VIP Internet Dating With Rich People

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VIP Internet Dating With Rich People
VIP Internet Dating With Rich People

Video: VIP Internet Dating With Rich People

Video: VIP Internet Dating With Rich People
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VIP dating
VIP dating

Online dating is very popular today. According to statistics presented by specialists from the Institute in Wisconsin after analyzing profiles on the most popular sites, about 40 million Russians have visited dating services at least once in their lives. And this, for a minute, is almost a quarter of the country's population! People register on these sites for love, friendship and sex. But VIP dating will help you to find a companion or companion for a comfortable life.

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  • 1 How to find a rich man on a dating site?
  • 2 How to meet a rich woman on the Internet?

This is the name for communication in elite circles, which includes high-ranking (respectively, wealthy) persons of the male and female sex. Often they purchase special VIP-accounts for themselves with certain privileges (for example, being in the TOP of profiles). But in order to distinguish a real rich man from an imaginary one, and to get acquainted with a really wealthy person, some knowledge will be useful.

How to find a rich man on a dating site? I

The question is relevant for girls who want to live beautifully. It is easier to meet a rich man on a dating site with rich men than in real life, since there are more opportunities to interest the opposite sex. What should you pay attention to before starting communication?

The first is to analyze the questionnaire. In it, rich men rarely indicate their wealth. Many people hide this fact at the beginning of dating in order to attract a girl who is interested in things, not just money. But the weaker sex turned out to be more cunning, and learned to read between the lines about the income of men.

The rich man is betrayed by hobbies. Wealthy men love to relax beautifully, "tastefully". Therefore, sailing, horse riding, golf or collecting will become a kind of markers indicating a guy's high income.

However! Girls must be vigilant. If there are several such hobbies in the profile, and the author is clearly proud of them, this is just dust in the eyes and you can continue looking for your prince. In reality, a self-sufficient man cannot devote time to several hobbies, so he chooses one or two.

Age is an equally important factor. If a guy is just 18 years old, and in the profile there are many photos of a beautiful holiday and his own car, this is probably a simple major. The group of people of interest is in the category 30 and above.

Knowledge of several languages can indirectly indicate a man's decent earnings. After all, businessmen, politicians and officials often face the need to communicate with foreigners.

The second thing that will help identify the rich man is photographs. A true wealthy man will not exhibit photos with expensive yachts or cars, standing next to them. Such pictures can be obtained at any exhibition. If a man has selfies taken in the car, that's another matter. It's just that a rich man does not consider a car a luxury, for him it is an ordinary means of transportation, and he will not brag about it.

How to find a rich guy on the internet
How to find a rich guy on the internet

An exception is if racing sport is specified in the hobby.

It is worth taking a close look at the entire gallery. Pictures in the same clothes should be alarming. A wealthy man is smart enough to post pictures showing different sides of his life. You can understand whether a guy has a fat wallet from a photo from travel, sports, recreation in expensive institutions.

Also, girls do not need to have a beautiful photo shoot, especially if she is alone. Such a move indicates a desire to attract the attention of a woman. And a rich man is already confident enough in himself, so it is pointless for him to once again confirm his “coolness”.

You should pay attention to the little things: well-groomed hands, decorated with expensive watches, will speak of high income. Obviously, a man with beautiful hands is not a builder or a carpenter. A plus will be beautiful cufflinks on a shirt, branded clothing, expensive shoes, stylish appearance.

VIP dating with rich men requires a special approach. You need to write correctly, be able to start communication correctly. It is not worth writing in a personal immediately, you can just “beckon” with a comment or like and show your interest. For example, under the photo of a man in Paris, write: “What a wonderful place! Would you like to go back there again?"

How to find a rich guy
How to find a rich guy

A pleasant conversation with a rich man on the Internet may well turn into something more serious. According to the statistics of the same Viscon Institute, in Russia alone, about 400 married couples who met on the Internet register their relationships every day. With the same success, you can find a man who is ready to support a girl on mutually beneficial terms.

How to meet a rich woman on the Internet? 2

Despite the fact that the relationship where the breadwinner is a man is more popular, the woman-breadwinner model still exists. And the easiest way to find a woman with high incomes is on special dating sites for the rich.

The fair sex on these services feel calmer than with live communication, which means they are more confident and can be themselves. They are open and willing to get to know each other. A rich girl has in her profile:

  • "Expensive" hobbies are indicated, for example, collecting paintings;
  • There are photos from different travels;
  • The pictures show expensive, stylish clothes;
  • The real age is indicated (in the region of 30 years);
  • There is evidence of her education (information about a prestigious educational institution or completed courses, several languages, etc.).

To please such a woman, you need to collect suitable photos. She must understand from them how a young man dresses, whether he has a sense of style, whether he takes care of himself. In the questionnaire, you need to indicate real information about yourself, hobbies and views on life, but briefly and clearly.

How to find a rich girl on the Internet
How to find a rich girl on the Internet

Rich girls won't write first. If you liked it, you need to start communication yourself. This will show the guy on the good side, as brave and self-confident. Does she reciprocate? Excellent, so you need to try to answer her promptly and keep the conversation going with questions about her life (namely, life, not wealth). This will show the sincere interest of the new acquaintance.

You need to communicate competently, without obscenities and jargon. So a man will demonstrate the level of his cultural development. In conversations, touch upon the topic of plans for the future. A woman will be more willing to maintain a relationship with someone who plans something, sets goals, is ready to develop and grow.

This will bribe a rich lady more than a big income or a cool car. The stronger sex needs to understand that girls do not want to provide for a man, they need someone who will grow with them and achieve their own heights in life.

To be fair, it should be noted that VIP dating with the rich is not limited to looking for a serious relationship. Many rich women are looking for lovers or partners on the sites for a fun pastime, just like the stronger sex. On dating sites, you can become friends, sexual partners, or future spouses.

How to find a rich girl
How to find a rich girl

The main thing is to set a clear goal for yourself and truthfully indicate your intentions in the questionnaire. It is much easier to get to know an influential, rich person here than in life, the main thing is to know where to look for him and how to keep him close to you. Online communication today has become a convenient tool for building a happy personal life.