make it clear to fans. Do not give yourself offense and do not allow anyone to belittle their dignity - this is what ancient Greek getters and non-ancient and non-Greek women of any age should remember.
  • A smart woman will never allow herself to be unkempt.
  • A woman who radiates vitality and optimism is always attractive.
  • A woman should be able to interest not only the beauty of the body, but also the beauty of the soul. It is important to be educated, well-read and versatile, to be able to maintain a conversation.
  • Mysterious, well-dosed and natural, works better than any aphrodisiac.
  • A man can easily be conquered with competent flattery and the right compliments.
  • Femininity, tenderness and grace are the main weapons of a woman.
  • Vulgarity acts faster than sexuality, but sexuality has a more lasting effect.
Sexy Heterosexuals
Sexy Heterosexuals

Geisha and prostitution6

Since we are talking about myths, it is worth considering two completely different phenomena of Japanese culture - geisha and oiran.

Geisha is a woman of art. Girls begin to learn this art in childhood, when they get to the okiya - the house of geisha. Geisha apprentices are called maiko.

If you think that little maikos do nothing but paint their lips or stroke luxurious kimonos, then you are deeply mistaken. They combine the roles of apprentice, servant and errand girl for senior and experienced geisha.

The day for both maiko and geisha begins far from lunchtime, but ends after midnight. In the morning and in the afternoon - music, dance, ikebana art, etc. In the evening, geisha put on their professional make-up, put on kimonos and go to banquets.

Geisha accompany men at meetings, entertain them with conversations, play musical instruments and simply delight the eye. Also, a geisha can accompany a client to the theater, for a walk or to a restaurant.


After the age of majority, a geisha can find a patron. They do not necessarily have an intimate relationship, but this happens - who can resist the mysterious nymphs with red lips?

A geisha has the right to get married, but in this case he must leave the geisha's house. A geisha can end his career both because of marriage and of his own free will.

There was no question of any obligatory provision of sexual services to clients at all - it was prohibited. The most men could see was a thin strip of skin at the wrist.

Oiran and yujo are concepts for Japanese courtesans. Moreover, the oiran were closer to art - they entertained men not only with sex, but also with dancing, music and conversations.

Yujo literally means a woman whose vocation is to give pleasure. This is the collective name for all professions that are somehow connected with the provision of intimate services.

Again: geisha had nothing to do with this concept.

Before prostitution in Japan was banned at the legislative level in 1956, this business was quite legal, and moths even paid taxes.

A prostitute
A prostitute

Cinema and Literature7

Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to such a concept as “heterosexual” in culture. Therefore, if you are interested in that part of world history that it is not customary to tell children about, we advise you to turn your eyes to the East.

The profession of geisha excites the minds of people, from the Japanese culture is very distant. Sometimes it becomes unclear where the truth is and where the myths are.

And this is where conflicts begin.

Memoirs of a Geisha8

Many of you have probably heard of the 2005 film Memoirs of a Geisha. The film was directed by renowned director Rob Marshall.

The beautiful film with stunning landscapes and gorgeous women in the lead roles drew a lot of criticism - some yelled that the film did not follow the book, while others did not like that Japanese geisha were played by actresses of Chinese origin.

There were, of course, those who did not give a damn about the nationality of the actors and simply enjoyed the juicy picture and dramatic scenes.

In general, the film did not go unnoticed.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Still from the film "Memoirs of a Geisha"

As for the book on which the picture was filmed, everything is much more interesting here.

The novel belongs to the pen of the American writer Arthur Golden. The story described in the book is fictional, although it contains a lot of reliable information about Japanese culture. The book caused a lot of noise, but Arthur did not rejoice in the success of his brainchild for long.

Already a real and completely non-fictional geisha named Mineko Iwasaki filed a lawsuit against Golden - in his book he used information that was not intended for prying ears. The enterprising Arthur fished out revelations from Iwasaki during the interview.

After the publication of his memoirs, Mineko was bombarded with a flurry of threats from former clients - who wants to shine first on the pages of the book, and then on the screens of cinemas?

In the end, Mr. Golden had to fork out a lot. Only a narrow circle of confidants knows the exact amount of moral compensation. But, it seems to us, Mineko did not become modest. And in this it can be understood.

Mineko later wrote her own book, in Russia it is known under the title "The Real Memoirs of a Geisha." This is no longer a beautiful Hollywood fairy tale, but the most accurate depiction of the life of Japanese women of art.

Mineko Iwasaki
Mineko Iwasaki

Mineko Iwasaki

All interested are encouraged to read. The book turned out to be very meticulous, does not tolerate the false gloss and wet fantasies of Western hacks. But this is precisely what creates that unique aura, which Golden's work cannot boast. During the reading, you seem to find yourself in a geisha house, observing what is happening from the inside.

Why teach "such" world history? 9

For some reason, it is always customary in society to scold the new generation - they say, it is dissolute, engaged in all kinds of lewdness.

But if you dig a little deeper, it turns out that our ancestors came off in a way that modern youth never dreamed of.

Society does not become vicious with the coming of the new millennium, century or decade.

Society has always been vicious, but it was skillfully hidden beautifully.

In addition, you cannot feel a foreign culture if you study the life of people of that time one-sidedly and superficially. Otherwise, why in historical series so much attention is paid to bed scenes?

Heterosexuals in history
Heterosexuals in history

If Game of Thrones fans were playing the game Drink When You See Someone Having Sex, they'd get drunk without even watching a couple of episodes.

And such a deep study of history once again reminds us that we must answer for our words - either keep other people's secrets to yourself, or retell them as they are.

Isn't it, Arthur?

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