The Real Carmen Or The Most Beautiful Spanish Women In Fantasy And Life

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The Real Carmen Or The Most Beautiful Spanish Women In Fantasy And Life
The Real Carmen Or The Most Beautiful Spanish Women In Fantasy And Life

Video: The Real Carmen Or The Most Beautiful Spanish Women In Fantasy And Life

Video: The Real Carmen Or The Most Beautiful Spanish Women In Fantasy And Life
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The most beautiful Spanish women
The most beautiful Spanish women

When a person seeks to find an answer to a question, generalizations are inappropriate. And yet people, when looking for answers, try to discover a pattern, to identify common features. This is how a certain public opinion is formed, and it already influences the conclusions of individual people.

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  • 2 Real Spanish
  • 3 Temperament
  • 4 Sociability
  • 5 Emancipation
  • 6 Love of freedom
  • 7 Practicality
  • 8 Nepotism
  • 9 Feminism
  • 10 most beautiful Spanish women

Such a system also worked in the topic of beauty, in identifying the answer to the question - what are they, the most beautiful Spanish women.

Stereotypical Spanish woman

Spain is the sun, beaches, siesta, bullfighting, burning general brunette, flamenco. From such a mixture, Spanish women appeared, which were sung by artists, composers, directors.

national spanish
national spanish

The female type is Carmen! A flexible girl with a burning gaze, incendiary dancing flamenco, inviting and passionate. At the feet of such a feminine, men throw their fortunes and their lives.

Unlike the cold and austere beauty of European women, she has a burning, bright appearance. Long black hair, brown eyes filled with ardor, temperament, mental struggle and love. Delicate tanned skin, literally glowing with health, proud curl of eyebrows, bright lips - everything burns with passion.

A Spanish girl cannot imagine life without dance, especially flamenco. The temperamental dance is mesmerizing, the melody and rhythm of the dancer's movement penetrate the very heart.

She devotes a lot of time to her appearance. No extra pounds, only plastic curves of the body. And the sea of femininity, which she was taught from childhood.

The beauty is dressed in a long black skirt trimmed with red material. The combination of black and red sparks fantasies.

Long black hair streams along the back, and if it is styled into a hairstyle, it turns out to be just an artistic masterpiece.

This is the image of the Spanish woman that artists and musicians have created over the years. As always, reality is slightly at odds with fantasy. What are they, the most beautiful Spanish women? And just Spanish women?

Real spanish2

A real Spanish woman is radically different from the picture drawn by artists of different times. However, this does not mean at all that she is ugly, it is just that the standards of beauty are different for different peoples, nationalities and individuals.

real spanish
real spanish

The habit of eating well

To begin with, Spanish women do not suffer from special harmony. This is because there is a cult of food in this country. Long-term feasts are a common occurrence in this country. Despite the fact that the Mediterranean diet reigns here - seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs - they eat here so much and willingly that it is extremely difficult to keep the waist.


By the way, about the waist. Foreigners who have visited the sunny country talk about the appearance of Spanish women, which is very different from Carmen's. They are small in stature, with large hips and breasts. The outstanding size of these parts of the female body, of course, has always attracted men. But here everything is spoiled by the complete absence of the camp, that is, curvy Spanish women cannot be called in any way.


Aged Spanish women, elderly ladies dress in a peculiar way - colorful and a little pompous. Color mixing can be extremely violent. But the main clothes for young people are shorts and a T-shirt. Moreover, dressed in this way, she can go to the beach, in the same - walk around the city, go to a cafe and a club.

And the clothes here are black, brown or gray. In terms of brightness, there is no coincidence with the ideal picture.

They don't really bother with clothing issues.


However, like shoes. Foreigners living in Spain note that Spanish women do not know how to walk in heels at all. Although, perhaps this is due to the peculiarity of the local production of shoes - they are made uncomfortable.

And to alleviate the situation, women buy sandals on their feet two sizes larger. Walking in such a discomfort, and it affects the gait. And if the idea of wearing a small heel comes to mind, the picture becomes almost frightening.

Hair and face

Most often, the hair is gathered in a braid or ponytail, sometimes sliding to one side. But even if he does not move out, it is difficult to call it a hairstyle.

Many women have long faces with large features and bulging eyes. Very characteristic in this sense, the appearance of the Spanish actress Rossi de Palma.


Spanish woman dancing
Spanish woman dancing

Dancing, of course, is a distinctive feature in this country, but it is impossible to say that all girls without exception dance flamenco. And yet they dance. Flamenco, by the way, can be danced without a partner. And women do it.

Temperament 3

What fits in with the perfect picture is temperament. He can splash out at any moment. Spanish women are touchy, they can be hurt by any little thing. And then they will long and colorfully, almost like a woman from Odessa, paint their grievances and tell what needs to be done with the offender.

However, such an emotional outburst, starting in one second, quickly ends. Sometimes even hugs with the one with whom there was a quarrel. Touchy, but easy-going, and completely unforgettable.

Sociability 4

Spanish women have firmness, determination, independence, and sometimes stubbornness in character. But they are sociable and kind. They love to sit in a cafe, chat with girlfriends. Moreover, such a pleasant habit persists until a ripe old age.

Emancipation 5

Spaniards are quite liberated women. According to psychologists, 9 out of 10 Spanish women meet first, and do not see anything reprehensible in this. And yet they are not embarrassed when they hear a refusal. In this sense, they have an almost masculine type of behavior - they are trying to achieve their own, by all means.

Education allows Spanish women to have sex when they want. No one wants to endure 90 days from the date of acquaintance, to perform any other rituals. It's no exaggeration to say that sex is present on every date.

The European Society of Contraception conducted a study in Spain, which showed that more than 50% of Spanish women have sex regularly (once a week). Which, of course, contributes to the psychological and physical health of women. And men. And 30% of Spanish women think that morning sex is the best way to start the day.

Love of freedom 6


In Spain, the female population prevails over the male population, though only slightly - 50.6 and 49.4 %%, respectively. And since 2005, same-sex marriage has been legalized in the country. Despite this, Spanish women are not preoccupied with the issue of marriage, like Russian women. They do not arrange the pursuit of men, do not go all out in order to drag her sexual temperament down the aisle.

Practicality 7

But they are very concerned about career issues and defending their rights. Sometimes it happens that the earner in the family is not the husband, but the wife, who works in several jobs. But the strangest thing is that this state of affairs doesn’t bother the Spanish women, they don’t give a headwash to her husband lying on the couch because he is not looking for a job well.

On the other hand, men do not tell their wives that they should stand at the stove and wait for their husbands from work. Spanish women have recently rushed to pursue a career, are actively engaged in business, in general, lead the most active lifestyle outside the family.

Nepotism 8

However, it would be wrong to argue that family values are not part of the Spanish woman's circle of concerns. But until 40 years old she is in no hurry. Leads a free lifestyle in which there is sex, career, personal growth, pleasure.

By creating a family, she becomes a mistress, a caring wife and a tender mother.

Protecting the hearth - this has not yet been forgotten, despite feminism. They prepare delicious, hearty and varied dishes, keep the house clean, take care of the husband, bring up children in kindness and attention. All who have visited this country unanimously declare that children are treated here in a special way. They are loved, pampered, cared for.

If the financial situation allows, they do not work. In their free time they talk to their friends in a cafe.

By the way, in Spanish traditions there are large, friendly families, in which there are other generations. Despite their emotionality, family members not only live together, but also spend their leisure time, communicate a lot. Often it is the woman who is the center of such a family.

Feminism 9

Spanish women are real feminists. They do not accept and do not understand male signs of attention - bouquets, invitations to cafes and other components of courtship, familiar to Europeans. Spanish women are not at all concerned with attracting men. That is why they are so calm about their appearance, clothes, behavior.

More important than a man will like, they consider self-improvement, career, business, entertainment. They start thinking about children after 35, they get married late or don't get married at all. By the way, this is reflected in the birth rate. Recently, the Spanish government has started talking about a decline in natural population growth, which may have an adverse effect on the country's future.

And to support the feminist movement, the Ministry of Equality was even created, which monitors the observance of the rights of both sexes.

However, a disastrous situation has not yet developed. Moreover, the average life expectancy in this country is more than 80 years, so that women have enough time to make in their lives and careers, and create a family, and raise children.

Yes, a real Spanish woman is not much like Carmen with her burning appearance, however, real Spanish women are beautiful, smart, temperamental and kind in their own way. And among them, luxurious and charming beauties are born.

The most beautiful Spanish women10

Despite the dissimilarity with the literary image, of course, many real beauties live in Spain. They do not leave the covers of glossy magazines, win beauty contests, make a career, business, realize themselves in every sense. The most famous beautiful Spanish women are known all over the world.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz

The first, indisputable place belongs to an amazing woman and dazzling beauty Penelope Cruz. The Spanish people are justly proud of her. The talents and external data of this woman are so great that they have received recognition not only in their native country, but also abroad.

She managed to conquer the capricious Hollywood and the hearts of many fans. Numerous cinematic awards have been recognized for her talents, including an Academy Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

In total, Penelope has starred in over 50 films. In addition, she made a career in the modeling business. Engaged in charity work, takes part in the campaign against AIDS.

The famous tennis player Garbinier Mugurusa has been playing tennis since she was 3 years old, and has been participating in major tournaments since 2009. In 2015, Garbinier became the first Spanish woman in 15 years to reach the Wimbledon final. In 2016 she won the French Open, and after the championship in the United States became the first racket in the world in the ranking of the women's tennis association. In 2017 - the winner of Wimbledon.

Garbinier Mugurus
Garbinier Mugurus

The American version of the men's magazine FHM named TV presenter Sarah Carbonero as the sexiest TV journalist. The beauty and sensuality of this girl is so great that she was accused of helping to win the Swiss national team in a 2010 football championship match, distracting the Spanish goalkeeper.

The version, however, did not stand up to criticism, but it was indicative. Sarah is a successful reporter and journalist, and is actually the wife of football player Iker Casillas, to whom she has already given birth to two sons.

Sara Carbonero
Sara Carbonero

Beauties from glossy magazine covers cannot deduce one type of woman of the nation. Each person is unique, and if we talk about the beautiful half of humanity, then it is almost impossible to imagine uniformity. Spanish women have a peculiar charm, beauty and temperament. However, there are real stars among them - the most beautiful Spanish women who have absorbed the best features of the inhabitants of this country.