What Is Gender In Simple Terms? What Is The Difference Between Gender And Gender?

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What Is Gender In Simple Terms? What Is The Difference Between Gender And Gender?
What Is Gender In Simple Terms? What Is The Difference Between Gender And Gender?

Video: What Is Gender In Simple Terms? What Is The Difference Between Gender And Gender?

Video: What Is Gender In Simple Terms? What Is The Difference Between Gender And Gender?
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gender as a social gender
gender as a social gender

The word “gender” is often heard in the media. However, many people are only vaguely aware of the meaning of this word. Many consider it synonymous with words such as "sex" or "sexual characteristics", but there are very large differences between these definitions.

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  • 1 Differences between gender and gender
  • 2 Biology and gender
  • 3 Culture and gender
  • 4 Society and gender
  • 5 Gender and modern society
  • 6 Androgynous and gender
  • 7 Equality and gender

Differences between gender and sexi

Both gender and gender determine the characteristics of a male or female. Moreover, each has distinctive features:

Sexual character deals specifically with differences in the structure and function of the genitals. Each child while still in the womb is endowed with a certain gender

Gender covers a wide area of identification by a person of his gender. Gender also determines gender, but not by the type of physiology, but by the model of social behavior

Gender makes a division not according to the existing sex characteristics, but according to a person's self-awareness, according to what gender he identifies himself with.

Previously, there was only a theory of biological determinism, which argued that a person belongs to the sex given to him at birth.

The current social constructivism suggests that sexual separation occurs over time. Thus, men and women cannot be born, but one can learn to be them. The self-determination of a person is influenced by the self-awareness of the individual, the pressure of society and some other factors. At all times it was possible to meet the so-called "man in a skirt" or vice versa, an effeminate man.

The difference between gender and gender
The difference between gender and gender

Biology and gender2

It is so inherent in nature that men and women have not only different anatomy and physiology, but also there are differences in the work of the brain, its functions, reactions and thinking. In many ways, the biological characteristics of the sexes were formed in the process of evolution, when men were assigned the role of protectors and breadwinners, and women created a life, gave birth to children, and looked after men.

Therefore, men have developed rational thinking, they are well oriented, brave, strong and courageous. Women have developed the skills of seduction and communication, they know how to sympathize and love.

Culture and gender3

While gender division has a strong biological foundation, gender differences are acquired through long-term learning. If men are not allowed to cry, then the boy is required the same, girls are also required to be like grown women, to monitor manners and cleanliness. According to the observations of researchers, until a certain age children of different sexes do not differ in behavior from each other. But under the pressure of the environment, they begin role-playing attitudes that others impose on them and identify themselves with one or another sex.

Genders around the world
Genders around the world

In many countries where there is no democracy, gender attitudes are so strong that they are imposed not only by public opinion, but also by the state authorities themselves. In these countries, strict regulations are observed regarding the behavior of women and her appearance. Women still do not have the right to vote and must obey the man in everything. Refusal to fulfill one's gender destiny can even be punished with the death penalty.

However, this does not mean that the gender model of behavior is imposed by society everywhere, and people desperately resist it. On the contrary, gender standards are very much loved by the people and are welcomed almost everywhere. So, if women want to see next to them for a courageous, courageous, brutal man, then parents from childhood raise sons according to this type.

The situation is similar with girls, whom they wish to see as gentle and lovely beauties in the future. If parents succeed in raising their children properly in accordance with gender standards, then this pleases both them and the children.

Gender standards are the foundation of society. In order for women and men to develop as independent versatile personalities, they are given freedom of choice in their pursuits and hobbies.

Society and gender4

When gender behavior was considered the only correct one, there was no such mess in society that reigns now. In our time, people are focused not on their social role, but on their own feelings and desires. Simply put, women do not want to be content with the role of mother, wife, and mistress; and men are unwilling to be solely responsible for the welfare of their families. Therefore, many people forming couples for a long time cannot decide who will perform what duties. As a consequence, this leads to conflicts and often a break in relations.

Society and gender
Society and gender

The positive side of gender characteristics is that a person realizes his own dreams and plans without fear of negative attitudes from society.

Gender and modern society5

In the old days, it was not difficult to determine a man from a woman, long hair and a dress spoke for itself. Nowadays, even seeing a lady in full dress and war paint on her face cannot be said to be a woman. It is quite possible that a real man is hiding under all this tinsel. This is an example of how a man feels uncomfortable in his body, and how he is impressed by the image of a woman.

Another example is metrosexuals. So it is customary to call men who furiously take care of their own appearance, follow fashion and style, and carry out cosmetic procedures. They can be opposed to "real men" who are decorated even with scars and the smell of men's cigars. There is no hint of femininity and softness in them.

But no matter how the metrosexual manifests himself, he will still remain a man, since behavior cannot change his gender.

Androgynous and gender
Androgynous and gender

History knows of cases when men showed qualities that were not typical for men, but this did not make them less masculine. So, for example, the Scots wear skirts, while the Arabs of the dress, the samurai and the Greeks were inclined towards homosexuality, etc.

Androgynous and gender6

Not so long ago, the public shuddered to learn about the existence of this type of people. They simultaneously contain 2 sexes, and they cannot give preference to any one. But even in a tolerant society, androgynes have to choose a single style of behavior and appearance: female or male. In some countries, the law allows the existence of several types of gender personality.

Equality and gender7

The idea of equality is for people of different genders to have the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities. This equality applies to all aspects of society. If in some countries there were no rebellious women and feminist movements, then such laws would hardly ever come into force and made women free and equal to men.

Nevertheless, the policy of double standards continues to exist. So, for example, if a man has multiple promiscuous relationships, then no one will think to condemn him. Moreover, if a woman leads a free sex life, she can easily become an outcast of society.

Gender equality is not meant to fight for someone's rights or change history fundamentally; it does not require changing one's gender or adjusting to social demands. Gender equality is designed to help a person to know his own without looking at stereotypes.