Should You Bring Your Ex-girlfriend Back After Breaking Up?

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Should You Bring Your Ex-girlfriend Back After Breaking Up?
Should You Bring Your Ex-girlfriend Back After Breaking Up?

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guy thinks
guy thinks

They say that the past should remain in the past. If a person wants to go forward and develop, he should not look back, let alone return there. Is everything really so light and colorful? What if the past was so beautiful and strong that it gave strength to move and strive for more. Maybe going back doesn't mean taking a step back? What if your ex-girlfriend suddenly wants to come back?

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  • 1 Why is it in the past?
  • 2 What will change?
  • 3 What has changed?
  • 4 Do you need a person or do you need a company?
  • 5 Tips and opinions of others
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Why is it in the past? I

Obviously, the man would not have thought about renewing past relationships if he did not want to. If feelings faded away, the girl betrayed, changed, the guy would say a firm "no" without hesitation. But there are doubts. And you need to decide whether to give a chance to past relationships.

First of all, you need to remember why the relationship ended. Who put an end to it and for what reason. If a girl has changed, who will guarantee that it will not happen again. Will the guy be able to renew trust? Hardly. Trust is fragile. Returning to the cheater, a man on a subconscious level will suspect her of infidelity. Control will be strengthened and the requirements on its part will become tougher. Does the man himself need this, and is the girl ready for constant suspicions and the fact that her every word will be taken with skepticism.

Misunderstanding. Complexity of character. Perhaps the relationship ended by mutual agreement. The couple could not come to a compromise. Nobody wanted to give in, limit their desires and needs to please another. Because of this, there are regular quarrels, resentments and misunderstandings. And what does the renewal of relations promise? Love and passion without understanding and acceptance of a partner will again end in scandal. Are both partners ready for talks, compromise, concessions?

Will they learn to listen and hear each other? If a couple is in love and wants to regain the romantic status of their relationship, it may be worth contacting a family counselor. He will help you understand yourself and your difficult relationships, teach young people to understand and hear each other. The question is whether the partners are ready for such drastic changes. At the same time, the risk of being left with a broken heart and torn nerves is very high.

Perhaps the reason for the breakup was the partner's unhealthy addiction to alcohol, drugs, or inappropriate company. If for the first time a woman abandoned a man in favor of her own whim, what is the probability that she got rid of the addiction and she will not return. Or won't another appear? Perhaps you shouldn't go back to that relationship. Perhaps the man got out of them in time and preserved himself as a person.

Do I need to return to the ex
Do I need to return to the ex

There can be a lot of reasons. The main question is why is it left in the past? Is this really a good reason not to return?

What will change? 2

Another important question to ask yourself is: what will change? The man figured out the reasons for the termination of the relationship. Will a couple be able to overcome these barriers together if they didn't succeed the first time? How will the way of life change? Will it get easier? It's better? They say you don't know until you try. But after all, they have already tried, and it did not work out. Should I go into it again? Are both partners ready to work on mistakes, forgive old grievances and not make old mistakes.

Does the girl really want to go back? It is worth finding out what is happening in her life and how she lived after the breakup. Maybe a man is just an excuse to get his wallet or status again. Maybe she wants to attribute paternity to him, accidentally getting pregnant from a bankrupt or not at all known to her man. It is necessary to find out whether she needs his love, or if she is pursuing other goals.

What has changed? 3

Yes, the problem is not easy and it raises questions like a machine gun - one after another. So, the man must decide how his life changed with the departure of the woman. Does he feel the aching boredom for this particular person? Is it not enough for her in his life. Or the guy is free and ready for new acquaintances and new experiences.

Do I need to return to the ex
Do I need to return to the ex

And the ex-girlfriend who showed up was simply a pity. In the first case, it may be worth reconsidering all the pros and cons. In the second, do not follow the lead of emotions. Pity will not lead to anything good. The result will be disappointing - meaningless relationships, tormenting yourself and your partner, a painful breakup.

Do you need a person or a company? 4

The next question to ask yourself is the impulse to reunite with your loved one or the fear of being alone. People often confuse these feelings. And the need for company and comfort is taken for love and admiration for a girl. Not accepting loneliness strongly manipulates a person. So what? What no company, regular sex, delicious dinner every day.

In addition, this is an already familiar person who knows about the habits, desires and needs of a man. There is no need to go through the stages of recognition and grinding in again with a new passion, remember new dates, names, addresses, preferences. It is very convenient. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what is more important - a comfortable old relationship, but with the same quibbles and problems that will surely reappear. Or the person himself is important.

Should you return your ex
Should you return your ex

Is it a call of the heart or of circumstances? Perhaps this is a way to rehabilitate himself in his eyes, to prove to himself that "there is still gunpowder in the flasks." Then the renewed relationship is just a way to prove to yourself and to someone else your own worth. Justify difficulties in personal and social life. Such a relationship will bring only temporary imaginary well-being, problems will remain.

Tips and opinions of others 5

All friends and relatives will undoubtedly be aware of the intentions to restore past relationships. The girl will most likely ask friends and family to talk to the guy. Or she will start asking them about his life, what he does, with whom he meets in order to find the necessary ways to get closer. Then the opinion of the environment will not be long in coming.

Everyone will strive to express their pros and cons, persuade them not to return or ask to reconsider their attitude towards their former passion. Numerous tips will also be given. It is worth listening to the advice of close friends and parents. They have been bystanders for a long time. And they laid down their vision of past relationships and the girl herself.

Take back old love
Take back old love

And, of course, they discussed the reasons for the gap a million times, and found the guilty ones. Therefore, it is still worth listening. But you have to make the final decision yourself. And close people should know that it is not for them to make the verdict. They just need to make a decision and support the person they care about.

Towards 6

If there is a reunion, the couple needs to have a difficult dialogue before starting a new life. It is worth dealing with the reasons for the breakup. Discuss arguments, conditions, changes. Only after fully understanding old problems can you try to build something new. Young people enter into new relationships, and they should start in a new way.

Is it worth returning the ex
Is it worth returning the ex

Go on dates, get to know each other, talk frankly. Don't pull old mistakes into new relationships. But you must definitely remember them, keep in mind. Create new happiness based on past experiences.

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