How To Meet And Please A Rich Man

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How To Meet And Please A Rich Man
How To Meet And Please A Rich Man

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Video: How To Meet And Please A Rich Man
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Love and friendship cannot be bought even in the age of mass consumption. However, their substitutes - sex and popularity can be acquired from the very time when a person decided that he was reasonable.

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  • 1 A bit of biology
  • 2 If you are so smart, why are you so poor?
  • 3 Cinderella Effect
  • 4 Do you want to be a general - marry a lieutenant
  • 5 pump brains, not lips
  • 6 Places to meet
  • 7 How to get interesting
  • 8 If the status overshadowed the eyes

More and more girls do not hesitate to say that they do not want to spend their lives on inept losers and dream of meeting a rich man.

Many people believe that the consumer attitude towards people is unacceptable, and paradise in a hut is better than a marriage of convenience. Others are sure that even the most comfortable hut with a refrigerator and a carpet on the wall is not heaven.

A bit of biology

Both ten thousand years ago and in the twenty-first century, women chose strong males who provided a reliable life for them and their offspring. In the Stone Age, a man was considered strong who lifted a stone into the air and did not drop it on his head or a fellow tribesman. In our century, one is strong who has successfully adapted in society, built a career and provides life for the family.

Since you're so smart, why are you so poor?

When a girl says she wants to marry a rich man, the first thing she does is accused of commercialism. Usually, such accusations come from men who not only have problems with financial well-being, but also with IQ.

These people create a stereotype about "mercantile women" who need "only money" from men. It's time to dispel this stereotype once and for all: women do not love the successful, but the smart and interesting. If a man has managed to make a fortune himself, then he most likely possesses the set of qualities that women value: intelligence, hard work and perseverance.

Meet a rich man
Meet a rich man

Cinderella Effect3

Children's fairy tales for girls need to be either burned or significantly edited. In the overwhelming majority of fairy tales, female heroines are presented as girls who miraculously found their love. Their princes are rich, and beautiful, and smart, and the heroines did not have to hit a finger to make them fall in love.

Of course, Cinderella served her stepmother and sisters all her life, but did the prince know about this?

Her lover found Snow White in the wrong state when it is legal to love women.

The Little Mermaid initially had the wrong priorities, since she decided to trade her voice, family, friends and princess status for a man who smiled at her once.

It turns out that millions of girls grow up with the subconscious belief that you can do nothing and find your ideal man. Or, much worse, sacrifice everything for him, and he will accept it. This rarely happens in real life.

Do you want to be a general - marry a lieutenant4

This proverb is often uttered by mothers and grandmothers who aggressively demand grandchildren. The idea is correct, but the implementation is often lame. In a real army, there are much more lieutenants than generals and not all of them will reach the top of their careers.

How to meet a rich man
How to meet a rich man

There are always two people working on healthy relationships and on financial well-being. But what if the lieutenant is satisfied with everything, but he can become a general even in the "tanks"? Isn't it easier to go to serve and become a general yourself? At least in this case, the woman will know for sure that success depends only on her, and not on the partner.

In a word, doing nothing and at the same time finding where to meet a rich man will not work. You will have to work a lot, and above all on yourself.

Pump brains, not lips5

It is difficult to find a successful partner, working at McDonald's or as an errand girl in a private firm with a staff of one and a half people. It's not a bad job, but the chance of meeting a rich man on it is about the same as that of Cinderella, provided that she lives not in a fairy tale, but in the real world.

Girls who have decided that they must marry a rich man will have to first become visible themselves, change their behavior style and break out into a social circle where socially successful people live. For clarity, you can look at Hollywood couples, whose personal life is visible at a glance. There are times when a director finds a favorite and promotes him in his career. But much more often Hollywood stars enter into alliances, having already taken place as individuals.

Where to meet a rich man
Where to meet a rich man

Places to meet6

  1. Status places. People who have made a fortune can afford expensive restaurants, comfortable hotels and the best resorts in the world. But in order to get to such places, you first have to earn decent money, otherwise you will have to pay off the loan for a week at the resort until the end of your life.
  2. Large companies with high salaries are the best place to meet. It is very easy to make new social connections in the workplace, but be prepared for the fact that if the romance does not end well, someone may have to leave the workplace.
  3. If you don't want to develop yourself, but you still need a rich man, you can go for broke and get a job in a company that such people often visit. This can be a branded clothing store, a car dealership, the tourism industry, etc.

A social experiment conducted by Peking University has shown that people who feel financially resilient feel more attractive and willing to start new relationships. At the same time, men behaved much more relaxed and made more demands on girls than those who did not feel rich.

Where to look for a rich man
Where to look for a rich man

You will not be able to purposefully fall in love with a person. Interest can be aroused or seduced, but love still cannot be bought. A successful man is less likely to tolerate what he doesn't like. Not because he has "such a bulk waiting at the door", but because people of this type of character have much more psychological strength to change their lives and break off relations with people who are pulling to the bottom instead of growing up together.

How to get interesting7

  1. Forget about stupidity. Spend more time on self-development, reading, going to exhibitions and movies. It is generally useful to develop.
  2. Speak competently. What is the point in all self-education, if it does not work out correctly to put the stress in the word "beet" and "scissors"?
  3. Go in for sports, take care of yourself, but without fanaticism.
  4. Don't wait for gifts, always take your wallet on a date.
  5. Do not try to surpass the man in intellectual debate. Even if he's wrong.
  6. Look positively at things, learn to see the good in small things, smile.
  7. No sex on first dates. And the second, too. Easily accessible girls are not interesting.
Woman looking for a rich man
Woman looking for a rich man

If the status overshadowed the eyes8

If a woman sees in a man only a bag of money, and not a person, then a man will treat her accordingly: as a thing that he has acquired and which, accordingly, can dispose of as he wishes.

If the myths about “mercantile women” are spread by unsuccessful men, then the myths about “men who only need sex” are spread by women who, apart from sex, can give nothing.

Do not confuse a man's potential with self-love, and his desire to have sex with a marriage proposal. It takes a person seconds to figure out whether he wants to develop a relationship with a new acquaintance, or sleep with her. And if the girl was identified in the category "for sex", then it will be very difficult to rise to a higher rank.

The only way to get out of poverty and find financial stability for a modern woman is not to get married successfully, but to become financially stable herself and then think about whether she needs to look for a rich partner or is still calmer alone.