Dating A Girl Online - A Guide For The Indecisive

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Dating A Girl Online - A Guide For The Indecisive
Dating A Girl Online - A Guide For The Indecisive
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dating a girl online
dating a girl online

Is it possible to meet a girl online? After all, the Internet is now a fairly common thing, which means that you can write any one you like without much difficulty and invite her somewhere for a drink or dinner. But is it that simple? Dating a girl online - is it real? And if so, how much? And is it possible to meet love by meeting on the Internet? This and much more in this article.

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  • 1 Acquaintance: the initiator is a girl
  • 2 Initiator - guy
  • 3 How to communicate
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Acquaintance: initiator - girl_8212

Girls have recently become very active in their search for a chosen one, so they can easily write to the guy they like on their own. Moreover, some are even able to find a male on the street that they like, study his entire biography, go through social networks inside and out, and then write. Not everyone does this, but only those who are not timid.

If the girl wrote herself, it means that she is serious and definitely intends to get something. There is no need to be afraid of communicating with such girls. If she is cute, then you can safely make contact, and if not in the taste of a man or a guy, then you can delicately tell her about it (or refer to the presence of a girl). Believe me, the girl will not be particularly upset in this case, she will simply choose a new boyfriend (victim) and chase him (of course, this is a joke or not).

Initiator - guy_8212-2

If it is a guy who becomes the initiator of dating on the Internet, it is important to understand that in order for communication to start, you need to make a lot of effort.

Here are the main aspects that will help you successfully meet a girl online:

  • First, girls are judged by the cover. Yes, maybe the chosen one does not have an arrogant disposition and aristocratic manners, but all the same, she subconsciously wants the best for herself, she wants to be close to a strong and handsome man so that everyone around them admires their couple. Therefore, the first thing to remember when trying to meet a girl online is an avatar.
  • You need to show yourself, your personality, your face. It must be of high quality, and not soapy with a bunch of cheap filters that were used back in 2010. No smug smirks, no posing in the mirror with a naked torso (this immediately gives out an asshole who cares only about himself, this type will instantly alienate the girl).
  • Moreover, you should forget about all kinds of pictures, screensavers of games and other children's things. This behavior only indicates that the guy has not matured enough yet, that he is interested in trinkets and is not capable of serious actions. The first impression is created exactly by what we see!
Dating a girl online
Dating a girl online
  • The second criterion for a good acquaintance with a girl on the Internet is the right words. There is no need to use cheap tackles, such as: "Does your mom need a son-in-law?", Or "Your parents are not by any chance bakers, where did they get such a crumb?" All this is from the category of phrases that betray a narrow-minded person.
  • It is not surprising that after refusal to such males, they will shout something like "Well, you go." And these are still flowers. The lexicon of such men is very rich in foul language, so the girl, in order not to get involved, most likely, the first thing she does is send such a hahahal to the black lists wherever possible.
  • It's better to start communication with a greeting, but without exclamation marks (it's not the grandfather who writes). Immediately write "Let's meet?" also not necessary, usually girls and such offers are not considered. Your best bet would be to say something like, “Hi. I would not like to meet you, if not against of course”. And that's all.
  • No unnecessary smiles, smileys with hearts and other admiration. At the stage of acquaintance, this behavior is not appropriate. The girls, of course, judge by the cover themselves, but they are wary of those who write only about how beautiful she is, what a wonderful figure she has in the photo and other compliments.
about meeting a girl online
about meeting a girl online

Even if a man does not shine with literacy, he must (simply must) try to write at least the first few simple messages without errors, otherwise, sometimes, there are such shots who in life did not seem to hold books in their hands. It is unpleasant to communicate with such narrow-minded types, it immediately discourages the desire

How to communicatei

  • If the acquaintance with the girl did take place, you do not need to be overly intrusive and persuade her to meet immediately, exchange pictures and other suspicious offers. If a girl is really interested in communication, then you can take your time, everything will come with time, and such patience will pay off a hundredfold.
  • You cannot demand a phone number, ask to pick up a lady from where she will say, because she does not know a man or a guy, and, therefore, she will not trust him, therefore such attempts to quickly get her attention will only repel.
  • During communication, you do not need to show off unnecessarily, to build out of yourself what you are not. The pretense will be immediately noticeable.
  • Another very important aspect of communicating with a girl is constant contact. It is not necessary to impose (as mentioned above), but also to disappear for hours, and then “Oh, sorry” should not be either. If a guy wrote to a girl, then he must wait for her answer and notify that he is leaving somewhere (just not immediately after meeting).
  • Of course, you don't need to wait for hours while the girl is online and reads the message in order to answer her, but you shouldn't disappear either. Everything is within reason. If you need to move somewhere, then you will only warn with a polite gesture, a manifestation of respect for someone else's personal time, but no phrases like "Wait for me", "Don't miss me here", "Will you wait for me?" cannot be used.
  • An acquaintance has just happened, a person will not miss someone he does not even know, and even more so he will not have to wait for someone to the detriment of his time. Consistency, rationality and adequacy of actions are the best helpers when meeting and communicating with a girl.
meet a girl on the internet
meet a girl on the internet

The most interesting thing is that if you use the Internet to find ways to get to know each other on the Internet, then only alpha male males give advice there, who supposedly know how it will be better.

But one has only to start reading all this nonsense, which a man of about 30 will advise, you just want to turn around and leave. Yes, maybe some tips are really worthwhile, for example, photo tips. But here are examples of the first message for a girl just out of the ordinary.

Grown men think that you need to be cheerful, sociable. That's how it is, but you can't go overboard. It is enough to imagine a situation when on the street you meet a person smiling to absolutely everyone, and sometimes even someone who greets everyone. Isn't it weird? So when meeting a girl online, you should not immediately let go of jokes and impudent phrases like "Why are we not sleeping?"

Some males even begin to immediately command “Go to sleep, come on”. Actually, why was it necessary to write if you send me to sleep? (here it is, male logic). Yes, and girls do not like when strangers allow themselves to command and indicate, you are nobody and call you in any way, so go your own long way.


Many girls have nothing against online dating, and even willingly agree to it. However, I don’t want to communicate with obsessive guys who think of themselves for no reason. A man or a guy should be delicate, gallant, respectful. Rudeness, vulgar jokes and banalities - just aside. You need to imagine that this is live communication and be yourself, and not be led by cheap advice from the lips of dubious individuals.

And how to start dating a girl, you will learn from our next article on the link.

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