How To Seduce A Lesbian And Keep Her? Star Lesbians

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How To Seduce A Lesbian And Keep Her? Star Lesbians
How To Seduce A Lesbian And Keep Her? Star Lesbians

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How to seduce a lesbian
How to seduce a lesbian

Some men do not stop in front of an obstacle and seriously think about how to seduce a lesbian. The chances of this are very small, because lesbians usually already know exactly what they want. Bisexual women are another matter. It is easier to lure them to the "bright side", but for this it is necessary to know some features and psychological tricks.

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  • 2 Why do they do it?
  • 3 Is lesbianism an exchange of energy?
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Who is Lesbiani

For a long time people considered homosexuality to be something terrible. Even today, such behavior violates religious foundations and is recognized as a disorder of the psyche in a mild form. However, society is becoming more and more tolerant, and today a girl who has declared her love for a representative of her gender will not be executed, they can only be slightly chided.

The American Psychiatric Association, after conducting a series of studies in 1973, removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. The sexual revolution has gained momentum and lesbians are no longer afraid to openly declare their "peculiarity". However, men do not give up if they really liked a girl, they seriously think about how to seduce a lesbian.

Someone becomes a lesbian not because of their own preferences, but to pay tribute to fashion. In the age of free morals, same-sex relationships have become a trend, and those who treat them with great contempt can be called a limited person. A huge number of girls and guys strive to stand out, emphasize their uniqueness, while shocking the audience.

A man has a chance to learn how to seduce a lesbian, if the reasons for the change in orientation are not too serious, for example, a lady simply cannot decide who she likes more - women or men.

Why are they doing this? 2

The main reason is the presence of physical disabilities. The school and teenage life of a girl who has physical flaws is very difficult. If guys make fun of her, refuse to invite her on dates and don’t give valentines, the girl is convinced that she is not created for normal relationships and turns her attention vector to the other side.

Although sometimes a teenage girl notices that the very thought of kissing a boyfriend causes fear or even disgust. We read about the first love and same-sex relationships in our article "How I Became a Lesbian."

Starting a same-sex relationship, ladies indulge their "dual" desires and understand that in the end they will have to make a choice. Lesbian relationships can become a way of knowing yourself, your essence.


However, the emergence of real, platonic love for a girl is also possible. As a rule, the attraction between girlfriends arises if they notice in each other special features, a sense of humor, a sharp mind, a beautiful appearance and a figure.

Public opinion on lesbian relationships is divided. It is impossible to precisely name the reason why the ladies jump into bed with their girlfriends. Many girls, after taking a walk on the side, still choose traditional relationships, get married, become mothers.

Is lesbianism an energy exchange? 3

Really, what is lesbianism? It is interesting that when entering into same-sex relationships, girls give each other Yin energy, which allows her to learn to appreciate and love her body, discover new facets of sensuality, and caress herself.

A girl who has tried an unusual relationship format once can easily return to dating a man, because she is not yet used to receiving a large amount of Yin energy and losing Yang energy. The further the relationship between lesbians goes, the more difficult it becomes to go back. Girls get used to each other and to the feelings they receive. This is the main reason why girls love girls.

Star Lesbians4

Kirsten Stewart
Kirsten Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Alicia Kargile

When Twilight came out, many fans were overjoyed at the news that actress Christine Stewart was dating her co-star Robert Pattinson. However, surprise soon gave way to terrible disappointment. Christine suddenly realized that she was not interested in relationships with men and that she liked the girl. Kristen's chosen one was producer Alicia Kargile.

Another star, who became the dream of millions of men, Cara Delavigne, also announced that she wants to start relationships with girls and even really tied them up. A passionate affair with Michelle Rodgirez could not go unnoticed, so in 2014 the actress still plucked up courage and told "the whole truth about herself."

Interestingly, this did not make her less desirable, men still do not give up hope to win her heart. Kara herself admitted that it was difficult for her to realize her bisexuality. She first fell in love with a girl at the age of 20. Psychologists analyzed Kara's childhood and noticed that the actress had a difficult fate: her mother was a drug addict and depression.

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez
Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

How a man can win the attention of a lesbian5

A man who decides to seduce a lesbian should be easy-going, creative, exciting. Despite the words of the girls themselves that they "have already made the final decision", there is still a chance if you make an effort.

The most important thing that a man should do is to be patient, not to rush the girl and not force her to make those decisions that she will not like.

If you are wondering how lesbians have sex? Follow the link further.

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