8 Things Men Are Actually Different From Women

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8 Things Men Are Actually Different From Women
8 Things Men Are Actually Different From Women

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How does a man differ from a woman
How does a man differ from a woman

In the delivery room, the only sign by which midwives determine the sex of a born person is the genitals. This is the main factor that distinguishes men and women when they are born. The wrinkled faces of babies, similar to cute old people, do not differ in any way by gender. Swollen noses, squinted eyes and flattened bulging lips belong equally to both boys and girls.

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  • 1 Caring "mummies" and playing "boys"
  • 2 Miss "I'll have time for everything" and Mr. "Let me tune"
  • 3 Strength versus "weakness"
  • 4 Roar - the cow and the Steadfast Tin Soldier
  • 5 the ending of a love story
  • 6 Not just "bed"
  • 7 Did you pray at night? …
  • 8 Who gets old earlier

And only the "pistil" and "stamen" proudly announce to the whole world about the birth of a representative of the stronger or weaker sex. However, after half a year it is not difficult to find the differences between "Misha" and "Masha". Even six-month-old babies show more delicate facial features than little "gentlemen". With age, girls and boys grow up to be complete opposites, in terms of character and appearance. No wonder they say that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Both those and others are indirectly different from each other.

Caring "mothers" and playing "boys" i

The fair sex plays the role of a mother, a nanny all their lives. At first, the girls swaddle and swing babies, while growing up they wipe their snotty noses for their younger brothers and sisters. In the role of a nanny, they take kids to kindergarten, warm up food. From an early age, home keepers are accustomed to taking care of and taking care of others.

An adult woman takes care of her lover like her own child. She worries that her partner ate deliciously, dressed warmly, strictly monitors the cleanliness and tidiness of the men's wardrobe. Even a respectable peasant who is her own husband is reprimanded for dirty shoes and unshaven cheeks. Ask women what gift they want to receive and most of them will answer:

  • a washing machine so that relatives always have clean clothes;
  • food processor for preparing delicious meals;
  • a new vacuum cleaner to keep the house clean, and so on.

Sometimes the ladies go too far, perching all the problems and worries around the house on fragile shoulders, but what can you do: such is the female nature. Caring, giving warmth and tenderness.

Men remain children for life. By entering into a marriage with his chosen one, the guy first of all wants to get an excellent cook and a neat hostess in his home. As much as he loves a beautiful girl with a stature and face, if she turns out to be a lazy and passive “keeper of the hearth”, the guy will hasten to say goodbye to his beloved. And soon he will find a more suitable candidate who will successfully replace the caring mother.

How does a man differ from a woman
How does a man differ from a woman

Men love to play with toys all their lives. They drive cars, buy expensive mobile phones, strum the guitar and play computer games for hours. Give an adult man a radio-controlled helicopter and he, having forgotten about important matters, with pleasure chases the "tsatka" around the room.

Miss "I can do everything" and Mr. "Let me tune in" 2

If you ask the weaker sex, what is the difference between a man and a woman, she will answer: laziness and lack of initiative. Guys are heavy lifting, doing some kind of work.

A woman has the super ability to do several things at the same time. She cooks borscht, teaches lessons with a senior and amuses a little kid with a rattle while watching another episode of her favorite movie. Overwhelmed with chores and troubles, the girl has time to perform a lot of functions: to visit her grandmother in the hospital, call her beloved boyfriend, knit a sweater and do what she loves. Even during sex, a lady can feel pleasure from the intimacy of a partner, gasp and gasp and scroll in her head a recipe for delicious gooseberry jam.

In a past life, Gaius Julius Caesar was certainly a woman. How else to explain the fact that he also knew how to perform several tasks simultaneously? Men are completely different creatures. There are a lot of "important boxes" in their head, but they "push" one of them. A guy performing an important assignment will not be distracted by calls to the “lady of the heart”. He's not up to it.

How does a woman differ from a man
How does a woman differ from a man

Sometimes the fair sex is terribly offended, not waiting for signs of attention. It is difficult for them to understand another feature of male psychology. Women quickly switch from one activity to another, and men need time. He really needs to fall out on the sofa in front of the TV after a working day. Thus, the male brain switches to the home environment.

Strength versus weakness 3

Men are much stronger than women. No matter how the young ladies try to build up their muscles and fight with the mustachioed opponent on equal terms, in most cases they will be defeated by the “fighter”. Guys have stronger arms, legs and muscles. Since childhood, they have been fond of sports and outdoor games, developing strength and muscles.

But women are more resilient and more tolerant of physical pain. There are legends about guys dying from a temperature of +37, while girls, despite the intense fever, go to work, participate in events and do any homework. Awful birth pangs, only a hardy female body can withstand.

Differences between a man and a woman
Differences between a man and a woman

Roar the Cow and the Steadfast Tin Soldier4

The fairer sex can boast of excellent health due to the tendency to openly express feelings and emotions. From an early age, girls shed tears for any reason: a doll is broken, a bang is cut short, an ugly dress is worn, a wasp stung on the shoulder, or a little mouse ran past. Girls cry when they have a bad dream or a sentimental cartoon scene is broadcast on TV. Persons in skirts shed tears at an older age.

Throughout the whole day, a sea of ​​"unpleasant" situations happens to the young lady: a nail breaks, a chicken burns in the oven, her hair is damaged, the "prince of heart dreams" wrote comments on the page of another "mademoiselle". Alone in a pillow or on a friend's shoulder, the young lady openly sheds tears, is indignant, splashes out emotions, and no one forbids her.

The stronger sex was not particularly lucky. One literate came up with a phrase as hard as a flint that: "Men don't cry", and the parents of all countries united, pressing the growing peasants. You can't cry, you can't get upset, it is forbidden to arrange tantrums. The boys are scolded for tears, for "showing weakness", heaping a flurry of contempt and ridicule. From an early age, the boy understands: he must be dry, closed and rude. After all, he is a man.

Differences between a guy and a girl
Differences between a guy and a girl

As a result, in adult life, due to hidden emotions and experiences, he faces other problems. Firstly, women perceive guys as “insensitive blockheads”, not knowing what a hail of suppressed feelings rages in a man's soul. Secondly, unmanifest and driven deep feelings and emotions turn into serious diseases.

The most "persistent" pour out their souls in excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and fall into dependence on alcohol. Heart patients, hypertensive patients and alcoholics go to another world much earlier than the fairer sex. And the last one can only guess why there are 10 girls, according to statistics, 9 guys …

End of a love story5

Men are poured with unfair accusations against women. When the couple break up, the girl believes that the ex is happily jumping along the path, while the unfortunate collects a broken heart piece by piece. This is not true. Guys quickly become attached to passions and, breaking off relations, experience not only heart melancholy, but also a feeling of severe discomfort. Interesting and contradictory behavior of partners after the end of the novel.

How does a guy differ from a girl
How does a guy differ from a girl

The girl becomes very depressed. She cries to sad melodies, tells just anyone about her mental pain, sends hundreds of SMS to the “traitor” on her phone, throws tantrums, does not eat or drink. It seems to her that the world has collapsed and turned black. She stays in mourning for a long time, reads the advice of psychologists, writes sad poems and tears up photos of her beloved. After a while, the young lady regains her appetite, the desire to live and enjoy. She recalls her own attractiveness, the millions of men on earth, and with a light soul lets go of the past.

A different story happens with the guys. In the first minutes of separation, the man feels a kind of relief. Accustomed from childhood to hide true experiences, he fills his leisure time with parties, new hobbies, gatherings with friends in pubs. On the surface it seems that the "male" has a happy, serene life. Time passes, and from the hidden corners "demons" gradually creep out.

They first fleetingly remind of the ex, and then immerse themselves in thoughts about their lost lover. The guy begins to miss his past relationship until the outbreak of longing develops into strong feelings. As a result, a man can call an abandoned passion and try to return the relationship, even after two years. This is how a man differs from a woman when parting.

How does a girl differ from a guy
How does a girl differ from a guy

Not just a bed 6

Men treat sex as a mechanical act. They are excited by the very thought of the possibility of performing an act with a partner, and the more of them, the better. He needs to feel masculine strength and find the "object of sperm collection." Guys are monogamous creatures, wanting to impregnate more females: after all, they are given such a purpose from above!

Men tend to love one lady, cheating with a crowd of indifferent busty subjects. He will do "his business" and go home, not considering the incident to be something significant, if the partner did not hurt his feelings. For him, this is just a physical act that helps relieve sexual tension.

Women have a different attitude towards sex. It is important for them to have feelings or sympathy for the sexual object. Surrendering to the man, the lady shares her energy resources, which subsequently causes a strong attraction and affection for her partner. Even meeting with a man "for the sake of health" for a long time, the young lady will feel that he has become to her some kind of "family,".

Taking offense at a loved one, a girl will not agree to sex. Yes, and how can you have sex if her feelings are hurt! She's upset!

What is the difference between a girl and a guy
What is the difference between a girl and a guy

For men, this fact is considered a trifle. And here feelings, when it comes to sex?

Did you pray for the night? … 7

They both experience jealousy in different ways. Women will be reassured by the fact of physical betrayal if their partner assures them of their eternal and fiery love. When they break up with their beloved, they triumphantly proclaim: "Well, let them sleep together, but he loves me!"

For gentlemen, the physical side of infidelity is a huge factor. Upon learning of the kiss of their beloved with another fraer, they utter a wild cry:

"Was there sex ?!" and are significantly reassured upon hearing a negative answer. In the absence of an intimate partner with another man, a guy in love is ready to close his eyes to the presence of betrayal.

What is the difference between a guy and a girl
What is the difference between a guy and a girl

Who gets old earlier8

It is said that girls grow up and age earlier. Men's skin is denser and less prone to wrinkles. However, the scientific fact is deeply questioned by recent observations. Yes, women's skin is thinner and more receptive, but women's appearance greatly benefits compared to men, for the following reasons:

  • girls often cry and laugh, get rid of stress and do not wear "heaviness" on their face;
  • young ladies use creams, masks for skin care;
  • women drink alcohol and smoke less often, dance and run more often.

Despite the exhausting childbirth, modern women look better than their peers of the stronger sex. A 35-year-old has a series of wrinkles, a preoccupied look, gray strands of hair and a beer belly. He would rather be assigned to the ranks of forty-year-old men than to young youths.

A woman who has stepped over the thirty-year mark, thanks to makeup and fitness, can easily "ride" for a twenty-five-year-old girl. She, without complexes, starts romances with young people, looks after herself and is not afraid to "grow up". Because he knows that "forty years will not be fulfilled soon."

The difference between a man and a woman
The difference between a man and a woman

Despite the differences, the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve cannot live without each other. It doesn't matter how a man differs from a woman. After all, they love to perform feats, for the sake of the happy eyes of their beloved ladies, and they, in turn, are ready to spend half a day in the kitchen to feed their partner a delicious dinner. Guys like to be strong against the background of weak and defenseless friends so much, and girls love to seek comfort and safety in the strong arms of their gentlemen. As the law in physics says: opposites attract.

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